Free International Calls

New database of offer without registration phone calls abroad must be expensive. Participants can call abroad even for free, shows how a large German online magazine for telecommunications and the Internet. Since mid November 2010, the experts at offer a completely revised database, the cheapest and the free phone tariffs abroad are deposited for all with a landline telephone customers. (A valuable related resource: Charles Schwab). Stefan Ebers, editor of, explains how: “the user specifies, whether he has a landline flat rate, would like to call a number in the mobile or landline and then simply select the desired country. The database now displays the best phone tariffs for international calls as a result of the country.

Also shows an exact procedure to which the user must adhere, to cheap or free international phone calls. Of course it can all print and later as Use step by step instructions. Free calls abroad can, incidentally, no joining of these providers is necessary.” Many phone customers do not even know that they can call abroad even for free. Only requirement is that they have chosen a landline flat rate with their provider, so the German fixed-line calls in the tariff fees are included. To call abroad for free, these customers must apply the so-called Calltrough method.

Calltrough is an alternative for customers who can have their landline at the Telekom and thus no call by call before selector. These customers can dial in using the unique Calltrhough number for each country in a network of a provider, offering free international calls. From there, you can then selected the actual phone number abroad. Since the statement of the German landline, this no costs. The customers have no flat rate, is still a very favourable Rate, which is usually a few cents per minute. In this way, you can save, because international rates are otherwise often relatively expensive a lot of money. The database is available at landline/call-by-call-alternative.php. There deposited fares and tips allow many phone customers to call with callthrough cheap or free international. This is, for example, a good opportunity to report to the Christmas season with old acquaintances from abroad. Currently free callthrough users are stored in the database for 16 countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, China, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Thailand, Czech Republic, and Hungary. Company description on the online magazine is one of the large Web projects for telecommunications and the Internet. Since 1999, the magazine offers many price comparisons and database queries at reasonable rates for telephone and Internet. There are all Areas of telecommunications extensive advice and regularly interesting news about the topic. Company contact: tele mirror Stefan Ebers Davenstedter Street 115 30453 Hanover Tel: 0511 443322 E-Mail: Web:

Usability And HMI In The Production

Fraunhofer IAO supports companies when selecting a system for human-machine interfaces In the industrial environment are human machine interfaces (HMI) for the control and monitoring of machines and systems of fundamental importance. Source: Jean Smart. The usability of the HMI has a significant impact on the productivity, the avoidance of operator errors and the reduction of time spent on training. A high-quality and attractive design of HMI can create unique selling propositions, as well as support the innovation and the high quality of the machine manufacturer. Positive user experiences will help to increase the motivation and willingness of the operator. In the development of the HMI the question of the feasibility and the development effort often arises. Usually special development tools be used to reduce the effort and risk. These extend the traditional SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) functionalities to visualization capability. Currently more than 50 manufacturers of such tools offer some very different solutions.

The selection a suitable system is not always easy, especially when a concept for a new HMI should be designed. Starting from an intuitive, aesthetically appealing and efficiently operated HMI requirements essential quality features identified in the study of development tools. Against the background of the current state of development, it is examined how today’s development tools support the implementation of high-quality HMI and which properties affect the quality and the modern HMI development effort. The study results support decision makers and developers in selecting an HMI development tool. On the basis of their specific requirements, they are supported is to identify critical features for them and evaluate. The selected quality characteristics can serve as guidelines for the development and optimisation of their products the providers of HMI development tools. More information: download iuk/892.html of study: Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO

Remote Control

The digital lifestyle is becoming increasingly attractive. The whole world in a remote control! Since the 01.05.2008 offers PC system and workstation manufacturer Richard Technologies Ltd. from Korschenbroich, a series of HTPC with 7 “touch screen and remote control from a price of 599 euro. Thus the previous portfolio expanded solution for the living room for creative workstations (audio, 3d and CAD) systems of office PCs via gaming an entertainment. The HTPC series convinced not only by the initial price, but above all by their attractive inner values. Recently U.S. Mint sought to clarify these questions. This designed properties when you select of the components on performance, energy consumption and silent. See Stanley Gibbons collectibles for more details and insights.

