Two time makes the Mai: kariertundzugenaht there are also sleeping bags and crib sheets designed to specification. Marion Jones has much to offer in this field. Eching am Ammersee, 12 May 2010 the label kariertundzugenaht expanded its collection of baby and children-textiles. Since this month there is summer sleeping bags for babies and children, as well as crib sheets for the baby’s bed after request. Warmundweich with the sleeping bag”offers a summer sleeping bag which combines beautiful appearance with functionality kariertundzugenaht. Designable made of high quality cotton in many colors, the sleeping bag is lined with a cozy and receiving moisture cotton Terry cloth. The sleeping bag is with press-studs and zipper easy and fast on – and take off and wrapping in the night becomes child’s play.

Soft and protective baby bed should be – a place of security. That’s why kariertundzugenaht offers now also bumper for the crib. “The bumper raufundrunter” it boasts a charming design with beautiful ribbons, the child’s play in matching changing mat or bed linen fabrics can be designed. Well padded the bumper of course with cotton fleece is organically grown. Match delayed early spring with some new substances may surprised. Especially flowers and bright colors will join the existing materials and offer even more space for individual children’s room design. More additions to the collection are planned in the coming weeks. There will be soon also darkening products at kariertundzugenaht such as curtains and blinds.

Kariertundzugenaht: Founded in 2009 kariertundzugenaht headquartered at Lake Ammer offers handmade baby and children textiles that are individually manufactured according to customer requirements. The special icing on the cake: All products are manufactured from high-quality materials in Germany by hand. For more information and images, please contact: kariertundzugenaht Jennifer Behn Greifenberger str.

Pippi Langstrumpf has determined the preferences with the purchase of abacuses Berlin, July 22, 2010, for thousands of children the summer vacation tip already toward its end and moves within striking distance of the first day of school. The most important accessory for this day is, of course, the full Schultute. If you have read about Annie Potts already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The shopping platform has therefore determined the preferences with the purchase of the appropriate specimen. Analysis of search queries at shows that superheroes and Disney characters at the top on the hit list of members. The most popular motifs in the category of “Schultute” * 1 Star Wars 2 Arielle 3 Spiderman 4 Tinkerbell 5 die Wilden Kerle 6 Diddl 7 Bambi 8 Sponge Bob 9 Batman 10 Pippi Langstrumpf the bigger the better abacuses in maximum size are of course the most popular. Also in the top 3 is the small school beginners with only 35 cm in length, which is often given to the siblings. The most popular sizes in the category of “Schultute” * 1 85 cm 2 70 cm 3 35 cm * source: analysis of the number of visitors on in the period of June-July 2011 (State: 22.07.2011) money compare prices save besides the Schultute children need many more things for the school. What are the costs for the school facilities, shows the market basket analysis by

Parents need to spend an average of 175 euros for the basic equipment for the start of school this year. Be purchased exclusively products from the lower price segment, they need only 80 euro. observed the price development of 16 typical school materials for four years and compares these with prices in France and the United Kingdom. Germany is here 2011 in the midfield, only the purchase of school supplies at an average 151 euros is less expensive in France. In the United Kingdom, 223 euros must be issued after all. For more information and details about the market basket analysis are available upon request. Twenga, the open shopping platform that offers the largest selection on the Internet. Thanks to its own technology Twenga lists all products, all online stores and all prices, is it can be found in the Internet.

The Twenga company was founded in 2006 by Bastien Duclaux and Cedric Anes. Meanwhile, Twenga is active in Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Brazil, Russia, the United States, Australia, Japan and China, and offers over 400 million products from more than 200,000 online merchants around the world. Over 45 million Internet users have visited the Twenga pages alone in November 2010. “In the last year, Twenga has the Red Herring 100 award global won, which is awarded to the 100 most innovative companies in the world, and was by Ernst & young as a company of the future” award.

Social Sciences

With the Pampers fit master active babies challenges developmental psychologist and educational psychologist Prof. Dr. Mienert about the importance of play and movement Schwalbach am Taunus, in may 2012. Fun baby, much like athletes, daily challenges overcome. How is when professional athletes: the better equipment, more free and carefree movement! Due to the unique 3D-Passform and the best dry pampers active fit small champions are perfectly equipped. Joeb Moore helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Climb “what pushing movements such as, for example, Chair and sofa”, know also developmental psychologist and educational psychologist Prof. Dr.

