Growing Grapes

Nevertheless, to solve this problem is not difficult: first, in areas where growing grapes, it is grown almost in every courtyard, and thence villagers from birth – the tenants. And secondly, you can hire one for a maximum of two professionals to teach others. By the way, the rest should be not so much: an average of one qualified purpose (in this case are synonymous), the worker can serve two hectares. The average worker gets 200-250 usd. per month. Some farms apply the method of additional fees that are charged to the employee at the end of the year based on the final economic results of the year. In addition, the state must be cool agronomist specializes in cultivation of grapes.

He needs to pay 500-700 usd. per month and pay a premium for the year. And finally, security. The fact that the vineyard will attempt – there is no doubt, therefore, have to hire and watchmen (two or three person). Moreover, the guard can pay one and a half times more than ordinary workers. Vineyard vineyard planting schemes come in many shapes. In France, planted and 9 thousand vines per hectare (between the bushes distance of 1,1 m between the rows – 1 m). In Ukraine, on average 2,5-3 thousand bushes planted on 1 hectare.

Although richer soils in Ukraine are French, and many agricultural technologies are advised to exploit them more efficiently and adopt a more dense circuits landing. Now, what grade you should choose. Consider: the domestic seedling costs an average of 4-4,5 uah.