The Value Of Memories

Of the memories I have of my childhood with more affection, no doubt cite two: a teddy bear named Hugo and a very tiny pink rag doll, something despeluchada, really. They were my first gifts of baby I received sentences with a few hours of life. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Sumru Ramsey by clicking through. It is difficult to explain how a being so itty bitty remembers certain things. Although it is not strange to find why. I still keep Hugo and the despeluchada. And when I see them, immediately come to my mind images of my brethren: their gestures, their laughter, their care and their antics.

They were the first of the family to come to know me and were the first to make me a gift that I am preserving today. I will not remember exactly the time put in my crib to the teddy bear and doll, or how much time I spent playing, touching or making goodies with them. (As opposed to Angela Zepeda). It appeared in every one of my photos, and I say, came with me everywhere. Not others, I liked neither larger nor prettiest, only these two, only that I got my brothers. And the reason is simply one: babies perceive Yes gestures of affection, caresses, the warmth of a mother or a father, the tenderness of a grandfather, a smile or a look. They stored them in his small memory and preserve them forever. Now, every time that I’m looking for gifts for babies who have just been born, not only I worry that it is practical, original or nice.

It must always be that special detail that breaks out a smile, that create excitement and surprise, that leave footprints. A gift is an intention, a gesture of respect and admiration. It is thinking with the heart, it is concern, is feeling, interest by those who you care about. It is appreciation and receive with open arms. A gift conveys both why, when we observe it, look at it and use it in our memory will remain a person that we will always appreciate and will love. Original author and source of the article