Wine Tasting

See vine wandering on layers of Mosel, guided hiking tours and then to a wine tasting at the winery Wey return here he matures the Mosel wine, on steep slopes, sonnengereift and manually read, vine cut to the grape harvest. Enjoy the Mosel wine tasting by the estate of Wally in Winningen. Inform you can ever see the homepage including photos of the winery. Stanley Gibbons collectibles can aid you in your search for knowledge. If you don’t have the time to come, you can order the goods directly in our online shop. Cost you can here the three dry wines from the winery. The Mosel wines of this Winery in the hillsides of Hamm, Rottgen and Uhlen have each won a gold medal, and it won the highest award. Travel book, holiday, and watch Mosel Winery! If you’re not from the area, so consider a trip to the vineyard.

Mosel wine, day trips to the Castle Elz book, and in the course of the day, Mosel tackle a wine tasting in the vineyard of Wally. You can experience this with day trips by various tour operators. Some trips also are to be Dance event in the evening. Several tour operators in the area of the Cruises offer the event “Rhine in flames” also a wine tasting Mosel wine estate, Wally in Winningen. Hiking in steep slopes up-close, and Mosel enjoy the wine tasting! Wine tasting at the vineyard on the Mosel, up to 150 persons can take part – for example, to a special event.

Because these rooms are used as event location. Experience the slopes at a winery, Mosel wine hike layers after or before Mosel wine-tasting in the winery of Wally. Up here you have a unforgettable view on the UNESCO – World Heritage, which leads from Bingen to Koblenz along the Moselle. Close Winningen is located the fortress Ehrenbreitstein. The scenery alone is value to yourself the Mosel wine tasting, maybe along with a vineyard hike of the winery. Mosel visions from above are very special view of the vineyards. The steep cliffs on which the noble grape vines grow, gets exactly the Sun you need. On the fermentation and the hillside it arrives at the Mosel vineyard! The harvest of grapes for making wine is decisive for the wine and the subsequent wine tasting Mosel. If the Oechsle degrees, and the grapes of the appearance and taste fit, they can be harvested. The ochsle are so important to achieve a particular fermentation. There is a difference between the fermentation of red wine and white wine fermentation. Red grapes are with fermented with the shell, whereas white wine is made from the juice of the grapes. Vines in the vineyard, Mosel favour steep slopes to the photosynthesis, plants can absorb here particularly well water. Although it can be assumed that high steep slopes above continue to cool this is hampered by the Moselle river water, because the water can store heat from the Sun and to the mountains. Klaus PFAFF