Moreover, HSulam Baal said, of not being able to find other reasons that drive our actions, we will end up immersed in the chaos. The political turmoil that will lead to reach fascist regimes that will lead to a nuclear conflict: third and even fourth world war. And although these predictions, when they were written 60 years ago seemed preposterous, now seem too reasonable to obviarlas.Segun Kabbalah, the crisis can not be defined as the collapse of the financial system. The current crisis is neither more nor less than a symptom of our inherent selfish nature. Therefore, the solution is not only this but all the crisis, is to change our selfish nature to a more altruistic and cooperativa.Despues all, no single problem that has its origin that our selfish nature.

Every action we undertake is aimed at producing some kind of benefit. It is a natural trait in us. However, if we could change the direction of our own actions to benefit the common good, then not only would create a society inherently supportive, but also the welfare of each individual within it would guaranteed by that group. That is, we should not get ahead of ourselves, the value of the company would take care of us, and we, in turn, we address it. In such a society all regulatory mechanism, the armed forces, law enforcement or tax collection, would become unnecessary. There would be no crime because no one would want to inflict harm on others. Instead, people only wish to share and give.

Naturally, a large amount of resources available and people would be freed to focus its efforts on companies that contribute socially. And within a few years the world would have changed so much that, to look back and remember the days of operation, it would reach to understand how we could be so ciegos.Sin however, to change human nature inherently unit to another, more selfish, we need a method that is alien to us. So we will ensure that no dependence on either is related to our current selfish behavior. And this is where the wisdom of Kabbalah can help us. Kabbalah is a science that uses the existing systemic structures in nature on individuals and on any particular level of human society in general. In the whole of nature, human beings are the only selfish behavior. Atoms, molecules, cells, organs … all cooperate in the larger systems within them. The same goes for plants and animals. Everything in nature fits perfectly in its rightful place within the system. Everything but the hombre.Podriamos ask, "Then why have been built so differently to the system?" And the answer is "Because this is the only way we learn about the system as we find in it" The purpose of our life is not dominate others, but consciously understand and integrate into that all-encompassing nature. The wisdom of Kabbalah is the wisdom of unification. Their techniques allow us to gradually learn what our place in the universe, and step by step leads to our total union with him.