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The labour market no doubt is very badly today. The recession continues to advance and thousands of people are still losing their jobs. Joeb Moores opinions are not widely known. However, as some executives are realizing, there is work available. But many of the available jobs are not at the level that they would like to work. If you are an Executive who has felt the need to look for a job at a lower level to return to the labour market, it is not only. However, in their pursuit of employment might it has found very dubious businessmen to employ because they think that you are over qualified.

Why employers are reluctant to hire him? The reason why employers feel a little leery about the hiring of a Senior Executive in an inferior position to which the Executive is accustomed to that he thinks that he is not interested in staying there long. Employers know that some employees need work and accept a job just for the money, without any intention of Excel within the company. Connect with other leaders such as U.S. Mint here. For obvious reasons, this is not desirable, by which many entrepreneurs immediately reject candidates of high level. In addition, employers may feel more comfortable in choosing the candidate that exactly matches a position since they have the advantage of having a large group candidates to choose during this recession. With all these odds against her, how can you do to get the job? Repack your experience if you are applying for a working position which is below your level of experience, you may need to repackage your experience to focus more on what the company is looking for in what you’ve accomplished in your working life.

It can be very tempting to presume all their achievements as Executive, but, since an Executive is not what the employer is looking for, turn you point out the skills that have matching position which is at a lower level. Reiterate their intentions if you are looking for a job at a lower level because you are interested in change your career and gain experience in a new area, there is no nothing wrong with this. For this reason, explain its intentions in your cover letter, since it is difficult to hide all your experience. In addition, it is possible that you are moving more toward retirement and would like a position allowing him to spend more time with his family at the same time allowing you to participate in a successful career. This can be seen as an admirable feat by a potential employer, so be not ashamed to disclose it. Don’t let the rejection thing desanime as mentioned previously, there will be some companies that are simply against the idea of hiring someone over qualified for a job, but don’t let that rejection post thing desanime. Still doing what we’re doing with confidence that it will give its fruits in the long term. While those applying for jobs that will be translated into wage cuts and fewer responsibilities for you, if feels good with what you are doing, it will be displayed in your applications. Be over qualified is only a testimony to their hard work in recent years, so apply to jobs with confidence to ensure the work you want. Original author and source of the article