King Hamurabi

Hindus were forced to charge cheap, to attend free, but punished errors; the incas, Aztecs, Jews killed stoned to the healer who does abortions. Compensation as a way to compensate the non-intentional damage to a pregnant woman and the punishment when the damage was premeditated appears in the old testament. Yahoo has many thoughts on the issue. When 1800 years BC, the King of Babylon was bolder when he wrote a code that bears his name, code of Hammurabi, where normo that if a doctor to make an incision with a scalpel or a Lancet of bronze in the abdomen of a Lord or the eye socket provoking damage or the death of the Lord then be cut hand. This severity throughout history has had notable cases like the of beautiful midwife Loyse Bougeois, who attended five births Madame Medieis, Consort of the King of France, and many women of royalty, but they didn’t have any qualms in fining her, stripping it of all its royal prerogative, prohibit the exercise of their Office by not having been able to avoid a childbirth sepsis bounties to Mary of Orleans. Illustrator is also the case of Pantaleon, who held the envied position of doctor of the great Maximilian and enjoyed all the delicacies of such high office, but that could not prevent that they beheaded when failing him treating the Emperor died. Fortunato Fedoli, in 1602, he wrote a treatise on medical jurisprudence being the first book on this subject.

400 years later, around this matter has arisen that flourishing industry, this profitable business that involves insurance and contraseguros and that has ended the practice of medicine, palpable reality in developed countries more expensive and it has ended up questioning the romantic definition of Medicine of Gregori in 1772, when he said that it was a liberal profession that is exerted by Knights of Honor because these Knights of Honor now roam the PIP of San Andresby the public prosecutor and the courts as if were criminals and paying out-of-pocket costs of his legal defense, historically persecuted by the ghosts of Captain Pantoja and the King Hamurabi that seeks to cut off the head and hand, pursued by the ghost of the judge Michael Foster, that that since his London Court callously condemning doctors for negligent (even though the Court of Lords enmendaba their unjust sentences. Even amid such adversity current and historic feel legitimate pride of being champions of fundamental principles of society as d defense of life from conception until his death, encouraged by the Platonic precept albeit Non Nocere and illuminated by the example of Daniel Alcides Carrion who give their lives to defeat the Oroyft fever and by the example of thousands of doctors that daynight after night in the most thankless anonymity they struggle to save lives in the operating theatres in the ICU, in the Box to give Neonatology, in emergencies, in the delivery rooms, without searching, many times, nothing more than the sincere friendship and gratitude? of the saved, as he used to say Ambrose Pare, father of French surgery, and errors that occur are those errors accidents in the daily fight against infections, what tumors, cancer, trauma, dysfunction, hemorrhages, which are powerful enemies that threaten our lives. But the balance is immensely favorable to medicine and doctors. That is why we retain our pride and arrogance, because we are trained not to kill or to do harm, but to defend life and return the smile lost to our patients and families. Original author and source of the article

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