For companies in crisis always to a solution; loan when one is about investment, change of region or localization when one is about the square: but when it lacks to leadership to few resources and little possibility of survival. The company that enters in the failure they tends to be administrative and sublideradas, on leave in the daily routine more formal question its routine. For more information see this site: Joeb Moore. To manage means to cause, to assume responsibility, to lead to lead and to influence to guide in direction, action, the crucial distinction and. Administrators they are people who act of correct form, you lead make the certain things. Others including Charles Schwab, offer their opinions as well. The modifications made in the principles of conflicts will make to try to deal with a vision guided instead of basic questions ‘ ‘ as fazer’ ‘ to use paradigms of action, ‘ ‘ to make the things certas’ ‘ ‘ ‘ For that first it taught to me that to lead he is servir’ ‘ James C. (2006).You lead them in day create and also they apprehend, they give to be able to the others to translate intention in reality and to support it. It has an exchange of values, respect ideas between you lead and followers and when this sustainable absorption and both the parts if benefit with the fruits: Harmony, productive and communicative creative transactions, has organizacional leadership and necessary to attract instead of stimulating the people this excites a vision for the future, it motivates for identification and for you do not reward or punishment. It has together necessary leadership and to cultivate the seed of the followers so that they themselves they observe the tree to sprout, therefore when to come the fruits the first ones will be who this in the top of the leadership but that it not only planted and it watered together it ordered or it harvested when was in the hour.

Logistic Intern

When becoming a historical briefing and conceptualization of the management of deposits, one notices that, in accordance with the old publications, little importance to the activity of storage was given, as well as the questions related with the internal control, the speed of the rotation of supplies and with the internal operations of deposits. The logistic used intern in efficient way brings diverse benefits for the company, as much in the financial scope (reduction of costs), as in the physical arrangement and distribution of materials, beyond the improvement of the processes of manuscript and movement of the item in supply. Thus, the study on the subject elenca the techniques as essential tool of planning of the activities of the company, showing its positive results in relation to the market where it acts. study it has as objective to analyze the functioning of the logistic intern, to raise the problems, to elaborate proposals of improvements, to observe the used system of stockage and ways of transport for the company. Here, Forefront Books expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The methodology used for the classification of the research is overcome as base the taxonomy presented for Vergara (1990) in bibliographical research of field and.

Research of field for dealing with inquiry carried through in the Engecopi analyzing the logistic intern of the company. Interview beyond not participant comment was become fullfilled, the bibliographical research was developed on the basis of material published in books, electronic magazines, nets, that is, accessible material to the public in general, as well as audiovisuais resources as support in the execution of the work. The Engecopi, ones of the biggest store of materials of constructions of Teresina, was chosen by the authors of this article due to the transport that it possesss and to its conceptualization in the market, and also by having a Center of Distribution with many aspects for analysis. The benefits brought for the Logistic Intern they require a considered investment and they possess a return of long stated period, however the brought advantages are of utmost relevance for the organization as a whole.

Agrarian Reformation

The electoral victory of the Party of the Workers, with the support of innumerable social movements and the ownership of Squid as president in 2003 despertaram enormous hopes of social change and politics in Brazil, with respect to elaboration and implementation social programs where we can cite the program ' ' Brazil For Todos' ' , based in the ideas of economic growth, generation of jobs and reduction of the inaqualities and the effective operating conception in the MDA they recognize the implementation of one massiva and qualified agrarian reform and the reinforcement of familiar agriculture as estruturantes actions of the model of development of the government Squid. According to conception of the MDA, the consisting nestings do not have more being as a reaction to the land occupations, but as integrant part of the development model. In this direction, the politics of nestings must effectively be integrated with other governmental programs, with the objective to distribute the income and to fight poverty, to generate job and income, to stimulate the domestic market, to democratize the access the land to stimulate the alimentary sovereignty and the alimentary preservation. With clarity of this challenge, the MDA also has the task to invest in infrastructure and the promotion of the quality of life in the consisting nestings already. PRONAF To This credit facility is destined to the familiar agriculturists seated by the National Program of Reforma Agrria (PNRA) or beneficiaries of the National Program of Crdito Fundirio (PNCF) that they had not been contemplated operation of investment under gide of the Program of Special Credit for the Agrarian Reformation (Procera) or that not yet they had been contemplated the limit of the credit of investment for estruturao in the scope of the PRONAF. Also they are enclosed in the Group ' ' A' ' the familiar agriculturists reassentados in function of the construction of barrages for hidroeltrico exploitation and water supply in reassentamento projects, since that observed the made use one in Law 4.504, of 1964, especially in its articles 60 and 61, as well as in art.

Industrial Revolution

As the Wikipdia (2007) mentions in proper gnese of the commerce the marketing being a field of new if compared study with the too much fields of knowing. Before the Industrial Revolution the occidental models of production they were essentially artisan. In that period, the professionals, amongst them the blacksmith, the tailor, the shoemaker, produced for consuming, independent data of being it a person or an organization, and taking care of them almost that only under order or to size, with this, the capacity to produce in series, finished focando the basic products mainly. The standardization, where the options and variations were rare, brought obtains habits of consumption new, but applicable to the mass, the market in its ampler direction, either geographic or demographic it. Marissa Mayer is actively involved in the matter. Although the new productive processes and of the massive investments in capitals, installations and equipment, few they were the industrial plants, becoming lowermost the competition, the governmental politics of implantation of industries and preservation of the growth, that time, they established disputes almost that it only enters the consuming producers of a country or continent and markets of others. The basic products arrived at the markets taking care of the intent demands and already defined clearly, were they through feeding products, clothes, hygiene or equally essential others. Ahead of this, the products, that before the Industrial Revolution were object of orders, with it they had passed to be industrialized and to be storaged. The markets had passed to be studied as mere ways of distribution and draining of the supplies, finishing for establishing rules and principles of bigger productivity, such as more machines, greater work load, ways and ways of transport, since the producing sources until the distribution canals, such as the great wholesale warehouses and retail warehouses, thus appearing intermediate the maximizao of profits..

Agricultural Credit

Our pointers had pointed that the South region, after that of the Southeastern region they are the places that more have access the program. This phenomenon can be explained by the historical and geographic characteristics of these regions, where properties predominate small average (opposing of what it occurs, for example, in the Northeast region, marked historically for the great large state). Another extenuating circumstance these regions to be the ones that more use resources of the Pronaf is that they are regions that are next to great urban centers, beyond having as characteristic social/politics the organization of the groups (valley to remember that the majority of the movements that fight even though for the agrarian reform or reinforcement of familiar agriculture is of Southeastern the South region/). Although the PRONAF has been a flag in the campaign politics of the government squid, the financial resources of the Pronaf irrisrios when are compared with the sum of investment that receives agriculture said enterprise; the Pronaf is not nor of far one of the priorities of the government, even so either considered for specialists the main pbica politics of foments to the agriculture of the country. We understand despite inside of what it is considered the three great cycles for creation of one politics developed for Lasswell (formularization, implementation execution, evaluation/monitoramento), we notice that in the implementation of the PRONAF it has a series of problems, a time that reached one very small contingent of familiar agriculturists, beyond being intent in the regions South and Southeastern. .