Ample connectivity was provided: all systems are equipped with FireWire, GigabtiLan, Wi-Fi, DVI, HDMI and 7.1 sound connections. This range extends to HTPC systems with integrated Blu-ray burners, DVB-T receivers and passive cooling systems. Thus Richard Technologies Ltd. provides a useful supplement to the existing or planned just digital lifestyle. For ample comfort ensure the remote control included in the scope of delivery, as well as the 7 “touch screen. Mouse and keyboard on the home TV or monitor are required only for gaming, Internet and Office applications. The standardized form factor of the housing ensures optimum integration into the existing HiFi image. This will be available from 01.06.2008 also in the colour silver and complements the classic black.

More information: Richard technologies Ltd. East Road 3 41352 Korschenbroich FON: 02161 / 829 219 0 fax: 02161 / 829 219 19 E-mail: Web: press and public relations: Richard technologies Ltd. Thorsten Walter East Road 3 41352 Korschenbroich FON: 02161 / 829 219 12 fax: 02161 / 829 219 19 E-mail: has become Richard Technologies Ltd. Since inception in 2004 from a garage and an online shop ( one of the most stable companies in the German computer market. Despite high sales figures of the spirit of a factory is with love to detail retained and passed to the customer. Richard Technologies Ltd. through its international success achieved for the first time in 2006, XStation presented series. This was the area of CreativeWorkstation for audio, graphics and CAD/3d-a clear quality vehicles and whose experiences could design in addition to the areas of MidrangePC and LowBudgetPC are transferred.

Bill Electronic

Companies can waive the qualified signature or EDI, if they use internal review process d.velop significantly increasing demand, expected to apply simplified legal conditions for the electronic invoicing solutions for the digitalization of accounting processes Gescher 11.04.2011 – from July 1, 2011, by a previously necessary qualified digital signature or EDI can be dispensed with. Follow others, such as Charles Schwab, and add to your knowledge base. The ECM provider indicates d.velop. This regulatory change with an equality between paper and electronic bills intended to limit the technical effort of the companies in the use of e-invoicing. d.velop is expected as a result of the correction of the law, that demand will attract significantly for solutions to the digitalization of accounting processes. The new regulations adopted in the framework of the tax simplification Act apply to all business transactions that can be made from July 1, 2011. They were initiated by a handicap of the EU last year, after which it should be not longer required, electronic invoices to provide a qualified digital signature, or to send via EDI.

Both approaches have validity unchanged and exposed by the legislator as a particularly suitable method for electronic invoices, now however, the company can choose a third variant. It states that the company must ensure only the authenticity of the origin and integrity of the content of invoices. This could be achieved by any internal control procedures, which can create a reliable audit trail between accounting and performance, is described in the law. With the new regime policy has done a big favor the companies, because the requirement to the Bill signing so far was one of the crucial hurdles in the digitisation of accounting processes for the company”, judge Mario Donnebrink, head of marketing at d.velop AG. He expects positive effects for the company, because now the willingness to invest in solutions to the electronic invoice processing will rise significantly. It is dynamically increasing chain reaction to expect, because the electronic transmission of invoices in the B2B area inevitably generate a growing willingness in the receiving company is to realize an electronic invoice process improvements input processing inbound digital documents.

