The main game are the bones, well, the rest – or variations of, or attempt to move the other table games in plane blocks. The benefit is obvious: cubes are small, take up little space, you can play anywhere, where there is more or less flat surface. In addition, the game of dice, we got a great source of random numbers from 1 6 (in later variations, and from 1 to 3, and from 1 to 10, etc.) Trading-Card Games (TCG) – combine the two classes: a card game and collecting the cards, because each of them – unique and some are rare or extremely rare (1 in 50 or 500 of these cards). To start playing, you must have a 'starter kit'. But, after playing 2.3 party, you understand that it would be necessary to buy another kartishek, otherwise the opponents you beat often.

Therefore, sold sets consisting of 10-15 cards (so-called 'booster'), which are random cards. After purchasing them, you can use in the game, sell or exchange with friends. If you are not interested in playing, but you are a true numismatist – buy the album and collect cards there. The newspapers mentioned Joeb Moore not as a source, but as a related topic. The variety is guaranteed – each set for each game contains at least 200 different cards. The most famous is the UCI MTG – Magic The Gathering. Our Russian developers were released a few games have been recognized and lyubovigrokov: 'Berserker', 'war', 'Celestials', 'Kozyablo', 'Path Commander', etc. Table card games – here are the cards in its new incarnation, playing the role of different units, resources, opportunities for groups or individuals.

Photoshop CS

Adobe Photoshop CS5 – this is new perhaps is the strongest of all the graphics and vector graphics editor, working with images. From here the realization of this power mostly to cause difficulties for novice artists working with this program. But despite the myriad of plugins, tools and filters, mastered this program enough bustro and easily. Let's start from the beginning. I appeared in a version of Photoshop is already far in 1990 and intended it to work mac operating system.

And gradually, over 21 years, has come a long way from a small graphics editor to a fully functional software, which occupies first place in the processing of vector and raster graphics. Photoshop improve not only the program interface, but also adds a variety of tools, plug-ins, which is much easier to work with images. Equal Opportunity graphical editors for Photoshop just was not. So for whom all the same has been designed and made this photo editor? 1. For the pros, developing website design and web-pages, photos for photo editing and creating fotokolladey, specialists in various advertising and so forth, to transfer can be very long.

2. Any novice person interested in the opportunity to create beautiful and colorful images to base prepared opytnyimi template wizard for photoshop, frames for photoshop, vignettes, fonts for photoshop to edit their own and their relatives, friends, pictures, etc. Photoshop – it can be called a vast universe of possibilities that will be briefly discussed in this article. Its advantage is also that an experienced master designer can create it anything, but in the fact that, for all its power, he has an easy, simple and accessible interface, intuitive to even the novice designer, or photographer.

AMS Software

Very often, we have accumulated a lot of photographs, which are very dear to us and remind us of any significant life events. However, in such a way to use them is not very convenient, especially because of their nesistematizirovannosti. Much better if these images will no longer be solely our property, and they will be able to enjoy family and friends. To translate this idea into a reality you can make a movie from photos musical accompaniment. Film of the photos – a great way to make and submit original photographs are available. Primarily this is due to the availability of this method of presenting information.

Films from Photos tend to have good quality than a similar video, shot on inexpensive hardware. Creating high-quality video footage requires an investment of more resources and time. In such situation comes to mind to make a movie out of pictures and write it in video format. Ready to roll you can not only be viewed on a computer, but also send an e-mail to your friends. Some users may be skeptical take to the idea of a photo film produced. Nevertheless, today's programs allow you to achieve good results even the experienced user. For example, the editor of the slide show from AMS Software supports all popular video formats and includes all the necessary codecs. Program to create slide show allows AVI video, video to mobile devices, as well as high-definition (HD).

The latter is used for recording high-definition video and view on large screens. To make a movie from photos, the program must possess the necessary codecs for video conversion. The most common: X264. The codec used to achieve high the degree of compression to create video from photos. While maintaining high video quality. X264 is the best choice for most parameters. However, on many computers originally does not exist, and to play compressed files it will install dopolnitelno.XviD. Features high-definition images in dynamic scenes. This gives maximum detail when compressing transition effects. Compatible with DivX, so XviD-videos can be viewed in any DVD player that supports DivX-format.DivX. Provides high quality images and allows you to get small output file size. Supported by most modern multi-format DVD players. Thus, the film of the photos – it's a great opportunity to show your friends significant moments of his life. Vivid slide show of photos will allow you to fully reveal his directorial skills and please your loved ones with new original ideas.