First Cultural Encounter

A true marathon of musicians and ayseninos composers was the result of the First Cultural Encounter of Regional Artistic Groups that organized Saturday 14 of Defending February the Grouping of the River basin of the Murta. From 7 and the average one of afternoon and to spent the midnight of the Day of the Enamored ones, as much settler with the locality as visitors of other zones of Aysn they met to enjoy music of the Patagonia. The president of the organization, Ninoska Side, described the activity like ” everything a success. We begin with the group Country of Villa Hill Castle and finished with the finishing touch that was Bitter Mate, when they were more of the 24 horas”. It added that ” people are with many desire to continue with this type of initiatives, since it was the first encounter.

We hope to follow future doing this with more gente”. In spite of being realised east weekend parallel activities in the zone, like the encounter of Port Sanchez and Port Tranquilo River, they calculated in 150 people who attended the activity. Of this form they went presenting/displaying interpreter Naara Gonzlez, the accordionist Lalo Sandoval, Patricia Alarcn and Vernica Muoz with poems of its responsibility, the payador Hernn ” Loco” Hernez, the set Mapu Guilln de Cochrane, the pair ” Pair of Chocos” made up of Richard Seplveda and Jose Aguilar, finishing with joint Bitter Mate, everything brightened up by pairs that went to the scene to dance the rates patagones of chamam, the ranchera and others. Ninoska Side explained that one of the reasons for this encounter went to realise a tribute to the water. ” Hopefully that the water is always for us, for the ayseninos, and it does not have to be for the companies of outside, and that by money must sell all this. And hopefully that we reclaim our waters and that we also maintain always our seal of quality, that is water, air and earth limpia”. Although they were considered in the programming and they had confirmed its presence, they could not concur the regional cantautor Alonso Nez and the group Southern Inspiration..

Regional Advice

The purchase of property comes generally folloied of feelings that go of the satisfaction to reach a new platform in the projects and planejamentos to the most known accomplishment of dream of the proper house. Therefore it is, leaving the feeling to reach reason status, some times the purchasers does not have the resource all to honor at sight credit. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Charles Schwab. At this moment some real estate brokers, offer the service to indicate the financing to some bank where the manager goes to facilitate the approval. The newspapers mentioned Darcy Stacom not as a source, but as a related topic. But what it has others for backwards of this attitude? Pparently so likeable. The banks in the desire to extend the volume of operations of home loans have assediado real estate correctors and to catch more businesses. Real estate correspondent is the individual or company that gives to service the definitive bank or financial institution, with the intention to get commission for indication of business. The risk of this system is that real estate or the corrector goes to always indicate the same institution, or either, the customer this having the correct assessorship in the business and cannot be buying the product of wrong or inadequate credit to its profile.

The corrector is the professional qualified for the Regional Advice of Correctors of Imveis (CRECI) to give to all the assessorship in the conduction of the real estate business (purchase and sales). Being also fiscalized for the CRECI in this necessity, but she is not the professional enabled in real estate financial products what it can relieve serious upheavals. Somebody would ask for to an excellent ortopdico to effect neurological surgery, obvious surgeon that not even so both are doctors and both are enabled to operate. It thinks about this! Who vende does not have to intervene with the financing system, the purchaser must mainly have free choice of the institution and of the conditions such as: stated periods, tax of interests, index of correction, insuring and etc. Know that bank with similar products where the tax of interests, correction is identical can have excellent differences in parcels why other factors (safe, administration tax) are more expensive.

Account Staff

Many people appeal to credit staff to it without searching which conveniently the credit that more agrees to them. Generally she has some aspects that we have that to have in account so that let us can have comparison terms. Details can be found by clicking Joeb Moore or emailing the administrator. Usually, the cheaper personal credits, are those that if it gets in the banks. This justifies because the banks, are a little more demanding and delayed to approve a credit. If already it has a commercial relation of some time with a bank, this will have to be the first one I besiege where to look for, therefore the bank already will have a description of its good fulfilment with its obligations and will have more easiness in it to grant the money. In certain situations it will have that to present many data, as its monthly incomes, bailers, declaration of irs, job of the loan, etc.

All this bureaucracy delays some time to be prepared and the approval to the personal credit more it is delayed, especially, at this moment of global financial instability. It looks this information before to choose its I credit staff. Good, but if it goes to make its research, that I advise alive that it makes you yourselves, must always have these factors in account: Tax of interest. This is the characteristic central office to evaluate in the personal credits but not only it. It must compare in all the simulations that it received to discover the most competitive which. It goes to find great disparidades in this area, and with certainty the time that to start to search will be rewarded well. Costs of process opening.