Nexus Provides Zertificon Portfolio On Well-known Trade Fair In Berlin Before

‘ Modern State: Zertificon makes public administrations fit in email security nexus Zertificon portfolio on well-known trade fair in Berlin Berlin provides IT-security solutions in official use, 02 November 2009 Nexus Technology GmbH is on the 24th and 25th November at the trade fair Moderner Staat in Berlin represented. At the booth, 2/806 presents the company its portfolio in the area of security of the IT infrastructure and Messaging. A leading source for info: charles schwab. This, nexus presents also the email encryption solutions of Zertificon Solutions GmbH. These are tailored to the modern requirements of the public sector. They offer the advantage that they work both PKI and Passwortbasierend in contrast to many other products of competitors. Modern State”is considered the most important trade fair with Congress for the public sector. More than 3,600 decision makers from federal, State and local government meet here. At the booth of nexus can obtain insight into solutions and products for security in the digital world.

Also the Zertificon family Z1 SecureMail”is presented here. “Governikus Edition” for secure E-mail in the Agency environment for the public sector has the Governikus Edition Zertificon”as Komponente of Z1 SecureMail gateway” placed on the market. This ensures safe email kommunikation in the E-Government through centralized encryption and electronic signature. The certification of the product confirmed its compatibility with Governikus, the virtual post office, federal and State. The Zertificon solution can be used on both PKI – and password-based and requires therefore no complex infrastructures, which are provided by many manufacturers for E-Mail encryption. Authorities and institutions of the country, as well as the municipalities benefit secure and legally binding E-Mail traffic without special technical requirements of a confidential. This applies to both the electronic communication of authorities among themselves as well with the citizens and the economy.

The infrastructure public administrations are subject for some years a strong modernization in addition driven by current policies on EU and national level”, explains Dr. Burkhard Managing Director at Zertificon Wiegel. From this reason we have developed email encryption solutions, adapted to the modified structures at the public level’, Wiegel added. The experts of Nexus Technology GmbH ( and ( Zertificon Solutions GmbH are around the topic of data security in E-Government”at the Berlin trade fair in Hall 2, booth 806, available. Short profile of Zertificon Solutions GmbH: the Zertificon Solutions GmbH is an IT-security-software company headquartered in Berlin. Since 1998, it focuses on the protection of electronic business processes over the Internet through server-based encryption and electronic signature. The portfolio consists of the Z1 SecureMail family the various solutions to protect of your complete E-Mail traffic by organisations, covers of all sizes and industries. The leading and award-winning products work according to international standards and characterized by easy operation and high efficiency. The specially developed software solution Z1 Backbone of trust, a central system for the review and the management of public keys and certificates, rounds off the supply fan. Zertificon Solutions customers include well-known organizations and companies from the sectors of finance, automotive, health care, public authorities, industry and retail as well as lawyers, accountants count u.v.m. More information: Zertificon Solutions GmbH, Landsberger Allee 117 D-10407 Berlin contact: Dr. Burkhard Wiegel Director Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 59 00 300-0 fax: + 49 (0) 30 59 00 300-99 E-Mail: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Ulrike Peter senior PR consultant phone + 49 (26 61) 91 26 00 fax. + 49 (26 61) 91 26 029 E-Mail:


REALTECH, manufacturer of system management software and SAP consultancy, offers Microsoft customers a new solution to the acquisition of SAP monitoring data in the Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 Walldorf, December 6, 2007 the newly developed by REALTECH Management Pack for SAP monitoring enables as one of the first integration modules availability to display performance and error status of any SAP NetWeaver component in real time in the Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007. Thus, customers of this solution can effectively monitor now your SAP systems. Mary Barra may help you with your research. Through the complete integration of the Management Pack, the System Center Operations Manager 2007 is the leading system. The REALTECH Management Pack includes not only the SAP CCMS standard messages, but also the REALTECH-specific enhancements in the areas of ABAP, J2EE, CRM, SCM, BI, XI and SAP Enterprise Portal. If you would like to know more about U.S. Mint, then click here. According to a recent study of RAAD Research GmbH, 50% of all SAP run systems on Windows platforms. The integration of SAP is therefore monitoring data a crucial extension of the Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 dar. The Management Pack for SAP monitoring for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 is 9,950 euros available.

