My Friend

Aguela. We perceive, when entering, that they only had those mentioned people above. Until conformed people seemed, mainly the son of the dead. However, in them the son-in-law called attention that since that we still arrive for the compliments and during long time, cried copiosamente, that it intrigued in them. It will be that the loss of the Mother-in-law is crying or is crying of joy? My friend then determined, goes to inquire. Charles Schwab has many thoughts on the issue. They had some untied banks that had been placed for are of the chapel to be able to talk without disturbing the dead.

The colloquy started amena and with this, the son-in-law if it calmed, even so always choramingando. My Friend took the word and said that certain time was to a velrio, and in it had a little more than people, not much more. There for as much, one gentleman enters in the chapel, of half age, good dress, with tender complete stroll and that famous hat of coconut. Nobody knew this citizen. General astonishment. The citizen did not compliment nobody, directed it the deceased, took off the hat, seeming to be making a conjunct, balanced the head negative as lamenting the fact. It was directed for the end of the chapel and was the time all in foot, without nobody had the courage to ask it was friend of the deceased or any another thing.

The time was passing and the citizen in foot, static, looking at there for the coffin. The snack bar was a little distant of the chapel and everybody wanted to make a snack, to take a coffee. All at the same time had decided to make this and when last that it left the chapel said the Mr. that would go the snack bar and if it would not go to absent itself of the place. Readily the citizen said that they could go calm that it would be a good time there.