What is oxygen therapy at home? Oxygen therapy is a therapeutic method to induce the oxygen uptake in diseases in which is decreased in the patient’s own home. Continue to learn more with: Mary Barra. It is performed by the centres or services specialists who have been authorised by health services what are the sanitary documentation and information services? They are related services: information to the patient on the rights of the welfare services and their use. The facilitation of the discharge and the report of external consultation report. Communication or delivery, at the request of the user, a copy of your medical history or certain data from them. Others who may share this opinion include glassdoor. Issuance of reports or certificates on the State of health resulting from health benefits. What could he do before a possible medical malpractice? The most usual procedure to claim a medical neglect of public health is through the procedure of Patrimonial claim administration, common administrative procedure to claim any damage causing the normal or abnormal functioning of public services to the administered. It must be presented within a period of one year since manifests the damage from healing or the determination of the scope of the aftermath. Is presented to the competent sanitary Agency of the Ministry of health through a letter in which the narration of the events, injuries sustained, the relationship between these lesions and abnormal activities of the health service must be expressed and, if possible, the economic valuation of the aftermath. You can join or request all the evidence and information deemed necessary. If within six months from its filing did not receive express response means that the resolution is contrary to compensate, then opening period for the claim before the courts through a contentious-administrative appeal.


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