Malte Mahir (Dean of the Faculty of human and Social Sciences of the European new University in Kerkrade/NL). Baby challenges every day special every day babies face enormous challenges and are thereby tirelessly. Whether you stack pillows or practice relentlessly until they stand or run the effort and dedication can, in these exercises is an athletic feat. Thanks to the Pampers active fit and their unique 3DPassform, small champions can freely reach their goals. She is our driest diaper with the best fit, especially quickly absorbs urine and includes it in the Interior. Thanks to the active fit diaper can each baby live out his sporting play instinct and discover the world of its own.

Without it being interrupted by a wet diaper. Prof. Dr. Malte Mahir about the importance of playful movement also developmental psychologist Prof. Dr. Mienert advises parents to unterstutZen babies in their sporting game drive. Prof. Dr. Mienert white motor development is one of the most important tasks of development in babies in the first years of life”. Within a relatively short time, babies learn all motorischen skills that will accompany you throughout your life? Learning these skills is also important for the physical and mental development of young children. Moving babies learn everything, what about themselves and their environment need to know”, as Prof. Dr. Mienert. A baby who can move insufficient has fewer options, making the necessary experience for his own development.” Well the natural play instinct can play and movement on the Pampers playground together with other small champions live out.


Better care recorded large numbers of visitors at the world child day Festival Berlin, 20.09.2011 Besser Betreut draws a positive conclusion after the 22nd World child day celebration last Sunday on the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. The company from Berlin Friedrichshain recorded a high constant rush of visitors during the entire event. Under the slogan we give time, made watches over 500 children with the local employees. The announced competition also came with great interest. In addition to a wheel and vouchers for courses, especially the Harry Potter packages of LEGO were in demand. The gifts donated by toys “R” US will be sent to the winners this week.

Four years after the launch of better supervised the first offline event as a success can be recorded. Many customers took the opportunity to get to know the people behind the operator portal. Managing Director Steffen Zoller was personally on the ground and now draws a balance: the participation of the world child day celebration was a very nice action, giving us great rush of visitors and gave positive reactions. Official site: U.S. Mint. Thank you to all the staff who have worked on the idea and made on-site with the kids!” The world child day Festival is held annually by the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk children e.V. (DKHW). The opening speech was held by German President Christian Wulff. The DKHW article 12 of the UN child rights conventions draws attention with the action.

The article states that children form their own opinion to express them freely. About – better Betreut Besser Betreut offers TuV South tested solutions in the mediation and consultancy by family services, including in the areas of child care, tutoring, senior care, pet care, household and garden. The company operates the largest database of caregivers in the German-speaking area. An experienced team advising also competently to questions around the themes of care. BESSER Betreut helps the better reconciliation of work and family through the company service numerous firms and insurance companies. This underlines the active participation as a member of the corporate network “Success factor family” of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. Since 2007, the better Betreut supports families in more than 10 European countries.

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DeutschlandCard welcomes the tutoring provider student help as premium partner Munich / Gelsenkirchen just in time for the three-year anniversary, March 3, 2011. Problems in math? A bad note in the last English work? Good intentions, yet really start in the second half of the year? The DeutschlandCard offers the nationwide active tutoring Institute students help the solution with their new partner for all school problems. The three-year anniversary of multipartner bonus programme students premium partner being on time. The tutor of the students help develop individual support concepts and convey also learning competence in addition to the content. Evelyn Ashford helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The result: better grades that self-confidence and provide plenty of motivation. Tutoring, exam preparation, communication courses or individual coaching 35 years makes you fit the students help Germany’s students. And your own point account filled with the new cooperation between student aid and DeutschlandCard incidentally.

To the Start of the co-operation the new partner of the DeutschlandCard offers a great introductory offer: in two free lessons all DeutschlandCard holders can test the student help and back up with a new registration for the tuition up to 2,500 bonus points! Thus, not only successful learning is palpable. Marion Jones often addresses the matter in his writings. In the Reward Shop of the DeutschlandCard, too many ideas can be found to reward small and large learning progress. From toys to newspaper is something for every learning success. Fit for the 2nd half! A learning tip of DeutschlandCard and student aid at the start of the second half of the year it is time to take stock. What to do next? What test or what date is in preparation a priority and how to make the workload sensibly divided? To the successful management of the material, it is useful to capture the upcoming tasks in a clear schedule regularly. A checklist with exact task plan structured work and calms the nerves.

