National Mining

Fly mountains with dynamite and left in place a large hole that will be for ever and ever that: a big hole at the sky. Then, in a mixture of cyanide and water (take 370 liters of water per second that if you follow their normal course end up in family homes, fauna or flora) and separate the precious material, it is estimated, is a gram for every four tons of stone. There is a tail dam imagine such waste where it ends. Alli forever! Among the Andean a gobernadores suggested that the President veto the bill is Jose Luis Gioja, Governor of San Juan and promoter of the reforms to the mining laws and mining code in the a 90. These rules are now legal and legal support in which companies take refuge as Barrick Gold, which operates sites including that of Veladero and is starting to binancional Argentina a “Chile Pascua Lama. Gioja family has, among other endeavors, the company Bentonite Santa Gema, a provider of Barrick Gold. Jorge Mayoral, secretary for the National Mining and San Juan, was one of the advisors to the President for the veto. Mayoral is employer also linked to mining in their provincia.En synthesis, two or three men with clear interests in their pockets mortgage the future of millions.

No excuses. The work generated by the local mining is negligible in smaller areas such as petty, security and cleaning and low wages, the money he left to the provinces and the nation is almost nonexistent (less than 1%) and damage they cause is irreversible and permanent. Insisting not give up. On Monday, March 1 environmental groups have organized a meeting to insist the law vetoed. Will be in Rivadavia and Sarandi, a few blocks of Congress. There will be the President inaugurating the regular legislative session. A good opportunity to say that the water is ours, the glaciers are ours, the dignity above all else.