Healthy Employees

The most common side effects of modern office activity include health care and maintenance with the original Bowen technique shoulder and neck problems, back and head pain. Many workers in companies and public authorities spend eight daily and more hours on the PC. Active health care is needed here more than ever. In the meantime many employers have recognized this: investing in the health of their employees, because they know: healthy employees are the best asset. That thought is also the line of the Amtsgericht Giessen and organized a health day for the 250 employees. The particularly coveted offers the BOWTECH included applications of Kerstin Mack’s fitness trainer. Kerstin Mack, even Assistant at the District Court of Giessen, knows the problems of the staff well from their own experience. “Of great interest to BOWTECH she was surprised but then: the list of the applications was full after half a day.” The original Bowen technique known as BOWTECH is a method that the both the body as well as the soul again brings into balance and strengthens the immune system.

Targeted handles used gentle pulses, so that relaxes the body and the entire body system comes back into balance. The positive effect extends to both the physical and the emotional, cognitive, and spiritual level of the clients. “BOWTECH enhances not only the general well-being in every situation, but can be used to relieve acute Schmerzsymptomatiken: often I kept some colleagues a few steps before that, home must go to, because they were badly”, said Kerstin Mack. Health Day in court she had all hands: In the hourly Exchange there were parallel five people each. This simultaneous application is possible only because the BOWTECH users makes an at least two-minute pause after each handle. So he gives the body time to record the received pulses and to implement. Relax the muscles, stimulates the lymphatic system, and are the body’s own powers stimulates.

So serves both BOWTECH: health care and the health of the employees. Their training to the BOWTECH Pracititonerin has completed the fitness trainer at the BOWTECH Academy Germany. Nationwide offers seminars and training courses: for professionals such as naturopaths, doctors and physical therapists as well as for medical laymen.

Set Concrete Goals

How planning can be a stumbling block on the road to success some people set a goal in life and then begin a plan to create. And a week later you are still on the schedule. That is not the purpose of it. A plan to have only the approximate way, you need to go. He should be perfect and he can’t either because you can not see the future. Always unexpected things will happen that you must respond to.

It is not necessary to go to the city library and read some books about it, to be able to create a simple plan. You should use no more than one hour. Consider what you want and how you want to reach it easily. Do you need to reach your destination in the shortest possible time? Do you want to proceed slowly and make sure that the consequences of duration are? You want to reach it without much stress? Are you working in your spare time? You alone decide how you get there. Note that when you create your plan. Use maximum one hour 30 minutes is even better.

It makes no sense to write any novels, to want to hold onto every detail, to buy a calendar, on the PC to install new software, etc. The purpose of a plan is to move only to the action and to make sure that you go in the right direction. Some people use the time of planning as an excuse or tactics of sliding up, so that they do not need to start taking action. You can plan for days, but only through the action man away from the comfortable couch, takes risks and accepts responsibility. I’ve heard this sentence, and he has left a deep impression on me: A 12-month plan is just a reason to have 12 months to move.

Leadership Training

Leaders learn Institute for sale management, Urbar, in new training ‘Principle of minimal management’ of the ifsm to more effect. When should I do it?” One often hears this complaint from executives in difficult economic times, when more and more tasks land on their desks. Is a reason for this: many (young) leaders set the wrong priorities in their work. You may want to visit Charles Schwab to increase your knowledge. They spend way too much time with professional duties, while their control and management tasks remain. As they develop more leadership power can, without rub on themselves personally, the learn (prospective) managers in a three-day training, which for the first time to perform the ifsm Institute for sale management, Urbar, from 9 to 11 November. The three-day intensive training is divided into three parts. The first day is available under the heading itself lead”.

This reflect the participants among others, their understanding of leadership and what its central tasks as a leader are. In addition they train to lead their employees proactively so, that these necessary that behavior to achieve the goals certainly show. A further topic is: how to organize and I structured my work everyday as a leader so that I can fulfill my responsibilities without burning out? The second day of the seminar devoted to titled dialogical perform”the question: How can managers ensure that their employees perform tasks independently? Now, the participants learn the golden rules of the delegate. You train staff talks also to demonstrate that their embassies at the arrive and show the desired effect. A further priority is to give the employee a positive and negative feedback about their performance. Also discussed is how important are the unofficial talks in everyday work with the employees for leadership success. The third day of the seminar the motto Lead teams”.

Now, the participants learn to stimulate group dynamic processes and to accompany. Also, they practice with teams to agree on targets and to transfer these tasks. Training (critical) feedback to teams in review talks and specifically from routines to pull them, to initiate change processes is also. Discussed is also how conflicts in the team can be used to initiate development processes. The training principle of the minimal balance”is directed ifsm Managing Director Klaus Kissel, who is also author of the book. The training held in Hohr-Grenzhausen (near Koblenz) that participation in 1590 euros (+ VAT). More seminar dates: 20 to 22 January and 17 to 19 March appropriate training offered ifsm also in-house 2010. For more information about the seminar at. You can also contact the ifsm sale Management Institute (Tel: 0261 / 962 3641;) E-Mail:).

