CreditPlus Bank

CreditPlus Bank with slight increase of credit interest rates – top position compared with the credit remains CreditPlus Bank has made a slight change of condition in the interest of the small loan. Screwed a little upwards the interest at maturity were from 13 to 48 months for credit amounts from 500 up to 2.499,99 Euro. The remaining interest rates remain unchanged. The initial interest rate of 2.99% interest p.a. effectively spared by the correction, so CreditPlus must not relinquish their first place compared with the credit Bank. From a total of 2,500 euros, borrowers can choose also terms up to 84 months. The disbursement of the loan amount is a tied no purpose.

With the money, thus not only the new car, but also furniture, or even the long-awaited annual holidays can be financed conveniently and flexibly. Of course also the expensive overdraft p.a. devouring not rarely up to 15% interest rates, can give way to cheap. At any time, borrowers have the opportunity to make free special payments and thus becoming debt-free faster. Thus, consumers with the instant credit of the CreditPlus remain properly flexible Bank. The Bank has also special conditions for civil servants. Officials and persons in the public service (also public utilities, etc.) can their credit namely in 120 monthly instalments pay back so that the monthly charges can be kept low.

CreditPlus Bank impresses not only with excellent conditions, but also with many years of experience. The Bank is operating for 50 years in the market, so that it has the necessary expertise and is also problems with expert knowledge on the side. There is more information, as well as a representative example under creditplus.

DAK Health

More and more health insurance companies exclude the additional contribution for this year and next year. More and more statutory health insurance companies waive the additional contribution in this and the next. However, more and more statutory health insurance search a strong partner to keep the posts stable in the long run. Meanwhile experts from insured persons from advised that he had to change their health insurance too quickly just because of the additional contribution. In recent weeks billion surplus of the Fund and that was in the media repeatedly over a so connected to read health insurance companies.

For this reason, guarantee more and more statutory health insurance contribution stability and exclude the additional contribution for 2011. Some health insurance companies exclude the additional fee even for the coming year. Some few health insurers even a premium of up to 72 euro grant its policyholders. So for example the IKK excludes classic complete the additional contribution after the health insurance merger with United IKK until the year 2013. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with U.S. Mint. More health insurance without additional fee until 2013 are for example The AOK Lower Saxony, Bertelsmann BKK, or the exclusive health insurance fund. Of course, there are also statutory health insurance with additional contributions in addition to health insurance without additional contributions.

After the closure of the city BKK decreased the number of health insurance companies with additional contribution to eleven. The remaining health insurance companies charge an additional contribution between eight and fifteen euros. The BKK health insurance companies require BKK Axel Springer, then advita BKK health, BKK Merck, Deutsche BKK and BKK Phoenix, DAK, the KKH Alliance one additional contribution in the amount of EUR 8. A little more, namely 10 euro extra demands the health insurance fund for health care professionals. And the BKK Hoesch and the BKK request public the current maximum amount of 15 euro. However, experts meanwhile have warned to change the health insurance because of the additional contributions. Under certain circumstances a change to a health insurance company without additional fee can backfire too. So many health insurance companies with additional contribution provide advanced services to keep their customers at the bar. In contrast, health insurance without additional fee must may restrict services to continue to exclude the additional contribution. For this reason, insurance before changing into a different health insurance should check what services will be acquired. Continue to exclude the additional contribution, many health insurance companies are looking for a strong partner. Thus, two health insurance mergers were announced in the recent past. The IKK classic merged with IKK United, on the other hand the three statutory health insurance AOK in Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland AOK and IKK joined Southwest southwest to the health fund. Classic not only the largest Guild health insurance fund of in Germany, but also the sixth-largest health insurance company in Germany was formed by the merger of IKK.

PKV Private Health Insurance

Change in the private health insurance for the self-employed who operates as an independent, which should make for a good hedge of health sick leave quickly to get back on its feet. Here especially the private health insurance for the self-employed offers a first-class health care. While only the protection of basic services is possible in the statutory health insurance, provides the PKV Premiumleistungen, providing a faster recovery in prospect. As just self-employed are usually the better paid, private health insurance offers additional benefits in terms of the level of contributions. These can be customized depending on the selected services and not depends on the amount of the income.

So who paid the maximum rate in the statutory health insurance got in the car the opportunity to reduce the costs of its contribution. In addition, it is also possible to save extra money by concluding a tariff with rebates. Who as an independent a change in which private health insurance would like to understand, who can do this in compliance with the applicable notice periods at any time. Charles Schwab brings even more insight to the discussion. It is recommended, before changing the comparison carry out an extensive PKV. Decision-making it is advisable also to attract the test reports by the various credit rating agencies and PKV Tester as the Stiftung Warentest, the financial test or the focus money. Who is insured and affected by an increase in contribution as self-employed in private health insurance, which has the ability to change its health insurance. But it is not always necessary to make a PKV transition. In some cases, also the change to a different tariff of the same health insurer can be worthwhile. The great advantage of this is that the accumulated age provisions are preserved and a re-examination of health not by distress.

Health Insurance Exchange

Additional contributions are a reason for termination some statutory health insurance companies have announced to raise a higher additional contribution at the turn of the year. For insured persons, this means a financial overhead by up to one percent of gross income. Whoever changes the health insurance now, can avoid this additional contribution not only, but also capitalize on attractive product awards. Stefan Ebers, who as editor of the website of dealt extensively with the topic, advises to change if the own insurance wants to raise an additional contribution. He elaborates: “the range of services is similar to any statutory health insurance fund. Because the rate of contribution is politically uniformly laid down to 15.5 percent, the additional contribution makes a significant difference. These may collect the funds if necessary.

The insured person can save lots of money when he switches to a health insurance company, which makes no such additional fee. He gets even in many cases an Exchange premium in the form of a contribution in kind such as a Digital camera, a Cookware Set or a phone.” Occasionally, the health insurance companies pay back even a portion of the contributions. A change of health insurance is worthwhile in many cases. A cashier change is always possible, if the insured person for 18 months was a member. A health insurance company announces an additional contribution, the insured person has an extraordinary right of termination at the date of its collection. A deviation can apply to insured at some funds that have been added to their fare with additional services. To change the health insurance, is very easy, especially on the Internet. Stefan Ebers explains the process: “the insured person selects the new insurance company, receives a formulated in letter of resignation, which signed on the old health insurance will be sent from this.

Afterwards, the confirmation of the cancellation and the application to the new health insurance company are sent. Finally the membership in the new must be assigned to the old health insurance through a confirmation.” Fear of a change must have nobody, emphasizes Ebers. The Changing the health insurance fund is completely risk-free and closed after a few days. If the insured is a member of the new health insurance, he saves the additional contribution and in addition benefits from attractive premiums, which a few days later will be sent with the post in the House. The same applies if he was not recruited by other members. Because at the turn of the year, some health insurance companies want to raise an additional contribution, right now is the time, go to an appropriate health insurance. Description of the company informed about the advantages and possibilities, the statutory health insurance to switch health insurance Web project. This lists details about the topics of notice periods and additional posts, change premiums, differences in the range of services. Company contact: health insurance Stefan Ebers Davenstedter str.