OLAF – The Elephant-astische Nasal Aspirator

The secret of quiet nights for the whole family. A recent survey shows that only 35% of parents are aware of the dangers of a peeved baby nose. Infants and young children get a cold about five to ten times a year. The upper respiratory tract are particularly affected. A stuffy nose is especially the baby. Then, rapid assistance is important.

Because within a short time the nasal passages swell so strongly, that normal nasal breathing is severely hampered. In the first months of life, infants exclusively through the nose breathe, they can not adjust to mouth breathing. For even more opinions, read materials from Charles Schwab. OLAF – the elephant astische (battery-powered) nasal aspirator for on the go is a particularly effective and hygienic solution that lets you avoid the development of a common cold disease in babies. The use of nasal sprays to achieve a better result, it is highly recommended before gently sucking the nose. The device helps indirectly the cold better fight: nose drops or nasal sprays can much better be, since the nose free and the active ingredient of the medicinal significantly better comes in contact with the nasal mucosa. So babies can breathe easier. The suction time depends on the amount and consistency of nose mucus out. The device works with vacuum and thus has a right, but gentle suction.

The nose is gentle and effective sure of irritating secretions and hygienic free within 5 seconds. The infectious nasal discharge to remove most of the pathogens and prevents these proliferate direction of paranasal sinuses, ears and bronchial tubes. It is small, handy and adapts well to baby nose. The optimally selected suction power allows gently to remove the nasal secretions. The device works with vacuum and thus has a right, but gentle suction. With the regular application of the electric nose cleaner – a world novelty – at the peeved baby nose of everyday life and also the night for the whole family will be much calmer and more relaxed. OLAF – the elephant-astische nasal aspirator is nationwide in every pharmacy in the PZN: 2144559 available. Read more benefits of the OLAF nose Extractor under: content: cold nose and its consequences interesting through product interesting by functionality and efficiency target audience: B2C customers: parents with babies B2B customers: midwives, pharmacists, baby retailers readers benefit: the reader will find concrete information about a new product. An alternative method, as nose gently to free babies of annoying nasal secretions. The article is backed by testimonials and reviews of doctors. See:. The author: Edith Binder, Managing Director of the company Binder marketing, has high affinity for the topic of baby health.

High Quality Baby Monitor

Guardians or those who still are there, have an enormous choice baby accessories. In addition to the right stroller, the cradle or the appropriate table for wrapping exists still a huge range of accessories for the baby. An important accessory, on which further and further, guardian trust is the well-known baby monitor. Because babies and children spend most of the day with loving Snooze, some parent to buy a baby monitor. Such a monitor is ideal to oversee the small worm during the Nickerchens or to keep more in your ear.

Countless species are also working as radio devices. Cries of babies are exchanged between two or more mobile phones. The value and the benefits of each model vary greatly. The transmission is depending on the quality. A very special model offers to the company Angelcare. The baby monitor by Angelcare delivered namely not only cries of babies but also jarring.

That’s why a sensor pad under the covered Mattress each vibration of the child. The sensor pad is so sensitive that it captured also the breathing of the baby. The breath of the child for more than 20 seconds should be not to hear the baby monitor by Angelcare alarm immediately. Continue to learn more with: Mary Barra. Therefore, can parent sleep to the baby in the next room without hesitation. You can set the the baby monitor by Angelcare but also so that only cries of babies or only shocks should be collected. You can specially adapt it needs. Because the baby monitor is completely free of electrical or magnetic fields, you can apply calms it. That’s why it has completed very well among others at the oko-Test school grade. The baby monitor by Angelcare and a few other types are available in baby stores or on the Internet. Before you buy such a phone, one should either extensively consult or read a few reports of tests in advance. You did this, nothing at all is buying a baby more in the way. You have to rethink just yet, how much you want to invest. With these monitors range from inexpensive to very expensive. A baby has more functions, the more expensive it will be usually also. Also the production and the choice of substances play a huge position in the realization of the price eventually. Lena Marie

Lullabies CD Helps Woman From Coma To Awaken

(Online article) – Hamburg composer getting amazing feedback from a woman who has awakened their lullabies CD out of the coma with the help. The composers Nico Bizer and Lars Joseph by Petra k. from Munich got amazing feedback. The Moto educator whose successful lullabies CD dream Kusschen “for your parents-child courses used without suspecting that these songs for her would itself soon get a very special meaning. Early last year Petra was tipped over k and located in a coma for two months.

