Every day we spend in the car a long time, your car can be fast, comfortable, technically sound, but whether it is safe for your health? Being on the road, we inhale the dust, noxious fumes, smoke, soot, bacteria. Scientists have long known that the most polluted air in any city – on the road. This is evidenced by medical statistics: in the houses, standing a few meters from the road increased incidence of cancer by 2-3 times. Is it worth expose themselves to such danger on a daily basis? Doctors and scientists for many years studied the problem and did find a solution – car ionizer, air cleaners. Car ionizers purify the air of dust, gases odors, smoke, toxic chemicals.

The simplest model of car ionizers purify the air only by means of ionization – precipitated dust and other air pollution on the surface, the front panel car will be a little more dust, but it will not get into your lungs: air generated negative ions are attracted to the particles of dirt flying in the air, and gravity are deposited on the surface, scraping air. Air ionization reduces fatigue and stress behind the wheel, improves attention, thereby reducing the probability of an accident. Especially needed air ionization in the car when you use conditioner, because Air conditioning is almost completely devoid of ions from this man gets tired quickly, deteriorating attention, headache. In addition, air-conditioners are often disease-spreaders bacteria that multiply in a moist environment the air conditioner. Many car ionizers produce ozone in strictly metered quantities, in concentrations that a beneficial effect on the body rights, improves mood, reduces fatigue. Ozone breaks down harmful chemicals, fumes, smoke, odors. More advanced car ionizers in fact already are car air purifiers, as in addition to the ionization of air is purified air using electrostatic precipitators, attracting dust from the air filter with photocatalytic, the most effective in combating odors, toxic chemistry, bacteria, tobacco smoke and HEPA-filter removes large as, and especially fine dust, clogging our lungs carbon filters that absorb odors, smoke, fumes.

Any car ionizer connects to the cigarette lighter, and some models operate on batteries. Fixed on the front panel, rear parcel shelf or inserted into the cigarette lighter for fixing the move. The optimal variant car ionizer able to find every motorist to best take care of their health and safety. Car ionizers have a low cost, comparable to sink two visits, and their use save your health for years to come.

What Is Xenon ?

Xenon – an inert gas, discovered by British scientists William Ramsay and M. Traverso in 1898 as an admixture to krypton. In 1962 in Canada, N. Bartlett, won the first stable at room temperature, the chemical compound of xenon. Xenon – a rare gas of the atmosphere, airborne 8,6 10-5% by volume. Total reserves of xenon in the atmosphere, 1,6 1011m3.

The name “Xenon” comes from the Greek ‘others’ – Xenon open, as an impurity to another element. Check with Charles Schwab to learn more. Xenon isolated as a byproduct in the processing of air into nitrogen and oxygen. Despite the high cost, xenon is indispensable in some cases. One of the main applications of xenon is filled incandescent lamps, powerful discharge and pulsed light sources (high atomic weight gas in the flasks filled with xenon lamps prevents ablation of tungsten from the surface of the filament), as well as the use of xenon HID systems (Xenon avtosvet in the classic sense). The unit of light xenon HID HID (High-Intensity Discharge) – this abbreviation in English the word means in the lamp for light emission using an electric discharge high intensity.

Technically, a xenon lamp consists of a bulb encasing a capsule with two electrodes, filled with xenon, with the addition of mercury salts. To use a xenon lamp control unit needed power (ballast) with the ignition transformer (ignitor). Full cycle of a xenon lamp ignition and exit the operating mode takes about 6 seconds. In the first stage is fed to the electrodes of the discharge 23,000 volts for the arc inside the capsule after of arc on XENON voltage is 80 volts, 400 Hz.

Baby Car Seats

Only at us: avtolyulki Hartan, Bebe Confort (France) When traveling by car you probably more than once wondered about the security and comfort your baby. Especially because during the trip one way or another kid demands a high attention. After all, the position in which the baby will be a long time, a very important aspect – it has an effect on your posture and circulation, as is known, sensitivity to hypodynamia young children increased. In this article we will talk about some aspects of child safety seats. Why all the experts say about the importance of child car seats? The answer – that the increased security that give seat. Our car seat when riding on rough roads, but what say we have other roads is very small, creates the depreciation, which is easily enough to keep children calm, and most importantly, health. Given that the situation with the beat ride in car seat you going creatively, can a very interesting way for your child. After all, with childlike naivety and imagination of the child is able to imagine themselves in the role of captain of the ship or the sheriff trying to catch the criminal.

