Redesign of the Agency Web site. Complete relaunch for Ingolstadt, 30.10.2009 – novinet discovered brand new sites – to itself. Wrapped in a chic, modern look and go in the direction of Web 2010 with new content and features. To the customers the opportunity to give to capture all the services of the Agency at a glance and they specifically ask, builds novinet its competencies on three major pillars: WEB development Web page design CMS, CRM, ERP – systems hosting DESIGN webdesign corporate design print design MARKETING search engine marketing Affiliatemarketing E-mail marketing social media marketing in addition to the new structure has novinet special value improvements and further developments set, which concern the website itself, its construction, programming and usability. The Web site has grown, it has bought her a wider layout and introduced a couple of fresh colors to perfectly support the brand colour cyan. novinet the link with social bookmarks or Twitter also increasingly opts for modern media, such as a new blog. For even more details, read what Mary Barra says on the issue. The new Web page is technical, like any project, based on a specially developed framework, which has been constantly expanded and optimized over the years. “We want to use the new Web page to present us even better for our customers, to explain our services them to show and convince that novinet than eBusinessagentur with over 6 years experience is a competent partner in terms of Web development, design and marketing.

We invite you to explore discover new pages. “, says Managing Director Daniel Steffen to the relaunch of the own agency Web site. Novinet: “New pages discover” – under this motto the Internet pages novinet GmbH & co. KG for years successfully developed, programmed complex applications, designed Web layouts, cards, paper, flyers or posters and designing marketing strategies. Founded in the year 2003 she responsible eBusinessagentur now for the professional websites and With, novinet has a Flash & XML Configurator released for the first, individual sandals in Germany. Since 2009, the Agency discovered new sides in Ingolstadt in the heart of Bavaria.

Mommy Web Magazine

Creates a new online magazine for mothers and families it is finished: since 12 August, the new Mommy Web Magazine is available online. Equipped with new sections and current contributions on topics such as fertility, pregnancy, health & safety, partnership and family life, it offers a wide range of topics, providing that each interested Mommy, what she are looking for. The editorial team is complemented by specialists such as gynecologists, midwives and nutritionists here. In the new Mommy Web Magazine, which also missed an all-round renewal, exclusively high-quality editorial content will be published now. Previously, it was possible to publish articles in the magazine to all users except Mami Web employees. These are now clearly distinguished from the editorial.

For this reason, there will in future be a separate feature for Mommy Web users, where they can represent exclusively their own contributions online. Mommy Web: Mommy Web is that with over 255,000 registered users largest German online portal for mothers and women who want to be there. A new Member of the free community, which was founded in June 2007 registered every two minutes. Mommy Web daily over 10,000 posts will be posted. Mommy Web thus belongs to the largest and most active women-specific websites in the German-speaking world. Mommy Web offers tips from moms and advice from professional women, daily new articles in the mommy Web Magazine and lifestyle blog, contact mothers from the region, practical functionalities (E.g. photo albums, ads, chat room) and the ability to create your own Mommy Web groups with subject-specific or regional alignment. Press contact: Mami-Web GmbH, Natalija Krenz Tel.: + 49-69-4898166-0 E-mail: author: Valerie Dietrich

Salas Marin Church Street

In the area of network technology is GmbH europe silex technology the new partner of the Techni-translate translation agency. Silex technology is one of the leading manufacturers of connectivity products for wired and wireless networks. Click Jean Smart for additional related pages. The product portfolio includes print, USB and serial device server, as well as Wi-Fi module solutions. In addition to sophisticated technologies and products, the company offers comprehensive service and a free, lifetime telephone, email and online support. For more information,. Since its launch in September 2009, increasing the awareness of the technical online dictionary for technology, increasing the number of partners.

Technical translation agency is pleased to welcome well the FA. silex technology in the circle of partners. The target groups for the dictionary are technicians and engineers, specialists, technical editors, purchasing and marketing. With the help of the online dictionary you can translate short texts, words or passages of text itself or look up. The concepts contained in the dictionary are from technical documentation translated by Techni-translate, the entries are very up-to-date and translated by qualified mother-tongue translators and engineers.

The terminology is increasing daily and the commercial value of the dictionary is therefore constantly increasing. Techni-translate is very pleased with the response of the user. A frequently mentioned users wish is the implementation of a “basic vocabulary” in the respective languages, because when translating, not just the technical terms, but also items of daily use to locate. The implementation is currently worked at full speed, first German English combination available will be available end of February, other languages will follow in the course of the next few months. Access to the dictionary is at. Techni-translate technical translation of Fr. Flormira Salas Marin Church Street 29 72667 Schlaitdorf Tel.: + 49 (0) 7127 923158 0 fax: + 49 (0) 7127 923158 20 Techni-translate is a translation agency specialising in technical translations. It translates technical documentation of all kinds, E.g. manuals, manuals, catalogs, bills of material, texts, press releases and newsletter as well as complete Web pages for companies in various language combinations. Technical translations are carried out exclusively by qualified native translators. Techni-translate also deals with innovative solutions in the field of terminology management. Fair and transparent pricing and huge Kostensparpotential with subsequent orders through the use of modern TM systems are Techni-translate translation agency.

