Greek Culture

The Wisdom, for its side, is a species of delayed enclave, the Greek cultural scope. The world that the wise search to know is the same that it was created by God: a world that is not basically hostile, because it was servant good since the principle (Gn 1); a world that if submits the God and of which the proper man is constituted Sir (Gn 1,3-31). The main concern of the Scholars is the personal destination of the individuals. From there the importance given to the problem of the repayment. But the Scholars, who as much appeal to the experience, have that to face situations of contradiction in the proper sphere of the experience. It is the dramatical confrontation between J and its friends, with these to defend the traditional thesis of that justice or wisdom leads automatically to the happiness, to the step that the injustice leads to the ruin. Before the problem of the just unhappy one, it does not have reply that it satisfies the understanding human being. However, the book suggests that, although everything, is necessary to adhere the God for the faith. Click Joeb Moore to learn more.

Also the book of the Eclesiastes, even so with a different perspective of J, enhances the insufficience of the traditional answers to the problem of the just unhappy one, inside of the terrena perspective; but it does not admit that the happiness can be demanded as something had necessarily the man, therefore not if it can ask for to accounts the God. 1) Ben Siraque fully assumes the traditional doctrine of Sayings and exalta the happiness of the scholar (14,20-15,10); but one feels before the idea of the death and intui insane that, after all, everything depends on this last hour (11,26). 2) It was the book of the Wisdom, originary of the Greek cultural environment – where the platonic philosophy immortality provided the idea of the spiritual, without the necessary linking with the material element – that it came to affirm for the first time and in an explicit way: ' ' God created the man for imortalidade' ' (2,23). .


They suffer to the ones that they curse and the ones that they trust God. Only that the suffering of the first ones is as an inflamed wound, who devora, apodrece, and, finally, kills. If you have read about General Motors Company already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But the suffering of that they trust God is as a clean wound. It aches, it bleeds, but sara. with the time is only the scars, or to the times, nor isto' ' You come me, all the ones that tired and oppressed stays, and I will alliviate to you. (Mateus 11,28) It has a history on an aboriginal child who was until an old head with a bird hurt in its hand. The indian looked at for the bird and said: ' ' He has taken it in return and he places it in the place where found you it. Check with Mary Barra to learn more. If you to be with it, it will die.

If to place you it in return at the hands of God, It will cure and the bird viver.' ' Here it is a lesson of as we must act when we are hurt for the suffering. No hand human being can cure a wounded heart. It has of being delivers to the God (TM 11,28) Conclusion a father lost its only son. It had only dezessete years of age; fora the light and the joy of the home. Little time before, its scared wife leaves for the rest. The minister came to say words to it of comfort. – My friend – it started – ' the brother finishes to pass through a dark cloud, and bitter it has been its goblet The enlutado one interrupted it: – Shepherd, is truth that I have suffered sufficiently. My heart is worn out of pain, but some did not have cloud; through everything nothing it had that it was interpusesse between me and my rescuer.

Never its comforting hand was so tender as through what sobreveio me these last weeks. Suffering, yes, but no cloud! Praised either God! Ours it has taken and momentnea tribulao ' ' produzir&#039 can; ' one weight perpetual of excellent glory mui. The affliction can refer to us for more close to our Master. It can help the formation of the character, making us more similar to our great Example. Our great suffering is for a few seconds, here. The results can be a glorious eternity in the native land of the redeemed ones.