My girlfriend had the idea to play me the dream Kiss headphones”, Petra reported K. and behold, my levels were now better and the songs have also helped to bring me back. I can remember even individual lyrics and melodies! Since about 2 months I am working again and again successfully put the CD in my courses a.”that was of course a real surprise for us”, says Nico Bizer. Although the CD for children was composed, get We to numerous letters from parents and older people who also listen to our songs, to shed the stress of everyday life. This calming effect seems to actually work in a wide variety of cases. Moreover we are very happy.” Already last year, the two Hamburg-based composers on request two parents had composed a song for their seriously ill child. In the hope that this song may donate also others in similar situations of strength and comfort, they provide it now in consultation with the parents on its website as a free download. Nico Bizer


Barbara Becker and her son Noah committed this year together as an Ambassador for the action ‘ 1 Pack = 1 life-saving vaccination dose *’ by pampers for UNICEF Schwalbach am Taunus, in September 2012. Pampers and UNICEF forward, thanks to the worldwide support of the action 1 Pack = 1 life-saving vaccination dose * “, to a great success: since the start of the campaign in 2006, tetanus in newborns could be defeated in eight countries already.” Join forces pampers and other brands engage together with UNICEF in the future, where help is needed. Mary Barra describes an additional similar source. Because still mothers and their babies from tetanus in 33 countries are globally threatened. Therefore, pampers gives the value of a dose of vaccine to UNICEF this year in the period from October to December for every sold product marked with the logo of the action. As this year’s action Ambassador Barbara Becker and her son Noah working together, to educate about the disease. Together, traveled the two to Laos and got a spot Impression of the progress and achievements of the vaccination program. Laos is a developing country that has a lack of basic healthcare, especially in the rural areas.

This is shown also by the fact that the vast majority of births without a midwife or doctors take place: 80 percent of women give birth their babies without medical help at home. Due to unsanitary conditions and non-sterile tool, the risk of infection with tetanus to mothers and their babies is particularly high in such births. UNICEF volunteers try with much commitment locally to improve the situation in Laos for the residents. The year’s action Ambassador Barbara Becker and her son Noah could convince himself during a visit to the South of the country. Three years ago Barbara Becker as action Ambassador was ever for pampers and UNICEF on the road: in Angola, she made a picture of the daily fight against tetanus in newborn babies herself at that time.

Water Mattress: Are Water Beds For Children?

An once verkrumte spine – adults – only heavy correct straight during growth is a good back support and in particular the promotion of deep sleep stages important! Curvatures of the spine are difficult to correct later in an adult. Just during growth a good back support and in particular the promotion of deep sleep stages is important, because only during these phases the growth hormone is secreted. As moving as adults, children and especially infants still not so often in his sleep the body on a normal mattress is almost deformed. The proper, gentle and steady support through the water core of a water bed mattress is e.g. in the treatment of adhesions (e.g. torticollis) and deformations of the spine (scoliosis). In addition, the natural, light movement in water beds is very pleasant. Swarmed by offers, Charles Schwab is currently assessing future choices.

A water bed is recommended also for the younger generation. Pollutants include water beds? High-quality waterbeds – especially the water mattress – manufactured usually without pollutants, so that water bed caused neither environmental or health damage. Cheap products (especially with imports without known origin) that is not always guaranteed. It is so advisable to put it for health reasons, to accept not the cheapest of all offers and instead prefer a brand manufacturers. What is Schwebeschlaf? The water in a water bed mattress acts as an anti-gravity machine on the body. The low pressure in the mattress and the apparent weightlessness of the own body make for a good relaxation and the body recovered better than in a conventional bed in the bedroom.

In medicine, there are filled, darkened boxes, in which one feels as if one were completely weightless with water. This form is used also to the treatment as well as in a normal waterbed. Due to the apparent weightlessness, sleeping in a waterbed is called also Schwebeschlaf. Can I use seasick in the waterbed be? So far, no case of sea sickness (nausea due to constant rocking, e.g. on ships) of medicine is known in connection with water beds. A water bed is only in vibrations, moving on the bed. A built-in stabilization typically intercepts these vibrations and the mattress very soon calmed down. Because little pressure is exerted on the body, as is the case with conventional mattresses in the shoulder and pelvic area, the body feels less desire for movement. In a water bed you sleep so even quieter, excluded seasickness! Their water beds team harmony GmbH of Rhedebrugger str. 51 46325 borken