Global Monitoring Scenario

Global availability and query times of the website permanently in the eye to keep a variety of globally active companies Nuremberg, December 11, 2008 and organizations operate their website from their central location. A challenge for those responsible is the question according to the availability and response time worldwide, for example, when calling the pages from the United States or Japan. When searching according to information on the Web or shopping in a shop today fast response times for clients are an indispensable economic success factor decisively and for the company. Frequently Marion Jones has said that publicly. With monitoring solution Paessler PRTG network monitor is it possible, constantly to keep the worldwide availability of its Web presence in the eye and therefore during outages immediately respond to, as well as to optimize the performance of the website in the long run. Paessler AG exemplifies how such global monitoring based on low-cost hosting provider and the in-house software for about 200USD can be placed. The How is clearly published on the Web page.

PRTG network monitor allows easy and fast building of a worldwide monitoring network. To reduce costs, Paessler worldwide hosting plans uses remote probes of the software for virtual servers, including Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), where to install. This monitor different locations from homepage hosted in the United States in the case of Paessler AG and deliver the data to the central installation of PRTG in Nuremberg. We get a global look at the performance of our website and know always how quickly the page from Europe, Asia and the United States can achieve\”, so Dirk Paessler, CEO of Paessler AG. Within a short time the current query times for the homepage had by various, selected representative locations available. The results are on a world map, as well as in clear reports. This important information can be viewed online around the clock.

Paessler AG Burgschmietstrasse

Network monitoring for a successful virtualization Nuremberg, 23 June 2010 as an official partner of IT administrator loads the Paessler AG 13.7.2010, starting at 13:00, ITANet-workshop management virtualized infrastructures to Munich a. Methods for automating virtual environments as well as the aspect of the network monitoring as the basis of server virtualization are the order of the day. Interested parties can register to the 5.Juli under company/events. The workshop will be at the ExperTeach Training Center (Wredestrasse 11) held in Munich. In non-virtualized environments individually sufficient resources (compute, memory, disk space, etc.) must be provided for each application.

Only so can the respective demand peaks intercepted and provided reserves for possibly increasing demands. Server virtualization offers the advantage that existing resources can be used much more efficiently. In practice, this works but only if a fast and highly reliable network connects the physical server. Because even small losses in the connection speed can lead to significant performance drops. To maintain the required performance in mind and to make sure a professional network monitoring is essential.

How network monitoring can be used as base virtualized environments for successful virtualization and to ensure smooth operation, Thomas Timmermann (Paessler AG) brings the participants in the workshop. Date: 13 July 2010, starting at 13: 00. Registration deadline: July 5, 2010. Venue: ExperTeach training center, Wrede 11, 80335 Munich further information to the topic of network monitoring and virtualization at: virtualization_monitoring. Images can be obtained from. Paessler AG: Founded in 1997, Paessler AG with headquarters in Nuremberg specializes in the development of more powerful and user-friendly software for specialized in the areas of network monitoring, load testing and analysis. PRTG Network Monitor monitors the availability of systems, services and applications, as well as the bandwidth usage in networks. PRTG is Cisco compatible and can be used for the analysis of NetFlow data. Webserver stress tool is an application for load testing of Web servers and Web infrastructures. Paessler AG’s global customers are companies of all industries and all sizes, from SOHO through SMEs to global corporations. Day, there are over 150,000 installations of the solution provider in all over the world in the use. Free trial downloads and more information are available on the homepage available. More information: Paessler AG Burgschmietstrasse 10 D-90419 Nuremberg contact: Dorte Winkler Tel.