Who do we experience when driving first? For the child who sits next to or behind you, or quietly sniffing with delight watching the running through the trees, houses or lawns. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jean Smart is the place to go. According to official statistics, car seat, in which the child is attached in the event of sudden braking or a collision that fixation, which reduces the risk of injury in a few times! Child seats with belts Security allows you to fix the child. Still another advantage is that the child car seat can be set against the movement of cars. Are you still in doubt whether to buy your baby the comfort that security, which may one day prevent serious injury in an accident? Convenience is also the fact that all car seats, depending on the weight of your baby (up to 36 kg), can be divided into groups, and for the correct choice to you just need to measure its weight. You'll easily be able to pick up a good option for you. For more details about each car seat or you can easily avtolyulkoy on our site. Also, if on our website You liked a product, you can make the purchase and delivery of here in a special section. Do you have a good chance to read the opinion of the public and our customers about products and about us as a whole on the website under "Comments." Trouble on delivery, if you bought it at our online shop will not happen.

We deliver our goods both within North America, and in the regions. You can buy our car seats manufacturers such as: Kiddy (Germany), Hartan, Britax (England), Bebe Confort (France), Recaro and many others. On our portal you will find a wide range of boosters, avtolyulek and child car seats from reputable European manufacturers. Our seats – the best seat in Moscow! Come to suit your aesthetic tastes good is waiting for you on our virtual shelves! We will be glad to see you always!


Agree, and many of you many times in my driving practice complained so prematurely empty tank a true "iron horse". Remember, both because it had to change my plans and go to the gas station? We are convinced that, yes. In the case of electric vehicles, such problems can be avoided. The fact is that in many models provides for charging the electric motor of an ordinary electrical outlet in the home. For example, in the evening drove the car into the garage, plugged in and went to rest, and in the morning, the mother sat behind the wheel car You can safely go on the road, without worrying that the worst possible time machine stall. Another advantage of electric vehicle is considered to be the simplicity of its design. Many of the car, so that accustomed to traditional cars, not in the electric vehicle. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit CMO Hyundai.

For example, transmission, fuel system, clutch, etc. The absence of a defining system for conventional cars with internal combustion engines to electric vehicle acts as a One of the main advantages, for a simplified design in this case – a pledge of reliability and durability of electric service. There is almost nothing to break! Inextricable link with the simplicity of the design Electric has one of its advantage – cost. Everest capital understands that this is vital information. An indisputable fact – service simple mechanisms always much cheaper than the "financial care" for their more elaborate counterparts. This statement absolutely true in the case of electric vehicles. By publishing a certain amount of money to buy an electric, in the future the owner will be much less to spend on its maintenance, compared to the costs the owner an ordinary car with DIC. Take the car charger from the mains. We are convinced that no one would argue with the fact that it is much more advantageous (from a financial point of view), rather than buying by leaps and bounds rising in price gasoline. These, in our opinion, are the main advantages of electric car. However, it would be unfair to keep silent about his shortcomings, which we will continue in our next article.

Cranes Market

According to experts, this trend will continue over the next three – five years. During this time, the market for cranes in Russia should increase by about threefold. At the same time, manufacturers of cranes from the CIS also trying to expand its presence in the Russian market. AO 'firm Crane' Boom '(Kiev region). Sold in the Russian automotive hydraulic cranes on the chassis of KAMAZ and KrAZ (16 and 22.5 tons). Pavlodar Machine-Building Plant (Kazakhstan) also imported cranes Sunkar payload of 20 tons on KAMAZ chassis.

The role of imports from outside the CIS in the formation of the Russian fleet of truck cranes until measured by several percent in relative terms. Everest capital recognizes the significance of this. Major supplier of cranes from abroad remains Germany alone. Development Trends truck crane industry in Russia, "Russian-propelled gibbet cranes and have relatively small load, while the market is experiencing a need for machines with capacity from 100 to 200 tons. Today, our businesses make their first steps in this direction, but the mass production of high technology Duty no '- indicates member of the board Gosgortechnadzor Russia Vladimir Kotelnikov. It is not surprising that in recent years, observers have noted a steady increase in production Heavy cranes, as well as the growth of cranes, mounted on truck chassis. In confirmation of this trend, the magazine 'Fixed assets' leads the following data: the basic capacity cranes MAZ-axle chassis for the last 10 years increased from 14 to 20 tons. Half of the modern production is a model with capacity of 20 – 25t, whereas 10 years ago, the park is the basis of load capacity 14 – 16t, and in 1980 in Russia cranes with lifting capacity exceeding 16 tons present in small amounts.

