Come On, Read Me A Story

Six loving, sweet stories with heart and imagination to read aloud or read. The little bear Lollipop: little bear lollipop is excited: he has to celebrate a feast in the tree house for the first time with his older brothers and sisters! What will probably tell his MOM to? In love with red car: Pit, the little red car, would like a girlfriend and is therefore a search ad. One day it encounters in the Park a car Lady, who likes him much. The small dragon that could spew fire: The little dragon Maximilian can spew just no fire, so it is also tiring. Will he learn it yet until the great fire? The sick Raven Manni: The little Raven Manni has a cold out in the winter while playing. Now, his siblings by the delicious cough syrup want to cost, which the doctor has prescribed him.

The little snow Bunny who wanted to learn skiing: Benjamin, the little snow Bunny, lives with his family in the high, snow-covered mountains and want to learn even to like skiing. What is he Bambi there with his friend perhaps experience? The little worm who liked no rain: The little earthworm Sebastian is afraid of the rain. His mom and his dad to help him with a list, to overcome his fear. Will they succeed? “” Sample excerpt from the small dragon that could spew fire “: the Dragon Archibald, who was very cocky, said Maximilian: come with me, we go through the forest home now.” “” Maximilian, who was still a little smaller, said: but since the Mama is perhaps not agree, because I may still not so late through the dense forest walk. “Oh well”, the imaginative Archibald said, then you have to breathe just a little fire, but not too much, then you can see in the dark can see well.

Try out times.” And Archibald showed the small dragon, that was so. You open your mouth wide, it’s easy! Krchchchchch!” And a huge cloud of fire came out of his mouth. The small Maximilian stood on the hind feet and saw his friend. Now you’re on”, Archibald said. The small Maximilian blew once diligently. HM, there but no fire coming”, he said. Best I’m trying it right again.” He blew and blew until his cheeks were round and huge inflated. But it was going to come easy, no fire out of his mouth. Tell me again, please”, he asked Archibald and tapste impatiently from one foot to the other. The author of the native Austrian lives in Paris, has an intercultural education and is the founder of a children’s cancer aid. Their French publications include Eloise”and stories of the little pink duck. She has also written poetry volumes about the historical past of her hometown of Graz. In the eyes of the author include primarily social commitment for children with cancer and in the area of research, merry children’s eyes and large, dreaming children’s hearts. Heidi Anna Salicites illustrated: Rudolf Schuppler come on, read a story Pascu-verlag 1.Auflage 31.05.2011 release date with me ISBN 978-3-943018-16-5 Softcover D 13.90/A 14.90/CH 23.50 96 pages / contact illustrates available in any Bookstore, online bookshops and in our book store at Pascu-verlag Nurnberger Machnowerstr. Manjunath 27a, 14165 Berlin Tel 030-845 92 661, fax 0321-21297293,

Author Brannigan now also Publisher their work of bermatingen origination In the summer of 2008 is published Morgaine Brannigan her holistic grimoire of Avalon in you”the Hierophant-Verlag. However, the cooperation with the Publisher of the Hamilton was not quite the ideas according to. After Brannigans civil Alter Ego Birgit Rundel now has its own publishing house and distribution, buying up remaining stock and rights without further ADO. Because the demand, which the first unfiltered experience the author, is very gratifying. “Therefore is Avalon is in you” when republished hex Libris Mintaka. The second, revised edition will be released in late summer/autumn this year.

The book on request is available also signed in the Amazon shop of the publishing house and send an eMail to. “I had not anticipated how popular, Avalon is in you ‘ is ‘, so the surprised author. Brannigan is amazed even in the face of what their (future) readers of your book report. Sought by for months ‘, is not listed ‘ up, there’s no more ‘ all was there. It is all the more important all those who have so long wanted to be able to make a joy now.” Libris Mintaka and the greater is the incentive, Avalon is in you”in the publishing house hex her Avalon series to publish as a revised edition and in the frame.

