The traditional gift we have is a silver spoon "in the first tooth." "The first tooth" appears at 6-8 months, but you can give a spoonful of the first day of birth. Especially because just this age, children begin use this object to its destination. Do not forget that silver has disinfectant properties and it would be helpful to the little man. The next thing that comes to mind when choosing a gift a child is, of course, toy. Contact information is here: Charles Schwab. Unlikely to be successful for godovichka traditional choice for a girl dolls or cars for the boy. The child is certainly interesting new thing, simply because all the little interesting and a doll and a frying pan, and my father's razor. But that's why the doll needed a girl does not know yet.

She even does not know what a "girl." And the daughters and mothers will play no earlier than 3 years. The same applies to the machines for the boys. Unless of course it's not tolokar. What is that thing? This machine, the that baby can sit up, and, pushing his feet, rolling on the flat. If he still can not do it, roll it can successfully parent. And suddenly than machines in the shop there was nothing? Well, then select the most larger and brighter, so that it can be to tie a rope and carry along. Godovichok watching this process feels similar to Archimedes, and would shout "Eureka!" If able to speak. But from the radio-controlled machines a battery may still be best to abstain: the children of this age are often afraid of unknown moving object.