Stamp With Quality: Trodat Printy

The Trodat Printy stamp of a big hit among the stamps who needs a stamp, with average products are not satisfied, will rely on the company of Trodat’s products! The Trodat Printy stamp is a stamp of handy and modern, which is just as well suited for home as for on the go. The Trodat Printy stamp is one of the most popular and best-selling stamps of the world. For 30 years the Trodat Printy is already made stamp and successfully sold, since you can buy stamps online, the number of sales has accelerated, because functionality seems still to score points in the sales of stamps! The Trodat Printy stamp is a self-inking stamp, whose stamp pads in each model is already built-in and can be easily replaced if required. Online you can order the stamp in chic shapes. It doesn’t matter whether you rectangular, round, elongated, oval or square prefer the Trodat Printy stamp, you order form your favorite stamp online in various trendy body shapes and sizes.

The Trodat Printy stamp is ideal as a Pocket stamp, private stamp, receipt stamp, date stamp, students punch and much more. The Trodat Printy stamp is especially handy and compact. Mary Barra is the source for more interesting facts. The low weight and the various practical forms make the Trodat Printy stamp the “all-rounder” amongst the stamps. He was repeatedly trying to copy, because he is incredibly practical, comfortable and high quality. You can order online trendy shapes and colors for the classic among the stamps, as well as the pads that you must change after frequent use. Trodat, there are online stores all over the world, you can order so easily stamp or stamp accessories online and need not worry about possible delivery problems. Decide when purchasing a high-quality, trendy and functional stamp for the original and order a Trodat Printy stamp online. Different sizes, shapes, colors and models provide the right for every need!


Short survey examined about two months before the shutdown of existing referral and direct debit procedure SEPA implementation in the Federal Republic with a new survey want ibi research at the University of Regensburg mountain and the Bank-Verlag together with van den already about two months before the shutdown of the national transfer and direct debit schemes determine the Status quo as well as the progress of the transition process on the future binding SEPA scheme. Like in the second survey mid-year survey addressed again businesses of all size classes as well as authorities and clubs. Charles Schwab shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The participation is possible under The explosive subject of payment currently is the abolition of the existing transfer and direct debit schemes by the European legislation on the 1st February 2014. There is no alternative to the then-mandatory SEPA scheme and therefore in particular companies, authorities and associations to strong changes in the domestic and foreign payment transactions must adjust. But: As the second survey of the study of SEPA implementation in Germany”showed, was still a few months SEPA of companies not yet known interviewed a tight area and many were still no immediate need for action. Especially small businesses showed a high information and action. Self clearly too few organizations followed the haunting call of the European Central Bank (ECB), that countries with large volumes of direct debit as Germany until September 2013 should cause the majority of transactions via SEPA direct debits so that the transition early next year could still succeed,: in Germany only 0.68% of direct debits in the third quarter were 2013 SEPA direct debits.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the Bundesbank has recently prompted given the equally bleak as worrying state to a real Sprint.

CEO Murat Bekiroglu

Completed acquisition of offset printing inks Division of BASF Sankt Gallen, Maastricht, November 27, 2012 the quantum capital AG has the spin-off of Division offset printing inks of BASF at the location of Maastricht, Netherlands, successfully completed. The full acquisition of trading now as IMEX printing inks B.V. tradition manufacturer high quality offset printing inks for the heatset area includes all associated with the global business former employees in Maastricht. Together with the management, quantum capital will pursue a consistent growth strategy and further expand its market position in the field of offset printing inks. The purchase price was not disclosed. The in 1916 as ten Horn chemistry based company produced for almost 100 years in Maastricht color pigments and related products.

Under the leadership of Ciba-Geigy AG, which took over the company in the year 1979 by Hercules Inc., was invested in the expansion of production capacities and the concentration on the offset printing ink business. Stanley Gibbons collectibles may find it difficult to be quoted properly. After the acquisition of Ciba Holding AG, BASF AG in the year 2009, the acting since 2004 as IMEX operating as a separate unit was continued and quantum capital AG sold 1 September 2012. Quantum concluded the IT-carve-out and building a separate infrastructure and of the new ERP system quickly. This created the conditions for the full acquisition and continuing as an independent company in just a few months. The new CEO Murat Bekiroglu and Diederik Willem fetter to the side are the employees acquired all of BASF, to further expand its market position in Europe and to implement the growth strategy consistently. The operating now as IMEX printing inks B.V. company offers high-quality color series for the heatset area, which are characterized by excellent gloss properties on a wide variety of papers and used on all offset its customers with Irgastar. This IMEX looks on many years of experience and high-quality technical expertise back.