Already in March invitation appeared to Avalon”, which she wrote with her witch sister Kyara. The authors team is currently preparing the third part. For the publication of home in Avalon”two witches have chosen August the month of their birth. Short info hex Libris Mintaka founded in early 2009 by naturopath/book author Birgit Rundel (GF) and copywriter/writer Nataly Brombach (CD). After the two met on the virtual online network XING, they decided a short hand to write a book together. The two witches, Morgaine Brannigan (BR) and Kyara (NB) writing under their pseudonyms, their own publishing house founded for the publication and distribution. Hex Libris Mintaka”means from the witches library of Mintakas”. Mintaka is a star in the image of the belt of Orion and the only one that can be seen from any point of the Earth. “In addition to German and English versions of the first works of the two authors, invitation to Avalon” or invitation to Avalon “both offer also CDs with music and meditation. Gradually complemented the publishing program to his own new works, as well as edited and newly created publications by Birgit Rundel/Morgaine Brannigan.

New Personalized Children

The Munich-based Publisher Fabulinus specializes in exclusive personalized children’s books and gifts and presents new products for the winter season. The personalized children’s book name and I mean”offers an original explanation of how it got its name the recipient child: this it is namely due to the letter proposals of many different animals, gathered on the occasion of his birth to find a name. Mary Barra will not settle for partial explanations. Detailed illustrations show the funny animal Assembly and the individual animals that come forward to propose their own letter. In addition, the book is complemented by an informative animal lexicon. You can choose for my name and I personalized picture book”since October between different covers.

Pink, light blue and warm yellow are now added to the already appearing bright green cover. This brings the advantage that books for siblings now also directly from the outside can be distinguished. In addition, two more are starting in October “” personalized books at Fabulinus available: my ABC exotic animals “and my ABC domestic animals”. This compact, square reading books help children learning the ABCs, playful bring letters and images in connection. B such as bear or S such as seal on this way can children memorize letters faster. In these books, there is the possibility of personalization. “Audience for the books my ABC” preschool children and school are in essence.

Also in future Fabulinus will present new personalized products, in speaking and reading learning children to support. Incidentally, the name of the Publishing House of Fabulinus comes”from Roman god of Fabulinus who was responsible to teach speaking to the children. If the child actually spoke his first word, Fabulinus was thanked with a small sacrifice. –Pia blessing–.

Rose GardenVerlag

Publisher Angelika Schweizer offers unusual, entertaining and useful information for the long winter evenings, there are interesting books, want to be like geschmokert in the cosy warmth. The rose garden Publisher offers readers not only entertaining books, but also for the domestic hearth exclusive cookbooks. “” A good book in one and a homemade fragrant biscuit in the other hand – so love the bookworms “their books book – winter evenings”. Who don’t like keeps printing goods in the hands, has the ability quickly to his favorite novels, or the recipes from the low-carb cooking- and to get back the book world. If you have a Smartphone or other mobile reader, can be downloaded quickly and with immediate payment.

Here are a few suggestions from the rose garden Publisher: Book: short description friends forever ISBN-13: 978-3981616507 19.90: This biographical tale focuses on the close friendship is a girl and her horse. These unique relationship takes the author as the basis of relations between humans and animals, but also about fellow human beings, environment, to think about politics and current events. The reader will find interesting ideas and impulses to his own life the book is worthwhile not only for horse lovers and worth reading. Book: I am a small King ISBN-13: 978-3981616538 14.80 short description: now I’m talking about! Have we met? I still can’t believe. You can however change that quickly with this book.

Then, you will also learn why it is worthwhile in any case – I’m a French Bulldog – get to know me. Oh, you have been a dog? I learn, what differences are there – you will be surprised hard. Of course, we are all great dogs, but we’re just real clowns Bullys. You have a dog? You will see: for this book I see already the address of a bully breeder find you.