Sunless Tanning

Self tanning products – the alternative to sunbathing it seems so, as if the folly of tanning to exist seems a kind of addiction. Older people believe to be able to bring back their youth with healthy Tan. Young people believe with a perfect tanned body all to come close to the ideal of a basically flawless body. That is, that a uniform Tan well covers unsightly places, such as cellulitis or Polterchen. See tanned our body simply better looking and conform to the common ideal of beauty.

Just a pity that the Tan does not comply with leaves. Thus again intelligent people of all ages and sex down every year hours hours in strong sunlight at least temporarily to achieve the longed ideal of a flawless body. The couple of weeks, then holding the Tan, be sufficient then you to repeat the game next year. The strange thing it is just how much time adults devoted to the ritual of tanning. Has otherwise for nothing time and it everything from shopping to the tough traffic on the road too long, has stressed man of the modern age for the tanning time hours over hours. The crux in the ornate tanning is also that you can do little: there is indeed a book in front of the nose or a notebook on your lap, Yes, neck and face are not brown. So nothing else can the Browning fanatic, than on many sunny days and doing nothing as actively to Brown. Now it was Yes each granted to have, as you yourself would like to have it on his free time. But it’s worth even to challenge what do we do with the Tan this typical German behaviors? Clearly, we want to look as aesthetically in summer, when you’re forced due to higher temperatures, to show plenty of skin. An understandable desire. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Charles Schwab.