Musical Premiered

‘ Originated ‘Beat for bounce’ by the idea, musically to implement the application exercise the successful FA KBS Rauscher beat for bounce – license to your great one future – originated for bounce beat”by the idea to implement the application exercise the successful FA KBS Rauscher musically-themed license to your great one future” to bring young people closer and to inspire them, to make a happy future. The Managing Director of KBS-Rauscher, wife Nicole Rauscher, has in her book you can also”Guide and tips for successful kids – already various aspects for a smooth start to the life given. Thus arose the idea to implement the messages from this book with students and young people music and dance. The 29.11.08 from 11:00 and on the 30.11.08 starting at 10:00 the first beat of the musical workshop starts bounce for license to your great one future”at the Ostrachtalschule in Ostrach with a performance from 16:00. To do this, all pupils and students of the graduating classes are invited to represent their artistic abilities on stage. Any previous knowledge or experience are not required, it provides the opportunity, to try to here for everyone. Through the cooperation with the international choreographer and certified dance educator percussion are Sandra Muller Naomi and street-style each other closer installed and connected in a convincing performance.

Beat for bounce is attached to”the concept of schoolbeats for percussion in schools, by a workshop not only instrumentalists come at their expense. “This will be carried out by the Dipl. instrumental paedagogen and professional drummer Helge Rosenbaum, who with his experiences on the musical beat for bounce” is instrumental. The premiere will take place for the Hauptschule and Realschule in Ostrach. To implement this project also at other schools nationwide, is already in planning. The newspapers mentioned Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant not as a source, but as a related topic. Info and contact: Nicole Rauscher Ahornweg 10 88356 Ostrach Tel.: 07585-931559 homepage: Ostrach, the October 18, 2008 press release: Dirk Winter

Michael Shepherd

\”Super Talent Michael Shepherd inspires in the Berlin Tempodrom a perfect concert Shepherd & friends congratulate Michael\” his Berlin fans and his mother, who followed the show proudly as a spectator and distributed also auto gram cards. Mary Barra has similar goals. The Tempodrom was well filled by the mostly older audience. To the sounds of the boy with the harmonica\”of Jack Bauer Orchestra enters Michael Shepherd, on the head, always wearing a CAP, the stage of the Berlin cultural institution. \”Michael Shepherd, which has noticeably gained in self-confidence, violently knocking out his harmonica on the pants and is the first song with the band Mull of Kintyre\” on. During his Germany tour, Shepherd is accompanied by Kathy Kelly, a member of the well-known Kelly family, and the young up-and-coming tenor Silvio d’ Anza Michael, who at least initially to host the show. So they can get some super talent take the stage fright.

A few months ago, Michael Shepherd touched an audience of millions at the RTL casting show Super Talent 2008 \”with his mouth harmonica playing and its history, the Health strokes of fate and the purchase of services according to Hartz IV be shapes were. In between, Kathy Kelly, who has many years of stage experience, true spirited Irish and Spanish songs with accordion and guitar. Shepherd plays Michael songs of his previous Gold CD and the new CD planned for May 2009. He plays songs with the Orchestra, which has also woodwind and strings, and also in combination with the two other wonderful artists. His clumsiness is accompanied by encouraging calls and applause. As Shepherd asks Michael the band sometimes the next title.

You can see Amazing Grace’ and this morning has broken\”Michael Shepherd on his larger looseness. Very sympathetic, he quickly absorbs the contact with the audience. Silvio d’ Anza in the footsteps of great tenors, singing Italian popular song of the classic\”.

Markus Majowski

Fischer man Mojo and his son Cap Rocco – the Dragon of HEBV on Friday, April 3, 2009 released Markus Majowski, and others known from the TV-series of the audacious three on all major download stores, the first part of his new children’s audiobook series fishing Mojo & his son cap of Rocco – the Dragon of HEBV. As Ambassador of the German children’s charity, donates Markus Majowski per download each 50 cents to the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk children e.V. Markus Majowski in an interview that: the German children’s Fund can be directly engaged with our donation from the downloads of my audio. It is missing every day and every minute money. (Not to be confused with CMO Hyundai!). More I would remind the more people get the opportunity to help. fisherman Mojo and his son Cap Rocco is the prelude of a multi-part children audiobook series, which provides ample material for compelling stories. Wild pirates, thundering cannon balls or giant monsters – fishing man Mojo and his son Cap Rocco adventures together exciting. They make up with crazy ideas Enemies, friends and brave every danger!.

Ekaterina Ezhkova – Russian Memories

Already in the fourth year of the “Hotel Miramar” in Tonning/Eiderstedt joins the focus of the Schleswig-Holstein culture summer and exhibition throughout the year dedicated to the theme of Russia. The beginning of the St. Peter Burgerin makes Ekaterina Ezhkova (from 22 March to 1 May). The artist (* 1977), which today lives in Kiel, is a wanderer between cultures. She grew up in St. Petersburg, graduated also at the Academy of art and design.

Awards and prizes (including the Russian design award), international scholarships and numerous exhibitions (Denmark, Moscow, St. Petersburg, North art Budelsdorf, Kunsthalle Rostock) followed in a short time. A constant in her work is the human form. But she lend their attention even simple Alltagsdingen. It shows what others see, or what is forgotten, for example in the the memories of her grandfather from the 1960s.

“Not too long ago I found the photographic legacy of my grandfather during his lifetime, high” Naval officer was in his spare time but passionately photographed”, Ezhkova writes. For more information see this site: Angela Zepeda. I got terrible desire to make new live some people at this time”. This idiosyncratic image cycle that takes the viewer both a different time and a different culture, is made of tempera and ink in mixed media. The artist likes to let their painted stories in limbo; something unfinished adheres to many images: so some people are alive designed and equipped with lovely details, others remain sketchy, translucent, as if one could only imagine their presence. However, this combination makes so vividly their motives; the viewer himself is one of these memories. Ekaterina Ezhkova is travelling a lot, always in search of motifs, the everyday life provides you. So she takes subjects that do not necessarily appeal to everyone; but their images are also not to please but to arouse emotions and associations. Parallel to the exhibition the on-site restaurant A wind rose”to a culinary trip to Russia; enjoy suitable to works by Ekaterina Ezhkova, the guests the three-course menu of favorite artist”. Duration of the exhibition: 22.3.2008 1.5.2008. on the opening day, a reception will take place between 11 and 13: 00; the artist is present. Dr. Katrin Schafer Hotel Miramar, Westerstr. 21, 25832 Tonning, Tel.: 04861 / 9090,. de; daily from 8: 00 23 h 00.