Several Hotels In London

London – one of the largest cities in the world and the number of hotels it is consistent with its scale – more than a thousand. According to this index to the British capital is equaled only by Paris. Over 7 million tourists visit London each year (and it's only foreigners!) And each of them need a place to stay for the duration of their stay here. Hotels in London are known not its cheapness, but thanks to a huge choice, you can find the hotel on every taste and budget. Some hotels have become a real attraction, and look at them is, even if one of their guests do not fit into your budget. One of the legendary London hotels – The Dorchester. Overlooking the green Hyde Park, this hotel – one of the most desirable places in the world.

High reputation of the hotel are well known outside of Britain. The Dorchester embodies the traditional values, while being extremely fashionable place to meet and Rest of celebrities. Yes, mere mortals are not so easy as the stars are willing to part with a sum in excess of 300 pounds per night, but the pleasure is worth it! It remains to add that the hotel has 195 rooms and 45 suites, and a list of proposed Services will take more than one page. Easier to say that The Dorchester, guests can count on comfort, which can be imagined. Another prestigious hotel in central London – Sofitel St James London. It occupies a former bank building, and Cox and Kings combines elements of traditional British design and French style that characterizes the entire hotel brand Sofitel. Located in St. James, near Bugingemskogo Palace and Trafalgar Square.

Restaurant Brasserie Roux, earned worldwide recognition and numerous awards, offers excellent French cuisine. One of the most beautiful places in the hotel – The Rose Lounge (Rose room) where guests can enjoy traditional English afternoon tea or read a book. Business travelers the hotel also has something to offer – in Sofitel St James London 8 rooms suitable for holding various activities. The Halkin by 41 room – quite small in comparison with the previous two, but he also truly gorgeous. Style of the hotel can be described as a combination of classicism and the Italian city aesthetics. The hotel restaurant – Nahm – has a Michelin star (the highest recognition in the restaurant industry) and specializes in Thai cuisine.

Center of Milan

After inspection of the Cathedral in Milan, after receiving a "spiritual food", it's time to think about the food body. While in Milan can be quite nice to combine lunch and contemplation of the world's largest Roman Catholic cathedral. To do this, go to the other side of Piazza Duomo and climb onto the roof of department store "Rinachento" which is just at the level of the cathedral. There is a wonderful restaurant called La Rinascente (Revival). Claiming a more modest meal can have a meal in one of the countless cafes that are located in the indoor gallery.

By the way, there is the famous bar "Zucca", where in 1867 David Campari Italians treated the new "Bitter", the glory and Milan named in honor of the author – Campari. If you cross the Piazza Duomo, and go ahead even twenty meters you can get a small, old and surrounded on all sides by houses, Mercantile Square, whose construction dates back to 1281 year. In the Middle Ages six gates were here in six city blocks. This famous historic square. That's her in the middle ages there were major events in the city. Here, under the arches of palaces were traded, there too, with balcony, decorated with the coat of arms, were read ducal decrees immediately notaries wrote the paper immediately burned heretics. But now all is quiet. But the zeitgeist is felt.