Volkswagen Car Service

Volkswagen literally can be translated from German as "made for the people of the car." It's really true. All Volkswagen cars are made for middle-class plodder who go on a weekday in the workplace and on holiday weekends at the site. Only Volkswagen minivans from oversized and very comfortable in them and a large number of people at the same time be able to feel completely comfortable. Even small cars such as the familiar "bug" are equipped with everything necessary for a reasonable price you have caught most enjoyable. Volkswagen cars are often favors those who have long raised money for car. Clearly, such person wishing to have their car worked as soon as possible. And if they pick up car service volkswagen in Moscow, they find the best. After all, including the highest quality car repairs will be needed after an accident or a standard maintenance.

If you truly value your car, you will not give it to the greedy hands of the first comer. Service centers today are growing like mushrooms after a warm rain. Very easy decide who should pass vw repair in Moscow. It’s believed that Angela Zepeda sees a great future in this idea. Most importantly, with your car to work by experts. The global network is available today the opportunity to learn everything about whatever car service, and most importantly read testimonials from those who visited it. Good car wash in a position to offer all kinds of events, from surveys to avtokuzovnogo redecoration. Without exception, all parts should be only on manufacturer.

If you have taken to fix the Volkswagen-Passat, the details should be put on it for himself, and not on other brands. Actually Volkswagen repair at all times was considered the most simple and accessible as "Designed for people car" should be affordable to operate. However, you need this kind of service volkswagen in Moscow, where he understands that the maintenance should be taken seriously. Maybe even your most cars simple and affordable, look for him to high-quality, only in this case it later, and skate your children. In the good service you are required to offer high-quality repairs in the shortest possible time and for reasonable cost, not excessive and reasonable. If you find yourself to one of the number of cars volkswagen, you choose quality and reliability. You will only need to think about preserving these qualities at the proper level. Need not own paint scratches on the back bumper or glued with adhesive tape. Your car should feel your best. And you will be able to contribute only an appropriate professional service centers.

Wholesale Parts: High Quality And Reliability

Original and aftermarket parts in bulk – it is a problem, disturbing both major suppliers and consumers. The fact that spare parts are sold in bulk and, therefore, produced not only by the plant, publisher of the car, but a number of outside companies. Naturally, the parts in bulk, made in such companies, difficult to control quality and may lead to improper operation or car collection. However, there are more serious cases of non-original spare parts supplied under the guise of wholesale automobile production, they simulated logos and other distinguishing marks of the vehicle manufacturer. The quality of them can be extremely low, buying such parts in bulk, you risk not only damaging the car, but also cause an accident. The sale of such parts in bulk – is selling counterfeit goods. To combat the problem low-quality goods, manufacturing plants have taken certain measures.

In particular, the packaging in which spare parts are delivered in bulk, usually provided with a special hologram stickers and other identifying marks. In addition, automakers create and develop a network of authorized distributors who supply parts directly to the wholesale automobile plant. To get to the number of authorized dealers can Not every company that sells parts in bulk. To do this, meet certain requirements, which alone makes every automaker. For example, in order to sell parts wholesale UAZ is necessary to confirm their experience, expertise and availability of opportunities for full-fledged representation of the brand in the region. For example, before you start cooperation with UAZom must gain experience and to sell spare parts in bulk for at least three years. This should be a positive picture of the implementation of parts just for the brand: the absence of debts to the plant, the availability of the full range of products for totaling at least 10 million rubles, highly qualified staff. And, besides, a dozen different requirements. As you can see, to sell quality parts in bulk, you need to first confirm the quality of their work.

Narrow Trade Center

Hard to say which brand of car in today more respected in our country. Usually it depends more on the cost, but in recent years and set about the very quality show a significant role. The world-famous launches, which are essentially even many years renowned for its own unique quality. The many models allow you to pick up a car that you would like. However, even the most high-quality cars will not last forever. Angela Zepeda helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In particular, given the state highways and talented drivers in our power, it becomes obvious why it is so often need to purchase spare parts Mazda owners of these machines. If you regularly drive on potholes, no vaunted Japanese quality will not be able to withstand.