Leadership Training Profession

Within each group, there is a dynamic. A project team, a wide variety of characters are United according to skills and competencies. The newspapers mentioned Marion Jones not as a source, but as a related topic. How gain you as a project manager in your team? Drive fraternization tactics with the employees or more are an authoritarian dictator of the project? It’s the mix… Basically, you bring the technical know-how for the job as project manager. You can train the additional competence as a leader. Just like? First of all basic knowledge about the dynamics of obtaining the tools of any good leader in modern management training to groups. As project manager, you need to recognize a negative behavior of individual team members and to respond. If you are not early discovered and resolved, conflicts Cook quick high.

A clarification will work but only if you trust your employees. Trust and deserve respect leadership training help you especially in crisis situations carefully to behave. In critical moments and there are conflicts, you have to stand behind your workforce. Use for your employees. That does not mean that you should drive a soft course. Because: You should also be able, to advance the interests of your client. Even if it doesn’t the one or the other project staff. Experienced executives can give you the best these degrees in a technical training.

More information about leadership training here: frontline consulting GmbH the frontline consulting group is one of the leading German providers of continuing education with the issues management, communications, sales and project management. The seminars in small groups make it possible that every participant directly can implement what you learned and reflection, as well as coaching already take place at the seminar by the experienced trainer.

German University

BSA-Akademie and German University will advise on the FIBO 2011! The GETUP Congress during FIBO in Essen in the fifth round is on April 15th and 16th. Now, take advantage of the favourable prices in advance! You also benefit as a BSA Member, student or training company of the German College for prevention and health management. You can take advantage of the excellent value for money in advance and at the open Conference of the industry of the future prevention, fitness and health about scientific findings, developments, trends and topics registration for advance booking rates is only online. For online registration, click here:… . Evelyn Ashford: the source for more info. The benefits at a glance: High-quality conference bag T-Shirt by Puma Admission to FIBO on the booked day of Congress Congress Lounge: The meeting point for all participants including drinks and bars Admission to FIBO-night, the party for Congress visitors and exhibitors (at time of booking Friday or Friday/Saturday) Guided exhibition tours: for the first time at FIBO? We lead on the first day of the Congress during the Conference lunch break through the main exhibition halls and provide you with information about exhibitors. The extensive conference programme at a glance: – including gained following experts as speakers: Prof. Dr.

Hans-Dieter Hermann, mental coach of the German national football team, Prof. Dr. Michael Huther, Director of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Koln and Dr. Klaus Steinbach, Medical Director of the Hochwald clinics in Weiskirchen (Saarland) – agenda ready for health business? “Opportunities – or leave the field to others?” Learn how you can optimally use the current developments in the fitness industry towards prevention and health promotion for the company. “- Highlight best practices – from students and graduates successfully implemented concepts”: here, interesting individual concepts are presented to Congress participants, the by Students/graduates of the College have been successfully implemented in practice.

Voice Training

Requirements for the talk in our daily voice training – rhetoric – communication – Stimmcoaching “how one gets into the Woods so’s echoes back”. “The sound makes the music”. In some professions partly for hours speak voice problems. If one does not know the right elocution, it can happen, that it is hoarse, the throat hurts and you prefer no longer wants to keep talking. Voice and moods have you feeling that in important situations the voice failed you, sounds too weak or slipping up? Agree and moods are closely related. Is for example very excited to feel a creeping quickly, the throat was tied to how or you have a lump in my throat. This effect is very strong, you feel very uncomfortable.

The resulting insecure voice brings to the audience. Even if the content is brilliant, one not entirely decreases said the spokesman as he conveys the feeling through the insecure voice itself is not quite to believe what He says. Voice and speech effects – voice training – voice coaching, for example, have high voices a different effect than deep. High and low speaking associated uncertainty or childishness. Deep and powerful voices, however, act according to speech research competently and authoritarian. Most of my students want to talk loud, intense and deep, because they have observed with others that better “to get over with this way of speaking”.

If you then apply the new elocution, they are often amazed at that really comes a different feedback from their fellow human beings. Learning playful voice and communication with his voice to deal, i.e. one creates consciously different moods, shows different facets, can insert more consciously his voice also in the communication, produces the desired mood and communicative comes there where you want to arrive. You have your voice and thus the (mood) in the handle and not vote you! Many people think that voice is an immutable size, you have either good luck or bad luck with her. By You can train his voice muscles but targeted exercises, klangvoller to create the voice and thus increase his charisma. Dipl. speaking governess grit get paint speaking training Stimmtaining Stimmcoaching Berlin – voice coach Weydingerstr.