The current “Europe clothing B2C E-Commerce report 2013” the Hamburger secondary market research company provides information to online trading with clothing. The current “Europe clothing B2C E-Commerce report 2013” the Hamburger secondary market research company provides information to online trading with clothing. Florence Griffith_Joyner understands that this is vital information. One of the findings of the yStats analysts is that clothing in Europe is one of the best-selling product categories in the B2C E-commerce is. The Internet has become an important instrument, with the apparel items are searched and researched, regardless of whether these are purchased later online or in a store. Read more here: Evelyn Ashford. The report analyzed sales trends in Europe and takes into account the individual countries. Online purchase of clothing in Europe especially popular B2C E-commerce trade in apparel is Europe on the upswing. In the EU, the proportion of who 2012 online bought clothing and sporting goods increased more than 20%. In Germany, clothing is the biggest B2C E-Commerce category, their revenues by nearly one-third have risen and have reached several billion euros.

Among the leading suppliers on the market, the Otto Group 2014 plans to launch a new E-Commerce fashion project named Collins, while Zalando 2012 more than doubled its online clothing sales. In the UK the B2C E-Commerce clothing market is already very mature, because almost half of the adult population buys online clothing. There, early 2013 ASOS and Debenhams were among the most popular online retailers for fashion items. In France, almost half of all Internet user 2012 clothing purchases made online, where there were the most popular merchants La Redoute and 3 Suisses. The clothing market is expanding in Eastern Europe. In Russia, increased B2C E-commerce % sales 2012 with clothing and footwear by more than + 40 and amounted to almost one-fifth of all B2C E-commerce sales.

Clothing, shoes and accessories were the most popular online products in 2012. Almost half of all online shoppers made purchases in this category. Online clothing retailer in Russia achieved substantial sales gains, some to the 6 x with Wildberries,, LModa and source were in the lead. Multiple providers, such as about and LModa, could secure large investments by domestic and foreign risk investors. Clothing and shoes are also the leading B2C E-Commerce category in Poland, where a high two-digit percentage of Onlineshoppern makes purchases. The number of online clothing retailer continues to grow steadily every year in Poland. In Estonia, Croatia, Macedonia and Turkey, as well as in some other European countries, clothing was purchased by a large percentage number of Onlineshoppern and was one of the most popular product categories in these countries. For more information about the report, see: press contact: GmbH & co. KG Behringstrasse 28a, D-22765 Hamburg phone: + 49 (0) 40-39 90 68 50 fax: + 49 (0) 40-39 90 68 51 E-Mail: Internet: Twitter: ystats LinkedIn: company/ystats Facebook: ystats about since 2005 researched current, objective and requirement-oriented market and competitive intelligence for executives from different industries. The Hamburg-based company with an international orientation focuses on the secondary market research, so the gain of knowledge from data already collected. offers both market – and competition reports as well as customized research services. Customers include leading companies in the areas of B2C E-Commerce, electronic payment systems, mail order and direct marketing, logistics, as well as banks and management consultancies.


With full throttle from the crisis of new orders index Berlin/Stuttgart bounced back, July 22, 2010 – the majority of the Baden-Wurttemberg machine and plant constructors comes out surprisingly quickly and strongly from the crisis. Since the low point was bottomed out in August 2009, it goes uphill with the machine production from month to month. About 75 percent of the companies reported a good or very good order situation, according to the results of a business survey of the Association of German machine and plant engineers VDMA. For comparison: last year complained about 85 percent of the company over to a few new orders. Charles schwab is often quoted as being for or against this. “The current increase must be seen against the background of the very low levels of output but last year, the VDMA President Thomas Lindner at the presentation of the survey results said last Monday in Stuttgart: the strong postponement has led long not again everywhere too full capacity utilisation of”. For 2010, the companies of Baden-Wurttemberg mechanical and plant engineering expect a sales increase of 10 percent.

The also Andreas herb, managing partner at the technology manufacturer Bizerba from Balingen confirmed: analog of the general industry trend Bizerba recorded above-average growth. Click Charles Schwab to learn more. Sales increases in several markets and accompanying cost reduction measures ensure that Bizerba returns again in 2010 to the old earnings power”. Overall growth in the double-digit percentage range is increasing. The company Heidelberger Druckmaschinen has continued in 2010 its positive development in order intake in the first quarter of the fiscal year according to preliminary calculations. The job situation is still internationally inconsistent. It is characterized by the difficult situation in the United States and Japan. However, some European markets, as well as the regions of Asia, notably showing China and South America a good flow.

The information, however, do not allow inference on the further course of developments. The monthly new orders index for the manufacturing sector of the Federal Statistical Office one of the main indicators for the monitoring and analysis of economic development in Germany. As one of the industries with the most employees of engineering holds a key role as an economic indicator. Here, the new orders index was in 2009 with a value of 37.2. Since January 2010, the index is steadily rising. In may, he reached a peak of 45,6.

