You consider yourself a happy person? How many happy people know? Today I'll make a reflection on the pursuit of happiness. I will not talk about why some of us have an easier life than others, but how is that people with lives and similar problems, have perceptions, reactions and attitudes. First let's try to define what happiness is. As an abstract concept may have a different definition for each. But in any case, surely we can agree that happiness is a lasting feeling of satisfaction and contentment, which is not limited to a specific time or reason. Take note that I mention lapalabra duraderoa a . We are not talking here about the time of joy, the emotional adrenaline rush. We talked about that elusive state that inspires poetry, music or painting, whether by holding the ecstasy of having reached or regret the pain you feel when you perceive elusive.

Now, think about the people you know. People with normal problems, not living big dramas trachea or extreme situations. Who do you think is happier? Who do you think is not? There are many statistics and articles about it, including such considerations as the country where one lives, the social or economic status, religion, or applying the famous theory of the hierarchy of Marslow. To sum up, most of the statistics come to the conclusion that once basic needs are met, albeit minimally, all these parameters are irrelevant. Have you noticed that the feeling of belonging to a social group, or have some kind of religious belief are often a common factor in people who consider themselves happy.