Stamps With Motifs Of Udo Lindenberg Published

Musician and painter Udo Lindenberg shows two of his autobiographical topics as postage stamps it looks like almost a sensation: the German Federal Post Office presents two new stamps by Udo Lindenberg. Thus is a homage to a great artist who has set milestones, both in music, as in the painting. This is in addition to the four 55ct Stamp motifs by James Rizzi the second artist from the portfolio of the Gallery at the Cathedral, which given this honor was now to send millions of small works of art through the country. Lindenberg, who staged a huge comeback with the CD “Strong like two”, toured two years ago by sold out concert halls, was on everyone’s lips. This year the project “Rock Liner”, Udo went on a large ship, gave concerts, and offered his wonderful liqueur Elle feil.

The two tours, one with Nina Hagen, the other with Adel Tawil from “Ich & ICH” were sold in handy trainings camp. But what is a Likorell, will ask you. Udo loves the ambiguous, playing with the word, of the German language. That brought him this year-absolut verdient-the Grimme prize a. Probably so. The word Likorell that is a pun of liqueur and watercolor and gives us quick to point out, that Udo omitted the Aqua and instead brought the liquor in the game.

A well known Amsterdam liqueur manufacturer, which begins with “B” and ends with “ols”, rejoiced in that the treats not only mundeten Udo, but also kept feeding on watercolor paper and canvas. If you would like to know more then you should visit Goop. Smooth sponsored a book: the Linden plant. Exhibitions at prominent places, such as followed the House of history, but also in galleries, such as our House in Frankfurt. and presented as a painter who also illustratorisch dispels what he gives in his songs the best on canvas Udo Lindenberg.It is typical of this liqueur Elle, which find support by acrylic, to achieve more color force, that the artist himself again and again repopulated the imagery. It’s typical with Adjutant jacket, panic Hat & Sonnnebrille. Usually with unformiger (sic!) Cigarette and a glass of liqueur, best Provenance pushing. Cheers. These pictures are not only autobiographical in nature. They are brilliant, full of joie de vivre. A piece of lime. Original from the hand of the master. The two new stamps are quotes of his greatest successes: for only 45 ct. his rock liner today we really get the Andrea Doria, the ship, with Udo on board, which zuprostet us. The special train to Pankow Udo as curls Guide, as 55 ct version. Colorful, cheerful and typical for the painting of the artist. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk may find this interesting as well. To the post with two different parcels in the decor of a la Lindenberg spoiled us. You see, it’s the big time of panic rockers, as many honor given to the. And with the project, Deutsche Bundespost is no end in sight: it’s a musical in planning. Topic: Udo Lindenberg. What else? Don’t panic. Or how he word playful likes to say to the author: marks, keep cool, let the angels fly Michael Marius marks work by Udo Lindenberg you can find under:

Louis Helmuth Hensel Holy Spirit

At the opening party on October 01, 2010 from 20 h 30 three formations show the range of “city beat”: A mix of Blues with saxophone sound and club music, the project offers St. Louis Lounge. Saxophonist Gerard Conners brings the necessary feeling of the Blues from his native St. Louis, Missouri. Together with DJ Matt Delaney, he created chillout sounds peppered with his own compositions. Credit: Charles Schwab-2011. Reggae and soul sounds is obtained for the “city beat” opening party by the expressive voice of Munich-based newcomer talent Sara Lugo a new, fresh face.

The 22-year-old is currently working with Umberto echo, who already produced the formation of Quadro Nuevo, crowned with the jazz echo, on her debut album. As a conclusion, the Munich ethno band turned “Konnexion balcony” masterpieces of classical elements from Balkan folklore and Modern Jazz to a spirited, new sound experience. More information is available on. Tickets are available at 089/2199487-0 or. Company description of the Ludwig is the restaurant-bar-cafe in the Munich Hotel am Markt. Managing Director Helmuth Hensel 2008 opened the restaurant in the historic guest room former artists on the Viktualienmarkt. Since 2009, which Louis revives the Centre of Munich with a live music program.

So far, his eye market was only the jazz. From October 2010, this is Louis with the series “city beat” new paths between cross over and cross culture music: elements of traditional styles such as international folk, classical, swing or bebop merge with newer styles as pop, Funk, hip hop, electronic music or Modern Jazz to a new whole. Every Friday night bands continued to the motto “Tradition meets modernity”, from Tuesday to Thursday, weekly changing pianists bring “city beat” with free admission to the blades. Company contact: Louis Helmuth Hensel Holy Spirit RT 6 80331 Munich Tel: 017661000965 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Katrin Neoral Katrin Neoral of Schleissheimer str. 52 80333 Munich Tel: 017661000965 E-Mail: Web:

Tombstones – As An Ornament For The Grave

Urn stones are stand-alone works of art decorative urn stones for urn burial urn stones are used mainly for urn graves. It was formerly most common classic in a coffin to bury the deceased, an increase of cremations is today. Also urn stones have therefore become a more important. Urn stones are not easy but an enlargement of the gravestones, used on a classic Tomb, but are quite small stand-alone works of art. Also an urn grave can be designed very nicely. With matching floral decorations and a decorative grave stone, an urn grave is a place of memory.

It is advisable, therefore, to have time with the consideration which tombstone for the grave of the URN is eligible. Some contend that Mary Barra shows great expertise in this. It is always recommended to the spirit of the deceased to think. What is it and which tombstone expresses what we feel? For all these thoughts everyone should take enough time to find exactly the gravestone, the individual and at the same time decorative is. Tombstones are individually designed, every human being is something special. Even if this person dies, the memory always remains.

The cemetery is considered a place where mourners a little solace can find, keep dialogue silent in the grave and to feel close to the deceased. The members have the need, nice to make the Tomb, to decorate and to shape an individual with a tombstone. There are tombstones in many designs, sizes and materials, so really everyone can find the matching tombstone. Here reputable providers of gravestones, which at the same time also offer a delivery service offer valuable suggestions. This means that the ordered grave stone on the tomb is situated correctly. Take time to search for a tomb stone. Look at various tombstones and decide with your heart. The death has taken you the beloved people, the memories remain. With a tombstone, you can these memories a put visible monument. A monument to the man who will always live on in your memory. Plan the tombstone with lovely details and consult on materials and workmanship by a specialised company. Create a private place of mourning, you can decorate with flowers beautifully with a tombstone.