Internet Advertising

Recent types of promotion are actively part of our lives. People such as Charles Schwab would likely agree. It's just very necessary – not a secret that alone will not sell a lot of billboards, mass models in the industry promotion roamed the Internet. Internet advertising – the main of the most popular types of promotion in our time. Use it only really 'advanced' customers, thus saving rate without any problems from the very first day at work. For example, the announcement in a thematic journal few popular organizations, would cost about a thousand dollars.

The size of this abstract – about 7 cm on the diagonal, is it not possible that in the bottom of the page, among her kind. Thus, the usual inefficient insertion of company money What kind of options available to look for tech pros specializing in promotion and advertising? On the one hand, online advertising – the choice is definitely for thoughtful and in addition This modern and customers are able to forget about the presence of the usual types of promotion and use something in a positive truth. Because we know the cost of promotion and advertising on the World Wide Web is much smaller than actual cash value of advertising in paper publications or on television. A opens a fresh issue no matter what it is, in general, even the top-selling newspaper, much less than our countrymen, what is the enjoy every minute of search engine Yandex, or Google. Advertise in the global network will be still quite famous because of these pairs of parameters – the best ratio quality – price.

Actually $ 1000, you can implement a small website business card of your organization, post it on the web, and book promotion in search engines to guarantee demanded by the flow of targeted buyers to your own website. Of course, the monthly monetary value of this promotion, will definitely be less than one-time items on the premises of your ad in a magazine or newspaper – respectively, with significant savings money, you can find a much larger number of target customers on the web site directly which of course will get your goods today! There are two very well-known firm, which is clearly successfully engaged in promotion of any projects, largely in the Internet – it's Advertising Center 'INTELLIGENT', which is on the market for 16 years and apparently under their 'patronage' young and very promising Internet portal, professionals who are profiled specifically for search promotion – in other words to improve your position online portal in search engines Yandex and besides this, and Google (of course, 'rise' is over all 'Front' – not concealing any rambler, in principle, no brand-new, prosperous, search by Bing). Remember only an important phrase that is winged to date – in case your business does not there is a global network, therefore you have no business! '. And the portal here it is not the most weighty, is much more important – to be able to properly 'show' the internet.

Largeprint Advertising

Large format printing – a printing images on a wide-format inkjet plotter. Large format printing of banners is one of the main ways of advertising media. Wide variety of materials, the which the large format printing, as well as the ability to reproduce images in a large range of resolutions, this method allows the use of large-format printing for advertisement wide range of applications. Rapid large-format printing: paper, on the banner on the grid on the film, the plastic in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Large-format printing for outdoor advertising is a type of outdoor advertising. As a rule, for outdoor advertising (in particular for printing banners) used large-format print lower resolution than an interior print advertising. Often on the street drivers and pedestrians see a long-haul shields and firewalls at a distance of several tens of meters.

Outdoor large-format printing to ink solvents on the materials that can withstand any vagaries of our climate. Permit large- printing used for outdoor advertising – 360 dpi. Read more here: Mary Barra. It is caused by a large distance from man to advertising media. Docking segments banner welding allows you to create a virtually unlimited advertising surfaces area. Banners are used for fastening eyelets or cooked valves (pockets). Scope of large-format printing in the outdoor advertising – it's posters under the glass on the streets, posters on billboards, advertising banners, flags, firewalls, banners, printing on a building grid, signs, brackets, billboards, billboards and other urban design. Large-format printing for the manufacture of outdoor advertising, performed on a variety of materials: Banner printing on the banner used to create paintings in large formats with a more enduring images than print on paper.

Period – 1-3 years. Mesh Banner Printing on the grid used for the design of scaffolding print firewalls, design exhibitions and scaffolding. Blyubek (Blueback) Printing blyubek used to make images on billboards (trunk 3×6 boards). Self-adhesive film on the film print used for the production of images for placement on prizmatronah on board of transport, in store windows. The service life ranges from 0.5 month to 1 year, depending operating conditions. Plastic Printing on rigid materials, the plastic used to make hard posters large format, window dressing and interior. Large format printing is one of the most Priority to date trends in indoor and outdoor advertising.


