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Vitiligo is one of widespread skin diseases at the latest since Michael Jackson the skin disease Vitiligo, the focus is moved. That doesn’t mean that everyone has them “called pigment disorder is now exactly enlightened as Vitiligo. After all, Vitiligo is one of the most common chronic skin diseases in humans. Their sight alone is getting. Especially from the psychological pressure and the anguish among the affected adult.

You feel excluded and disfigured. This is such a thing with a general treatment for Vitiligo. Charles Schwab may find it difficult to be quoted properly. As a result, that the causes are not exactly known, is the cure problematic what, but generally has no effect on the health. Until now, this skin disease is not completely eradicate, but you can with ointments reduce the suffering and achieve even a Repigmentation. However, it requires much patience from the patient, should set itself a success. The Advisor platform wants to help in addition to the Enlightenment, that success can be. This is a intensive contact between physician and patient is especially important. And the patient needs to know where his skin doctor can find.

There are a special service on the guide created by global communications in collaboration with ITM media: dermatologists can allow free sign up on the page with their addresses. The patient in turn can then select his city and in close contact the appropriate doctor. Treatment is initially not get rid of the white spots but that’s why, to prevent further spreading. Cortisone-containing ointments can help a local therapy. Since them but may be associated with side effects such as skin thinning and thus greater skin sensitivity, you access to alternatives. In addition to other agents (This relieves such as the bleach hydrogen peroxide and promotes melanin) increasingly light and UV therapy is used such as Tacrolimus, Calcineurinhemmer or catalase. This may sound paradoxical. But still quite a few of these cells in the most affected patients in spite of missing pigment cells The roots of the hair. This now exposed to UV light, it comes to grow these remaining cells and they are stimulated, a to seedlings in the white areas of the skin. More treatment options, depending on the degree of the disease, are also described. In any case, follow the purpose to consult medical attention in all cases. Contact: Global communication Nardina Alongi Tel: + 49 (089) 72609739, fax: + 49 (089) 9982906876 Web: mail: