For companies in crisis always to a solution; loan when one is about investment, change of region or localization when one is about the square: but when it lacks to leadership to few resources and little possibility of survival. The company that enters in the failure they tends to be administrative and sublideradas, on leave in the daily routine more formal question its routine. For more information see this site: Joeb Moore. To manage means to cause, to assume responsibility, to lead to lead and to influence to guide in direction, action, the crucial distinction and. Administrators they are people who act of correct form, you lead make the certain things. Others including Charles Schwab, offer their opinions as well. The modifications made in the principles of conflicts will make to try to deal with a vision guided instead of basic questions ‘ ‘ as fazer’ ‘ to use paradigms of action, ‘ ‘ to make the things certas’ ‘ ‘ ‘ For that first it taught to me that to lead he is servir’ ‘ James C. (2006).You lead them in day create and also they apprehend, they give to be able to the others to translate intention in reality and to support it. It has an exchange of values, respect ideas between you lead and followers and when this sustainable absorption and both the parts if benefit with the fruits: Harmony, productive and communicative creative transactions, has organizacional leadership and necessary to attract instead of stimulating the people this excites a vision for the future, it motivates for identification and for you do not reward or punishment. It has together necessary leadership and to cultivate the seed of the followers so that they themselves they observe the tree to sprout, therefore when to come the fruits the first ones will be who this in the top of the leadership but that it not only planted and it watered together it ordered or it harvested when was in the hour.