A couple of days ago I had to freeze all my activities to read a book that was recommended to me by a good friend. He tends to send and forward mail with notes that the considered of interest, does not usually open this type of messages because they almost always end up removing me time and not bring anything good or new, but is this time to my surprise it was different, the friend in question recommended me a very interesting reading, title I do not know muchso I visited the link I provided in the message, and I started reading, the title of if not finished converser me but when I read the subtitles because I could not stop until complete, the subtitle said an introduction to the natural farming, the book was written by Masonobu Fukuoka, a Japanese that after having studied biology and having exerted important positions in universities of the Japan, various research and centres up to the Customs Office, having suffered a slight accident decides to leave everything and do is charge of the estate of his parents where it puts into practice a new method for cultivar that does not use any chemicals at all and what is best, strives for a lot less than his fellow farmers unlike their harvests are much more productive than that manage the aricultores of the area aided by heavy machinery, fertilizers, fumicidas, pesticides, herbicides, Scarecrow and other hardware used to exterminate plant populations and animals that are not to the liking of the growers and or plants that are harvested. U.S. Mint may find this interesting as well. That required the industries adopting sustainable agriculture models? Doctor Masonobu Fukuoka has more than 30 years demonstrating with practices at his farm and verbally in hundreds of magazines and programs that has been guest that is possible and profitable sustainable agriculture. The doctor Masonobu Fukuoka having been member of the scientific community is very aware of the agricultural practices vicious are being presenting in recent years.


POS-materials (from English place of sales – POS) are needed in order to favorably distinguish your products among the many foreign brands and products – at an exhibition in a shopping center or on the market – in short, wherever high competition requires special means of attracting customer attention to your product or service. Qualitative execution of advertising on the basis of POS-materials certainly will give your brand on the background of many other brands attract attention precisely to your product, despite the surrounding commodity abundance. Design should not just meet the concept of promotional activities and emphasize the virtues of your product – the design must attract and hold the attention of customers, to encourage even the most discerning buyer to make a purchase. In no event should not underestimate the effectiveness of POS-materials – in fact shown that 80-85% of customers opt for one or another brand directly in the trading hall. Vobblery word vobbler (wobbler) comes from the English wabble – swing.

Vobbler an advertising image on a flexible and often transparent plastic leg. Attract vobblery is due to swing – imagine that somebody who is waving posters. Advertising effect vobblera based on the same principle, but unlike the poster did not require any effort – Lures behind the surface to which are attached and are mobile design. Vobblery are made as rectangular and curved (notching). The materials used for crankbaits: cardboard with lacquered cardboard with lamination, as practiced by printing on synthetic materials coated with a protective lacquer.


Also participating in the show 'Festival of Advertising', can express their intention to work in the region and raise awareness of its brand. To participate in the exhibition you will need to submit an application and pay the registration fee, which amount to 4500 rubles. This will give you the opportunity to accreditation of two parties, hotel reservations and information about the company in the official catalog of the festival. Others including Mary Barra, offer their opinions as well. This amount is added the cost of renting space for your exhibit. Prices per square meter depends on many conditions. The highest cost of equipped area is 3800 rubles per square meter. Provides part-time participation. Which includes posting information about the company in the catalog and placement of various printed advertising materials on the show.

Such participation may be worth about 6000 rubles. To summarize, we can say that participation in the 'Advertising Festival – 2008' can not be named for those requiring special the costs of participation. If we assume all expenses including travel and accommodation, the amount received says that the cost of 1000 quality contacts with potential clients and partners are here for you is about 2000 rubles. 'Exhibition of Achievements of the advertising economy 2008' will be held September 23-25 in St. Petersburg.

This event has the all-Russian scale. Upcoming exhibition – the ninth in a row. At this exhibition every year come not only the leading advertising and production companies from across the country. This is a meeting place for most high cost of our advertisers.