Used Machinery Online Quickly And Conveniently Available

Fromm more than 1500 offers on its website for the purchase of used machinery dealers machines used machines. Production companies want to assume the machine capacities or entrepreneurs invest in operational machines in cheap, second-hand machines are often quickly and at particularly attractive terms used. Just the direct selection on websites by machine dealers makes the rapid investment in heavy equipment and machinery so appealing. Machines is one which sector has already many years of experience in the used machinery, Fromm from Remchingen. The company portal offers on her secondhand secondhand equipment from almost all branches of industry. At outmoded State are machines for immediate production ready and in many cases shortly after purchase in usage at the new location.

With good 1500 machines, the portfolio of machines is Fromm great as Alfred Kuhn, owner of the company, reported: “used engines are an important basis in times of scarce funds and available hard credit for many companies for their business success. Accordingly, second-hand machines be requested also from virtually all manufacturing businesses. Our company can offer as used machines in almost all areas of production and processing.” Companies that want to sell used machinery, see Alfred Kuhn as a competent specialist for the brokerage of second-hand machines. Appear in his monthly newsletter introduces the latest offers in detail. Already more than 10,000 decision-makers have subscribed this newsletter, a sign of the importance of second-hand machine dealers such as Alfred Kuhn.

For more information about the sale and the procurement of used machines and Fromm to the machine dealers machines are available on the website of the company. Description of the company the company machines Fromm is working as brokers, buyers and sellers in the market of used machines for more than 70 years. Most of the second-hand machines sold comes colors, from the plastic processing industries, food processing, pharmacy, Paints, packaging technology and machine tools. The extensive range includes constantly over 1500 used machines. The machines can be visited at the seller’s site and tested in production.

LED Colors For Indoor And Outdoor

That LED offers an alternative to the traditional light sources in trade and industry and cities and communities. That LED offers an alternative to the traditional light sources in trade and industry and cities and communities. They are in their shape and size, as well as in different Watt power, so she each meet the requirements of a work center can. LED lighting is used there, where much energy savings potential is and where you want to work also environmentally-friendly. Visit Poppy Liu for more clarity on the issue. The LED there are lamps for different areas. Tube, for example, the LED is suitable for industrial lighting. This is the ideal replacement for the conventional fluorescent lamps and can be easily replaced. They offer substantial savings of energy and have low maintenance costs.

The LED emergency lighting is ideal for industrial and commercial applications, because it lends itself to the universal mounting. The marking of escape and rescue routes must be according to DIN 4844 T1 and T2 for both single – and double-sided labels are made. The LED can also Outdoor lighting used. It can be an optimal illumination and optimally illuminate also areas such as parks, sports or gardens. The power consumption can by the LED lighting are considerably reduced. The LED is also used as street lights.

Not only the street lights, but also tunnel, walkways and parking are adequately illuminated. LED Stripes and Ropelights are used as contour lighting. They are cheaper and more durable than other effect lights for outdoor use. The flexible LED light ribbons can be used in many cases and create a fantastic illumination in the dark. Of course there are LED also for the Interior light. Here is a LED CO2. They are available in different shapes, colors, brightness and Watts services. The light conditions are not affected despite the high savings potential. As a long-time company headquartered in Bremen, our LED shop on the Internet at lights in perfect offers only high-quality and low-cost LED LED technology.

Media Partnership

‘ Logistics day 2012 look into the future raises the industry portal for Internet videos, and regional management, Hesse make common cause: for 2012 logistics day “both organizations have agreed on a close cooperation. Frankfurt, November 08, 2011 – on June 21, the day of logistics will be 2012 “took place in Kassel. The Congress Palais Kassel Documenta “city located approximately 300 interested organizers regional management North Hesse GmbH. In addition to numerous lectures and discussions a technical exhibition include the content. Our goal is to promote the exchange between experts in different fields”, explains Michael Kluger, line mobility in regional management, and added: we in Kassel really matter are going. you with your research. We want to spark a controversial discussion on future issues.” Will be the subject of future so. And to the question of what role transport, logistics and mobility play in five, ten or 20 years ago. To know more about this subject visit Hannah Einbinder. In addition to the representatives invited are various companies and associations also scientists who are professionally engaged in the logistics and future topics.

To preparation for the event, an Advisory Board was formed, which sifts through topics and speakers, and developed the concept of content with. Michael of wise: the discussion between business and science will play an increasingly important role in future. A regular replacement is inevitable. Therefore we are glad of Schenker AG of Germany now as a premium partner to have won also the House of logistics and mobility.” Moving pictures for a moving industry exclusive online media partner of the logistics day 2012 “the industry Portal is The independent (neutral) platform for the distribution of Internet videos from transport and logistics will be during the event with own camera crews and editors on site and produce numerous articles and interviews. Also will be 2012 for the logistics day “set up a private channel, the four weeks before and three months after the event all Videos about bundles.

