Alexander Menshikov

Company Fetish Production Company signed a contract with a European film companies, whose name remains a mystery. Angela Zepedas opinions are not widely known. The film company interested in, and will finance the movie "Diary of a schizophrenic" director, whose is also known as Alexander Menshikov and owner of Fetish Production Company. According to preliminary data capture will begin spring of 2011, and the film to appear on large screens in cinemas in summer 2013. We specifically asked Alexander Menshikov, tell us a little about the movie especially for readers "MK" Alexander Menshikov: "I do not buy happiness. I buy from misfortune. Charles Schwab will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Name of the film company will remain a secret until we settle all the details of the contract. But I think that in September 2010, the Company will hold a press conference Fetish and introduces all of his plans for the future and the plans we have grandiose.

And now I invite you to feel and see with your own eyes World Mental … Film, I'm going to take – this is a film-Mirror. In the plot you see the reflection of my thoughts-Virus. The movie: Just about life, death, love! Storyline – moments of experiences of different people. Experience specific to each man. Experience life at the level of events, and at the level of severity of the internal state, dovodyaschego to madness. When more than feeling nothing left. Find a way to live on through extreme action. Acute senses – it is always extreme. Although the topic of psychological films already disclosed earlier.


Name of the film Labyrinth Labyrinth Original title Who can give children a primary and secondary school age, lovers of fairy tales, fans of David Bowie and the "Muppets". Which birthday celebrations, New Year's Day Children's Day, Music, Cinema Day. Sometimes I think that now forgotten how to shoot a fairy tale. Of course, it seems to me most after watching any movie or failure in five-minute misanthropy, but … Tales changed. Become more vivid, entertaining, dynamic, full of special effects and turned into pure entertainment, and often so empty that is to break out of the theater kids and parents could hardly remember, because of Why all the fuss. Recently Angela Zepeda sought to clarify these questions. To this maelstrom of color and action young audience was not lost, morale began to show almost as a fable, a separate scene in the film, dialogue or monologue, chew, which was not made major characters and how they now repent.

We wanted the best, but it turns out, most of all, as always, to think and draw conclusions independently is no longer necessary, and discuss the most contemporary films, fairy tales have nothing. Of course, there is many examples of good: smart, subtle and interesting. Yes, except that they are intended mostly for the audience, the primary source of trained reading books for school or a very advanced age. As a result, we look children with new stories, but revising – the old ones. "Three Nuts for Cinderella," "About Little Red Riding Hood," "The Neverending Story" … We all have a list of favorite fairy-tale films that we are bound to show and give to holidays for their children and children of friends and acquaintances.

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In recent years, you've probably noticed that the rate of home Internet grew to several dozen times. For the same money that was five years ago, you can get not only a fast connection and unlimited traffic. And now, we can free download not only music but movies or even the whole series. In addition, it is possible to watch movies directly online. In this connection, the network have even specialized sites – so-called online theater. Some of them specialize in watching movies, and others – to view the series online. There are undeniable advantages of watching movies and TV series online. First, do not wait IMDb or another episode of your favorite series.

Just go to the website of online cinema and choose what you would like to view. Second, there is no need to install additional software for download and view videos. And most importantly, in most cases for online viewing is not necessary to pay anything. Not everyone agrees that the quality of films and TV series online to satisfy the refined taste film fans. Many used to watch movies on a big screen plasma TV in DVD quality or even in high definition with surround sound. In this case, the film is, of course, better to download in high quality or to purchase on DVD.

However, do not remember that time not only increases Internet speed, but also changing the rhythm of life. To carve out a spare moment, we often combine several classes. It has long been a normal evening pastime is View movies for dinner. But this is no longer sufficient. Many have a wide circle of acquaintances in a network or like to read the latest news on the Internet. It is not enough time to escape from the computer and sit in front of the TV. A reading the messages on your favorite forum, many are not thinking about the quality or surround sound, open a small window of the screen, and watch a movie or favorite TV series online to immediately discuss with friends on the Internet or on the next day at the meeting. It is known that demand creates supply, but when you consider how much online cinema exists today on the Internet, we can confidently say that we are in step with the progress and development technologies that can certainly not joy.