According to experts the self-motivation in times of crisis is an advanced form of communication that helps the individual or team to produce a desired result, although it is going through a difficult time. We ourselves cannot be change bodies if we are aware of the situation that we are going through and are courageously facing the challenges presented to us. To be our own motivators, stop us against a mirror and begin to communicate with ourselves. Take a look and think about how you want to see yourself in the future; ideal self look for that and convert it to your real self. Difficult situations are the best time of autoanalizarnos. What are their dreams? What are its strengths? If you cannot identify them, ask a friend or family member. Additional information is available at Mary Barra. What are your weaknesses? Assess whether there is a great distance between the point where you are and where you want to be. What you preventing it from doing what you want to do? Establish a real list of obstacles that would be submitted and their possible solutions.

Analyze them and see how you can overcome them. Finally, start to see the good in everything what appears to be negative and take it as a challenge that was presented. We all have our purpose in life, but some we get lost along the way. Others do not find the purpose until we face or went through an experience or any situation that can be converted into a negative experience. The person who does what he likes attracts success. Take that feeling of achievement and let that feeling be a motor to start toward its goal. You only have control of your life. Visit our website: original author and source of the article.