Programming Game

Since a large portion of my life is devoted to an entertaining game called Encounter, a couple of words about it. Briefly the essence is this: The game was invented by the lads garni Belarusian Ivan Maslyukov some time ago. As things in our lives, the basis for this was still small voice from the west, where such practiced a couple of decades ago. I must say that the guy treated the process seriously, and he and his associates has been developed Programming an entire complex, located at. Anyone out there, Zaslav organizers share a small, may open in a locality domain encounter. That is, for my money the user gets the possibility of complex software, such as the engine for the games with the web interface, forums and other tops.

After which the happy owner can begin to attach innocent people to a new life. On the site, anyone can register create your own team, unite in her flock of his comrades, or join an existing one. Also in the project there is such a sweet heart of every munchkin feature, like glasses and titles. If you or your team won a place in within ten, then you get a certain number of points. For the points give the title, which, besides pride of ownership pepyakoy give more opportunity to influence the assessment after the game. Games offered by the project are divided into several types: part 1, which bears the name of the pathetic Active urban games: a) Real.