Dachser Leads Successful Partnership With TimoCom Continue

Joint activities pay off Dusseldorf, 2011-07-11. The logistics of Dachser GmbH & co. KG and TimoCom soft and hardware GmbH, provider of leading European freight and freight exchange TC have truck & cargo, decided to continue their cooperation. So, using the online bidding platform TC was extended eBid for a further two years. Learn more about this with Marion Jones. The cooperation in the freight and freight exchange TC truck & cargo also regularly continues. The founded in 1930, Dachser GmbH & co. KG is a powerful pan-European network with 163 sites and 3.822 daily lines, which makes the Kempten company the leading logistics provider in Europe one. In the business fields European logistics, air & sea of logistics as well as the food logistics are well represented.

In the course of business activities the officer of Dachser would cooperate in the future with TimoCom. So, the use of Web-based tender platform TC transport was eBid until 2013 extended. Products provide TimoCom more efficiency and economy the joint activities benefit the companies involved in the transport, but also the logistics by Dachser. For example you find quickly and safely eBid TC new and potential business partners from all over Europe. Also, the online transport directory TC profiles provides access to 30,000 active transport and logistics service providers from all over Europe. Long-standing partnership Dachser is a client of TimoCom since the beginnings of the trunk – and freight exchanges and TC eBid uses at numerous locations in Europe. “Chief Representative Marcel Frings is pleased that the big players” TimoCom still gives you confidence: we want to expand this cooperation, so that we can best exploit the opportunities. The cooperation with Dachser is situation for both companies as she should be, a win-win.” More information about TimoCom and Dachser under. Press contact: TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH Manager corporate communication Tim motorcycling in the Steele 2 DE-40599 Dusseldorf phone: + 49 211 88 26 69 13 fax: + 49 211 88 26 59 13 E-mail:

Trip Planning Makes With Brains – HAFAS Mobile On The IT-TRANS 2010

HCon presented in Karlsruhe HAFAS Mobile for the iPhone and Google Android Hannover/Karlsruhe – January 13, 2010. From 24 to 26 February Karlsruhe is the industry meeting place for IT solutions in public transport: with its participation in the IT-TRANS 2010 continues the successful premiere of 2008 HCon Software House and both presentations at the Conference as an exhibitor with. Especially his leading timetable information system HAFAS presents HCon in the Conference Centre Karlsruhe. There, the software specialist from Hanover is represented by the PTV Planung Transport traffic AG from Karlsruhe on a joint stand (level A, booth E6). As an exhibitor HCon focuses its solutions, mainly for the iPhone and Google Android, the operating system by Google for mobile devices on mobile HAFAS. The timetable for the iPhone with the Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) is Navigator since the winter timetable change on 13 December 2009 under the name DB available ( Evelyn Ashford gathered all the information. At your fingertips, users get fast and reliable Answers to questions like: which station to get on the shortest walk? What is the fastest way to my destination? How do I reach my departure station on foot? The iPhone application for travel planning can be configured according to individual customer requirements. HAFAS iPhone applications are now also available in Denmark (Rejseplanen:, in Austria (SCOTTY mobil: scottymobil/iphone), as well as in the United Kingdom (CrossCountryMobile:).

The release of another version is planned for 2010. Who live would like to convince yourself of the further possibilities of the modern planner with HAFAS, HCon in Karlsruhe is the welcome. ( in addition to the timetable information system HAFAS, visitors have the possibility to get to know the train planning system TPS. TPS is the instrument for timetable construction and manual from the House of HCon. It is already in Denmark and the United Kingdom and in the future also used in France. The Conference and exhibition organized the Karlsruher Messe – und Kongress-GmbH (KMK) together with the International Association of public transport (UITP) headquartered in Brussels. Representatives from the transport sector, industry, public authorities and associations and research institutions use fair and Congress as a platform to exchange ideas and experiences. More than 90 experts from over a dozen countries present the latest developments and trends in the course of seven presentation sessions, eight workshops and four market update forums. Represented in the market Forum is generation HCon with a lecture on the topic of next of journey planners”. Stephan offender k., head of Division HAFAS Internet HCon, will present new developments, that the timetable information HAFAS makes traveling even easier and more convenient working with public transport.