Sebastian Machter

How to get soft drinks and energy drinks have the actual benefits? The body consists of water to over 90%. An adequate fluid intake is therefore essential: man should take fluid per day to at least 1.5 litres. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why we can never stop, to create new, non-alcoholic beverages, which differ not only in flavor and color, but also in content and composition. The intake of liquid is as pleasant and fun be housing as possible. Since the main reason for drinking, breastfeeding by thirst, likes device in the background. The soft drinks, which come mostly in gaudy-colored colours therefore and are usually very sweetened are among the most popular soft drinks without a doubt.

Most popular example of this category is, of course, the Coca Cola, which consumed more than 100 years in the Western world. The oldest soft drink of world are according to the label in the year however the Schweppes drinks, invented in 1783 and was sold. For more specific information, check out Charles Schwab. Ginger ale, tonic water and bitter lemon were advertised in the early days, as well as Coca Cola, as medicine, should get the circulation going and help against fatigue. Take this job heutztage the energy drinks that have come in recent years in fashion. However, the basic idea comes from Japan, where the pilots after the second world war expensive taurine was administered to improve their Visual performance and coordination. The inventor of the famous brand Red Bull imported this idea and was very successful here in the early 1990s with this concept. These soft drinks today received their rousing, invigorating effect through the interaction of substances caffeine and taurine, which have a particularly rousing effect in conjunction with the sugar. The pleasure of these two categories has no health reasons, but is just plain fun and is refreshing. Of course, especially soft drinks due to the high sugar content have downsides, however they are enjoyed in moderation, correct refresher. Submitted by Sebastian Machter


The Eimsbuttel barely missed: a Teeteria. The Eimsbuttel barely missed: a Teeteria. What is that anyway? Offers a coffee shop, the tea instead of coffee? The Teeteria is more, much more: A nice restaurant in the light campaign with a very special atmosphere. Right in the heart of Hamburg, just a few steps away from Easter Road. With a tea-garden, to enjoy the Sun in Hamburg. It’s designed so that everyone can feel comfortable here: A corner to relax, read and relax, tables for offering a rich breakfast and the bar for urgent guests. And who has no time, taking just his favorite lenses beverage in the Cup. I’m sure that in the Teeteria everything tea revolves around.

Brewed tea in all types and variants, always fresh at the table. A wide variety of flavors, manufacturing and cooking methods, but especially quality and exclusively natural ingredients make the difference, what drips out of the bag.”says Gregor Schubert, with his wife Simone the Teeteria operates. Especially sympathetic: You must be no tea connoisseur, to get into the Teeteria at his own expense. Best get to try a little curiosity and willingness with something. Who knows already the exquisite white tea, has ever tried a refreshing tea Monad or a Matcha, which gives more momentum than an espresso? Speaking of espresso: how is it with coffee? The Schubert’s consider that anything serious. Of course we offer our guests also a good cup of coffee. What makes the Teeteria but, is the chance to discover the different kinds of tea for himself.” You can also take the new favourite tea, there are tips for the best preparation. The delicious cakes, home-made jam for breakfast and other small delicacies round off an extraordinary gastronomic offer. The bottom line: Yes, that has been missing so far Eimsbuttel! For more information see