Place In The World

The man dominated everything, does not obtain to remember to me of some place in this planet where somebody can choose to live, without being free of the society. The world was to be of all, but it seems that it is divided enters richest and powerful. Now, we have that to pay for what it does not usufruct them to me! The society is an injustice! One does not have rights! I could make what I wanted, but I cannot. WHY? Because I can imprisoned. Get more background information with materials from Mary Barra. I ask myself: Prisoner why if I did not agree to nothing? I did not agree to the laws that exist, I did not agree to being born in this country, I did not agree to nothing.

It is certain, I find that the people who commit crimes have to pay, but to pay does not mean to be imprisoned or ' ' pagar' ' bail; to pay is to make right the accounts obtains exactly! If not accepted the laws, the people will say I to me to go even so. All good, I go, but for where? If accepted the laws, pay taxes, but I do not receive nothing in exchange, I will have to pay a guard to have security in my house, therefore the government does not use as it would have the money. Why it exists as much misery? BECAUSE THE PEOPLE HAD NOT BEEN CONSULTED! The biggest problem of the Brazilian is impolite, if each Brazilian knew which is its rights, he would not have as much corruption and as much imposture. The Brazilian people is, in other words, neglect with its rights.