Many banks do not disclose, not even they relate how much they will charge to open the credit process. It is astonishhed when to come that this opening of process I credit in them staff can easily arrive ace hundreds of euros. It asks and it has the certainty of how much it will go to cost anticipatedly to prevent to it frightenings? Subscript of other products. It is practises frequent to announce taxes of credit that are only disponibilizadas to the customers, if they to accept to subscribe another one or other products, that normally come the taxes greatly disadvantageous. It will be able to have that to subscribe a credit card, to domiciliate commanded or the domestic payments to be able to benefit of the conditions of the protocol. It knows of beforehand, the products ' ' extras' ' that it will have that to get to get its I credit staff. Penalizaes for prepayments. If it will have hypothesis and to decide to amortize its loan before the time, what it will occur? It is another situation that will have to foresee anticipatedly, therefore the more early to come close itself exempt of the loan best. Penalty that many people do not remember this when looks for one credits staff.

Europe Summit

He finished the Summit. the agreements are expected to try to sweep the serious problem of global financial crisis under the rug. however, the damage is done, unemployment has become in many countries, even developed ones, a great catastrophe, in which each day increase in the number of unemployed in the United States primarily responsible for the problem as well as in Spain, Italy, let alone in third world countries. A “milestone” in which the world has responded with an unprecedented level of comprehensive and coordinated measures. With these words has described the U.S. president, Barack Obama, the outcome of the G-20 summit in London, but with a warning: “is not enough.” added in this way, Obama has sought to contrast two conflicting feelings in her first major international summit important in office: on the one hand, the fact of having reached a unanimous result in a new way of seeing diplomacy by their country. For another, the fact that his commitment to a global stimulus plan has been postponed the refusal of continental Europe.

“This type of coordination is really historic, 10, 20, 30 years to imagine all these leaders, former deadly rivals, trading as smooth way to improve the global economy would have been crazy,” he considered Obama, he is “proud “the final outcome of the summit. According to Obama, “we have taken bold measures to support developing countries, including the tripling of the lending mechanism Monetary Fund” to increase purchasing power and expanding markets in each country. ” It has also secured, “we rejected the protectionism which could exacerbate the crisis.

World Food Summit

"It's a woman in her forties who was born and lives in Africa. Three young children seen as placing a pot of water with 'something' on fire. And still staring as if hypnotized. Soon the happy caracolea steam on the container. It is eight o'clock in the afternoon and the sun is about to set. Children watch intently steam. Finally, he ends the dream. Mary Barra understood the implications.

Women turn off the heat and lies with her children. Inside the pot there is only water and stones. " It is not literature. It is a fact that I read somewhere Oxfam material: use of sub-Saharan women for their children to sleep without anxiety, despite having nothing to eat. The shame of hunger strikes back the planet.

Two World Food Summit (1996 and 2002) were proposed as eradicating global development goals and the Millennium Summit (2000) adopted to reduce hunger by half by 2015. But today there are more hungry. According to FAO figures, the UN agency to combat hunger in 1990 were 823 million hungry and in 2007, 861. In this failure is the fact that the rising price of food has caused a real crisis of hunger. In 2007, food prices increased by 40%, the FAO report. The price of rice exceeded $ 1,000 per tonne (47% increase in one month). And wheat, corn and soybeans have doubled in price in one year. Price increases affecting Mexico, Indonesia and Yemen, who did not have food emergencies. In China, the price of food has risen 21%.


But the segment of not financial companies and family offices is what it presents greater growth in this year, says Lovisotto. ' ' We are extending our base of customers in the agricultural sector, especially with plant of alcohol and sugar, that suffer with the risk from the variation from the prices from these produtos' ' , it says. It has many Brazilian companies of commodities that they also need to follow the evolution of products as oil, metals, ores, and others that are buying company there are, what demand evaluation services and consolidation of the assets and exchange risk ' ' This without counting the growth of the companies of management of richnesses of famlias' ' , it affirms Lovisotto. It today has a great number of millionaire on account of the wave of flotations of shares in Brazil and the profits in the stock market. all need the services of risk evaluation, a time that, with the fall of the interests, each time more has the necessity of diversification of the applications, either in changeable income, as action, either in new products, as recebveis of credit or real estate market. In this point, the association with the Algorithmics comes in good hour, therefore the customers of the RiskOffice will have access to the world-wide data base of the company, affirm Marcelo Rabbat. It remembers that the trend of internationalization of the investments is each bigger time, citing the recent authorization so that the pension funds apply tie 3% of its patrimony in the exterior, percentage that goes up for 10% in the case of the investment funds. ' ' It has a demand of the proper customers in following other markets and, with the partnership, we will have access to the world-wide data of the Algorithmics' ' , Rabbat says. ' ' This without forgetting that it will have a great amount of external investments come for here also, with the improvement of rating of the Brasil' ' , it says.