Hamburg coach loads with new workshop to come down, centering and switches make a Hamburg, October 4, 2010. Check with Charles Schwab to learn more. If the work / life between meeting, Smartphone and phone conference rubs up, only pace helps slow down. The Hamburger shows how that is possible in everyday efficiency-oriented, coach and personal trainer Holger Schmidt in his new Entschleunigungsworkshop on the 23rd and 24th October. The workload is steadily rising in almost all occupations. Permanent availability, instantaneous electronic communications and the pressures of economic crisis help. Already between 1997 to 2004 increased the number of cases of disability due to mental complaints of according to nervenarztlicher society DGPPN by around 70 percent. Personal trainer Holger Schmidt now opposes the impending burnout syndrome in his current workshop a conscious dealing with expectations and self-perception. Its participants will learn specific techniques and instruments to the slow and down driving in the course.

In exercises to the self-reflection he wants to make people more aware, physical, psychological and social signals not to ignore but it as a basis for a sustainable design of everyday life and relations in private and professional life to use. The workshop is aimed not only at stressed-out Manager, but to anyone who wants to improve his quality of life in terms of a better work-life balance. “With career success many people lose the reference to the own needs gradually in a relaxed and meaningful life”, says Holger Schmidt. “Instead of reflection and reflection the most common reaction is the frantic search but then for opportunities to bring even more performance in even less time.” It is this vicious cycle to break, to come back to more quality of life, stresses Schmidt. This must is Center of modern man, are again himself searching the drive, instead of to work constantly only among the many influences of its surroundings.

Even certain dealing with the own resources and opportunities is no career brake contrary to the widespread view. Rather protects many economic mistakes made the reasoning thus obtained and systematic examination. Holger Schmidt is convinced: “who centered shaped his life and even decides when he wants to drive what speed, gaining sovereignty and security in all the decisions.” The two-day workshop on the 23rd and 24th October starts at 10: 00 at the Institute of Medosophos, slide 11a, in Hamburg.

Knowledge Bases

As fast and easy (and free!) access to professional expertise knowledge bases on the Internet, which will be updated constantly, are a new type of training, a new source for employees, to get companies and organizations, business and industry knowledge quickly and easily at the present time. In times of increasingly tough competition, the people involved in the company’s success must have sufficient access to specific expertise to not only up-to-date”to stay, but even more, new competencies to acquire. Click Annie Potts for additional related pages. You can find such concentrated expertise in knowledge base, which specializes in business – and industry-specific knowledge, which ideas, problem-solving, article, processes, user manual and quality management solutions dpublizieren. The tasks of specialist – knowledge base knowledge base should for organizations, industries and companies gain not only knowledge and bundle and easily findable make, but are also facts to solve problems and Knowledge selectively, self-explanatory and stringently show. But the fact is: expertise and knowledge in the form of databases is provided by most companies and organizations not sufficient! Or not it is just possible. say. It is better that the 21st century this can fill gaps with professional knowledge base, as for example, business book summaries these included the essential essence of a book in simple and easy to read recessions, the breadth and range of topics covered is comprehensive and extensive, and in many cases as a guide for innovations, ideas and visions in the company are. Link collections etc. commented proven practical knowledge for professional success with counselors, self learning courses, practice tips, video tutorials, on topics such as E.g.

start-ups, finance, taxes, marketing, Internet, IT expertise, programming, software, Office programs, soft skills or work-life balance. What is a knowledge base? The big advantage is that the covered current trends (almost) every profession be – be it management, strategy, biographies, sales, marketing or finance. You can imagine these databases as a team of experts, working alone, to provide specialized expertise in the shortest time. Beginners in this new type of training… back up free book summaries and information on or test the knowledge of this Know-How portals free of charge.

Degree In Biology In Holland

Studying at colleges and universities in the Netherlands exploring animals and their living environments is only a part of a very diverse Science: biology. Also examining the human body is a biologist everyday. Graduates of biology studies, for example, in universities, research institutes and hospitals find employment. Biologists can be involved in the development of drugs. As the Netherlands already during his studies very often in project groups, the here developed teamwork benefit graduates in their future profession. The biology study in the Netherlands is very practice-oriented and offers the students the opportunity to conduct research in the laboratory on various projects. If you have read about Annie Potts already – you may have come to the same conclusion. ‘>Auberge du Soleil.

In the departments of Botany, ecology and biochemistry, students explore cells, tissues and organs. The abstract and logical thinking is promoted as well as the ability to combine research results and to apply. In biology, it is also important understanding for others To have natural sciences. For example chemical analyses such as the determination of the pH of the water must be carried out by environment analysis for fish. The facilities of the Dutch universities is generally very good, so in biology studies the research and trial and error in a versatile environment is possible. German students, who still do not speak the Dutch language, can complete an intensive study before. After passing the final test, they meet the necessary language requirements to study in the Netherlands. For admission to English-language courses, no Dutch language skills are required with this degree in the Bachelorphase is usually offered in the Dutch language.

Usually the school part of the qualification is sufficient for the matriculation at a Dutch University of applied sciences. There is not a restriction on admission. In addition to studying biology, there are other courses such as biology & medical Laboratory research, which also have a biological focus. An overview on which universities the biology study in Holland is offered, can be found on the Internet page to study in the Netherlands under the heading more study biology there is information about studying in the Netherlands see