When it comes to buying parts, you should very carefully choose the store where you will begin to implement this important purchase. First of all, we should not cling to the wide-shops. It is possible for you and be able to buy spare parts Mazda, but ensure that it is native, spare parts, spare parts and not the other models, you can hardly offer. Just another solution – shopping center, which specializes in spare parts mazda. Here you'll at least interact with experts. They will be offered if requested by your personal detail on some other brands car, then at least be able to know exactly what to recommend.

That is, you will have the opportunity to save money and do not disable the car for good. Most valuable to Narrow Trade Center – is, of course, significant choice. Does not matter, you need spare parts or Mazda 6, mazda 5, you pick them right here in the set. And yet an additional positive indicator – the professionals who are constantly interacting with the by the manufacturer, and are able to offer a full range of accessories for the care of the car, including oil and antifreeze. But for the most lazy of quality shops present delivery. Including you do not need out of the garage, where you work with your iron steed. All will be delivered to a required address without delay. Any chooses for himself, what brand of cars to him more to the heart. Quite often, this goes by that person changes the whole life cars. But far more often happens that a particular brand conquers the heart itself and the driver remains in it forever. Well, if you are so fond of his own car, you should take care of it properly. Only experts who have studied a great model, able to provide meaningful advice in respect of spare parts and provide the essential quality, and in addition to and accessible price. So with a brand new details of your machine will be able to fly like a tornado, and will serve you for another very long.

Tinted Windows

What actually is the tinting car? Luxury, convenience, or an essential part of tuning? Let's face it. Luxury. Car Tinting your car makes much elegance and style, with the result is almost independent of car model, color or model year. But at the same time toning the car in any case is not a luxury. First, because cars with tinted windows, now more than enough and, therefore, no individual features are not emphasized. Second, the price of this type of tuning in Moscow from 3 to 5 tons Dollars, that not many motorists will hit the pocket.

From this it follows that tinting the car – not is a luxury. Convenience. You can not say for sure, but it is clear what advantages in tinting car more than the minuses. Let's start with the pros. Your car – it is a space in which very few people want to start strangers. And let not only physically, but let there prying eyes. Because of this, people are very unpleasant to feel as if in a glass aquarium. Also, another reason for the reluctance to interfere with by outsiders may be that you keep in my car more or less valuable items.

Becomes less of a problem – so safe and convenient. But there is one significant drawback. When bad light tinted glass obstacles to the visibility, although it is a matter of habit. On the other hand, while driving on the road with low light – you do not so much to prevent the headlights of cars colliding. Hence we conclude: tinting car – it still comfortable. Necessity. Details can be found by clicking wendi murdoch or emailing the administrator. The above-mentioned reasons appear positively on the convenience and quality of driving, and hence on safety – reducing the likelihood of an accident. With tinted windows you feel much easier, more comfortable and safer. Perhaps some will consider it and not a vital, but I think it will not argue with the fact that the tinting car – less than a luxury, but more than convenience.

Foreign Models

More recently, the owners of cars expected to operate your vehicle within the period of factory warranty. And it was true economically. It is not taken from the ceiling the same numbers that regulate the warranty on the car. Specialists of the manufacturer figured out this time, they believe that it is currently breakage of the vehicle is very small. So the big financial losses they incur. And the loss of data long calculated and incorporated in the price of the car. So you bought about three (maybe two) years ago, a new car for a lot of money, quietly to himself getting to the check mark when you need to decide – what to do Next?.

And the choice you have is not great. The first option – losing about 30% of the value of the car to sell it and buy a new one. But … here is his BUT: the cost of new cars has risen to a sufficient amount of interest, credit program is currently not working, and those that have – it's bondage. Thus, this option is quite expensive. But in these financial losses you buy a new car and then use all the benefits of the warranty service to which you are so accustomed in recent years.

The second option – the car until you are satisfied by its qualities. And you is at your own risk and continue to operate after the factory warranty. But … Again BUT … this is a persistent How much money you can spend on car repairs in that period?? You will be able to count? Hope for the Japanese (German, Korean … and what you like) I think the quality is possible. But not when hostage to this situation wentest personally. I think that choosing between the first and the second option you will operate approximately the same order of digits. But to our delight there was a third option – you can ServisKontrakt purchase from the company MTSRS. By purchasing this ServisKontrakt you can extend the warranty period of 5 years or 150 tys.kilometrov. So obrazmo you carefree to enjoy your favorite car lot a longer period.