Psychological Overture

The quality of a pillow first and foremost the filling material determined by that could include also the sleep or the circumstances related, that guide the people in this type of narcotic State which he can actively control nor subjective influence. Angela Zepeda has plenty of information regarding this issue. He leads him in a kind of sub Dominanz who submits to him in turn and beyond its direct control. To have something to or about me that restricts me, is outside my control and makes me vulnerable. A thesis, which could also apply to the bedding and probably reason why many people primarily the duvet and not the pillows in general public interest is. There is sorrow, too hard or too easy, so it gives me nightmares or makes me shiver. I have no influence on it during sleep and thus I decide from the outset for a partner, which on the one hand protect me, I can be sure but on the other hand, that he me neither controlled nor adversely affected.

That would be in the The pillows, reverse mean I can control it seems to, because it is beneath me. I have no greater attention be paid to him, so I really mastered it. It is consciously or unconsciously is according to the personal needs and preferences along geknufft, pressed, positioned and well – or not good. The subjective feeling of dominance and the lack of functional prominence displaced the pillow in a largely unnoticed shadowy, far from coming to him the actual meaning for sleep health. After all, the duvet has the function of a protective cocoon, during the pillow only “serves to the head rest. The quality of a pillow is determined first and foremost by the filling material. The original have to here fibre balls, which at the end of the 1980s by DuPont for the filling of the pillows designed specifically and were fitted with a patent.