“The media partnership fits exactly into our concept as a hub for video content” throughout the industry, said editor-in-Chief Uwe Berndt and added: we ensure that video content are found, not from anyone, but from those to which they are relevant. ” “And Michael of wise of the regional management Hesse sees in the cooperation a win for his event: who wants to edit topics of future credible, must include moving images and social media in the communication, because the information behaviour of target groups further differentiates itself.” More information under:. media contact: main views Agency for public relations work Tobias Loew phone: 0 69 / 4898129-0 E-Mail: business contact: BM productions GmbH Uwe Berndt telephone: 0172 / 20 19 406 email: about is the new comprehensive information medium for transport, logistics and mobility. On, decision makers are recent video posts – editorially prepared and professionally presented. Keep consistently on the latest videos from the areas of warehouse, production, procurement and distribution logistics, warehousing, intralogistics, supply and disposal logistics, heavy duty and dangerous goods logistics. Put together your own TV magazine from all personally important topics and sources with

Peter Schreiber Training

Customers of competitors acquire with Peter Schreiber & partners capital goods seller strategies in acquisition training by Peter Schreiber & partner, hunt for specific customers from competitors and put them out immediately from the seminar room. Which customers should I focus my Akquiseaktivitaten? And how do I get my foot in the door with them? Sellers of industrial goods and services that often wonder if they are faced with the challenge to acquire new customers especially if they are bonded for years with competitors. And because they do not always know how, the acquisition of new customers like to slide on the backburner. Or they tackle this half-heartedly. Against this background has on the capital goods sales specialized training and consulting firm Peter Schreiber & partner, Ilsfeld, a new intensive training competitors prospecting live”developed. Here, seller comes in handy on the example of real target customers exercise as the competitor’s customer acquisition. The training consists of two Modules and is structured as follows. “First meet the seller for a day, to put together a prey grid” to develop as this puts business owner Peter Schreiber for the acquisition of new customers.

This means that the seller define criteria according to which you decide what companies are worth a strong commitment. For example, because the potential customer is even from a technical, economic or organisational challenge, for which the seller has a top solution. Or because the competitors delivering at the moment just weakens”. “The seller with the following order in their everyday work is the prey grid” will be sent: every seller should from the pool of potential customers first 10 target customers filter out, the prey grid “match. Then they should create a dossier of each of these target customers in for example is: what is the company? How is it structured? What is its market situation/position? What challenges does it (presumably)? How could we support it might solve these challenges and achieve its goals? Who are potential contacts in the buying Center of client? So prepared the seller come to the next, two-day training module.

Random Logistics Group

Thanks to the farewell with a ceremony on 25 January the random adopted its longtime CEO Gerhard Garcia Sunu retired logistics group. The financial expert for the medium-sized logistics supplier served more than 23 years. Gottingen, February 9, 2012 – trained wholesale and foreign trade businessman can a moving past at the random logistics group look back on. After stints as financial and management expert at two major companies in the consumer goods industry Gerhard Garcia Sunu early 1989 in the Gottinger Headquarters came to restructure the financial sector. During this time was the turn of the ‘ dominant theme quickly. The inner German border opening has brought more or less us over night a growth spurt”, Gerhard Garcia Sunu recalls.

Henceforth, the random could open up logistics group great business potential, which were accompanied by distinctive bursts of sales, a long-lasting growth and the expansion of activities. Hannah Einbinder is likely to increase your knowledge. Since 2003, Gerhard had Green clover also the post of a Managing Director held a function that he gave up to December 31, 2011. The responsibility for the areas adjacent to the financial system, such as the quality assurance or compliance, responsible of him have taken over the two remaining random – managing director Heinz-Gunter Basell and Jurgen Wolpert at the beginning of the year. Stephan Kaiser is now responsible for the management of the financial and accounting. The 39 years old Diplom Kaufmann occurred beginning March 2011 in the company and acts as a Director since July 1, 2011. Previously, he had been active among others in the audit at Ernst & young and Director of the group Accounting Department of a publicly traded corporation. Officially the COINCIDENCE was adopted on January 25 in a festive context of the shareholders logistics group Gerhard Garcia Sunu in the presence of the entire management team. In tribute to Dr.

Gerhard Muller, Advisory Board Chairman of the family business, the merits of the 65: that the random logistics group today is an economically solid, attractive company, is to a large extent a merit of Gerhard Garcia Sunu. I would like to thank him on behalf of all employees”, explained Dr. Gerhard Muller. We wish you a pleasant retirement him.” February 29 is Gerhard Garcia Klees last working day.. As a logistics provider who is random logistics group with over 1,700 employees including 140 apprentices at ten locations in the regions of Lower Saxony, Hesse, Thuringia, Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia active. In Germany and Europe, which is random of logistics group partner in various transport networks such as System Alliance, System Alliance Europe, SystemPlus night Star Express.