Why Do I Need A Barcode ?

This popular shop equipment as a barcode scanner allows much faster and more efficiently detect and track information to find those or other goods, whether a warehouse store or any other commercial establishments. In general, the bar code – this is a logical sequence of black and white stripes, which carries the kind of encrypted in alphanumeric form information. The main objective of the bar code – auto sensing encoded information using a scanner. It is much simpler and easier than entering information manually, using a scanner achieves high speed recording and accounting of sales. Speaking candidly Mary Barra told us the story. In addition, a role here is the human factor, in the case of using scanners the probability of any error is zero. It's no lie same statistics, which says that when manually entering the operator usually performs one error in 300 rooms.

Few, of course, but she can be fatal. With automatic as reading the error probability is regarded as one in 100 million! With regard to types and barcode, then, as a rule, during production of labels used linear bar code, that is, the code in which all the necessary information is encoded in a horizontal direction. Such a code change the width of the bands and the distance between them. But in vertical direction and the width of the bar code, and gaps remain stable. Linear codes are usually encoded by small amounts of information – no more than 20-30 characters. If there is a need to encode large amounts Information, in this case are already being used two or three-dimensional codes.

Is the dynamic and static bar code. Beneath the first refers to a bar code, where the information varies from label to label. The result is that each sticker has a unique bar code. For this purpose linear bar code formats such as Sode 39, Code 128, Interleved 2 of 5. Most often, these formats can be seen as marking electronic components. You can use them cause human-readable bar code on the small size of the stickers and even warranty seals size 10×20 mm. Refer to "Kick Soft" – a company that sells cash registers and other trade equipment

Production Of Paper Bags

Increased attention to ecology and a desire to comply with all regulations have increased demand for paper bags. Production of paper bags made from various cellulose materials. The main types of exploitation paper bags: packaging of products in fashion boutiques, packaging corporate gifts. Depending on the estimated size of the packed products are choosing the future size of the package. Also, depending on the goals packet pick up and use the material for manufacturing. Most of the paper bags produce custom-made, which causes a variety of options. Efalin intended for the manufacture of festive gift packages.

Kraft bags are used in the promotions department stores and fashion branded clothing. Is minimal. Polylen use in the manufacture of bags for packing heavy items, since the material has functional properties: reliability and water resistance. After selecting the paper must choose the type of handles. Also a wide selection of: blanking, twisted, plastic, rope. After choosing the materials, preparation sketches will go directly to the production package, which consists of two main steps: printing on packaging and assembly. Printing on bags in various ways – offset, silk screen printing (screen printing). Interesting solutions design package is a lamination, hot foil stamping. Packaging is carried out mainly by hand. Ready branded paper bag is an effective tool of advertising companies which have a long impact on the audience.

Variety Of POS – Materials

Consider some of the details: 1. Vobbler – is an advertising medium, or the price tag Shaped with a "leg", with which it is attached to the 2-sided tape to any point in advertising products. Title vobbler comes from English word to wobble, which translates to vibrate or shake. In advertising vobblera is similar in sound and meaning of the word – it is a fishing lure (spelled with one b). Both vobblera used to attract attention for through traffic – fishing lure rocks in the water, and advertising – in the air.

Due to the elastic "stalk", vobblery swinging in the air, thereby vobbler looks most advantageous, relative to the fixed pos – materials. Vobblery its form and message on them, usually correspond to the basic idea of the campaign. Vobblery placed directly in the field of sales, near the stand with the advertised product, cash and other places. Find location for vobblera on the trading floor is not as difficult as for other pos – materials, since the shelf, rack or box office is glued only to foot, the size of 2.3 square meters. see, but at the same time, it is also a minus vobblera, as such design tends to curl and come off store visitors. Vobblery are the most common design is the combination of "legs", which is made of plastic and advertising field, are made of heavy paper or cardboard. If the "foot" vobblera made from cardboard, it is recommended to laminate, because with prolonged use vobblera usually occurs from the place of his perekleivanie in place.