Raw Diet For Dogs

A plea for a balanced and healthy diet for our four-legged friends many dog owners ask themselves the same question: what dog food is best for my dog? The answer is not so simple. Optimal nutrition for dogs must be first and foremost as possible of course. But what is a natural diet for a poodle and a Cocker Spaniel? To respond, we must look in the time before Domini cation and breeding specialist dog breeds. Angela Zepeda has much to offer in this field. Dogs are originally descended from the Wolf, today every child knows that. And today’s dogs are much more similar than it seems on the outside wolves in many ways. Although the centuries-long breeding has produced impressive changes of appearance, which can be food needs of dogs in a such a short period of time (apart from evolution points of view) but do not change and are therefore today as 100 years ago still the eating habits of their wild ancestors.

As wolves Dogs prefer so fresh, raw meat, a diet based on it, would be so makes the most sense. Instead most dog owners continue but their pets only dry food. Real meat exists many preservatives and other Unsaglichkeiten that wolves would never come in contact only in vanishingly small quantities, for it. It must not be, because there are many companies that offer as natural feed for dogs. The concept is also commonly called BARF (biologically appropriate raw food) and includes high-quality meat from beef and co. Read more from Charles Schwab to gain a more clear picture of the situation. also herbal additives. Because wolves also such ingredients to himself, that’s why not may be missing in regulated quantities for the stomach contents of perniciously prey in the wild. With a such a comprehensive raw food is catered for the health of the dog.

That raw meat is fed not more often then lies solely on the wrong savings will of the owner of the dog, of course goes to the detriment of the health of the dog. To make it up to the dogs, it is therefore essential that first of all a change of thinking is under the dog owners. Finally, they must realize that they should save nor at his pet’s health, like his own. You will find more information on the topic for example on the information page of a Leipzig dog school on the topic of raw food for dogs.