Sending Images

The number of options can be very extensive and depend only on the customer and the availability of a corresponding number of AV-sources. The main technical problems faced by installers in the organization of multi-room complexes are linked directly to the transfer of AV-signals without quality loss. The length of the wires in concealed installations reaches (depending on the size of an apartment or house) of tens or even hundreds of meters, and at such distances the influence of cable can be overcome by the use of balanced connections, which effectively reduces the level of network interference. But balanced cables are expensive, and the corresponding inputs / outputs are not all the components. However, if short speaker cable has little effect on sound quality, then at great length of its electrical resistance can reach values in units of ohms. This is not the best way affects the interaction between the amplifier and acoustic systems, and especially significantly eroded the quality of bass. Therefore the transmission of audio signals into the second zone is usually in the low-current "form through a well-shielded interconnect cables. Can transfer in amplified form – there are models with built-in volume controls gain, but, again, the sound quality will be compromised.

Already actively used the system in which the audio transmitted in digital form, virtually do not prone to external interference. Of particular interest are wireless systems that use Wi-Fi-coedinenie between the central controller and receiver, transformative "figure into an analog sound. But the most difficult question – to send a second zone of the image. .