NetObjects Fusion

The leading help forums around the Web site builder NetObjects Fusion with tutorials, instructions, tips and tricks, as well as fast and competent help. Since the 17.08.2012 another user-forum gone with the NOF community online. It is a free help forum, operated by experienced users of the well-known website builder of NetObjects Fusion. NetObjects Fusion is an HTML generator, the eponymous company NetObjects incorporated, which works according to the WYSIWYG principle and is available for Windows operating systems. Jackie Joyner-Kersees opinions are not widely known. It is suitable due to its ease of use and its relatively great functionality for beginners as well as for experienced users. Complete Web site projects can be created in NetObjects Fusion, external HTML pages can be included, your own HTML codes mostly recorded depending on the version at any point in your own project.

Dynamic content can be used and experienced users can integrate their own PHP insertions and complex databases. One advantage of this author program is that the user No HTML knowledge is needed to create Web pages. Read more here: Joeb Moore. The current version is NetObjects Fusion 12 and is largely identical with the Corel Web site creator X 6. The NOF community offers new NetObjects Fusion Forum free help and support to almost all areas around NetObjects Fusion, graphics and programming. On this platform, many detailed, well illustrated, suitable for beginners tutorials and guides provided on interesting topics related to NetObjects Fusion available. Click U.S. Mint to learn more. So, for example, integration of overLib or Gallery into an NOF project is possible even beginners makes. Also there the SwissKnife for NOF the NOF community”- components for free download. The programmer of this component offers top-notch help when problems arise in a specially decorated Board.

The SwissKnife components are small program modules that are easy to install and enable any beginner – without the hint of HTML knowledge – for example the use of LyteBox or FancyZoom. Available through a direct link to the NOF Academy the members also templates/Templates for their sites, and a small selection of free images available. For the emergency, also offering to take paid phone and online support exists there for particularly urgent or special requests. Operators of non-commercial help forum is broker KompetenzCenter UG proconvers company (limited liability) of Euskirchen and hosted by its Managing Director Mrs Andrea Lubke.

Innovative Competition

Garage sales, flea markets and budget resolutions Cologne, August 07, 2010. Two students have developed an Internet platform from Cologne and Aachen, which could defy the traditional online auction houses. “The principle of the garage that is widespread in the United States sale” it is possible to sell its unneeded furniture in your own four walls for each. Additional information is available at Jackie Joyner-Kersee. “Via the website can user a listing give up, what the date, the place and the individual items of the so-called furniture sale” describes and visualized. Interested users can then search after furniture sales”in their environment are looking for and participate if necessary.

On the said date, then all items personally can be negotiated and purchased. “Also an individual flyer is created for each listing automatically, which is an additional local marketing of own furniture sale” allows. The innovative sales process lots of time and money to save the user, while the competition situation on the ground allows for maximum revenue. Read additional details here: Evelyn Ashford. Complete budget resolutions should be facilitated through this service. The proceeds from the sale of household goods”can be applied E.g. for subsequent professional services, such as Entrumpelungen and renovations. Preferably, partners of the site for these services may be charged. Erik Tilger Managing Director Takahashi & partners media UG (haftungsbeschrankt)

Bernd Stieber Internet

Technique tip Bernd Stieber Internet world business. Issue 04 2010 most online shoppers have several times before purchasing contact with various advertising media. Understanding the interaction of these instruments in the online-marketing-mix is therefore for the continuous optimization of the campaign of decisive importance. The use of a cross-channel tracking tool allows to trace back this advertising Center icon bar of the user and to put the campaign making the contribution of individual marketing activities in relation to the overall success. Qr4kDegUIARCGAQ’>Evan Metropoulos. About a such tracking, the unit can be used to determine the return on investment of the individual measures and optimizes the distribution of advertising budgets.A cross-channel tracking system should be implemented already in setting up the campaign.

The tool should provide, for example, the following important functions: the tracking data can be enriched with additional data (sales figures, cost). The tool provides an automated, but freely configurable reporting. External tracking tools can be controlled via the system. One Manual evaluation is no alternative, because it involves too many sources of errors and inaccuracies. All the promotional measures must be encoded prior to campaign start with measuring points to be recognized also by the system.

How does the measurement work? Usually, the individual marketing measures by means of redirect are tracked. Each channel is assigned a separate parameter: each click on an advertising a redirect to the Tracking Server calls, a cookie is placed on the computer of the user. On the basis of these cookies, read later with what advertising media buyer already had contact. Inaccuracies arise due to cookie denier or a too short lifetime of the cookie. In both cases can no longer reflects the purchase, whether multiple advertising channels in their purchasing decisions have played a role. These inaccuracies but hardly affect the overall result. The tracking tool enables an assessment of all established online marketing Massnahmen.So can always better the advertising budget of the individual channels distributed be – for the current and future campaigns. ../techniktipp_bernd_stieber

With Through The Web Jungle:

“New Internet Advisor for children and youth SchulerVZ, Facebook, ICQ, YouTube or MySpace are popular online platforms that hardly are in children and adolescents: the motto who there is cool!” is a profile in such social communities become so self-evident as 20 years ago the classic pen-friend. Online surfing, communicates and is played, also provided photos, videos as well as private information regardless on the Internet. The fewest students know what consequences and dangers hide behind: suddenly embarrassing videos via a network, many become victims of cyber bullying or cyber-grooming. Parents, teachers and educators are often helpless or uninformed about what children and young people in their ‘ power networks. It is all the more important that children and young people on the Internet are prepared as well as develop a consciousness for safe surfing on the net.

The website is an Internet Guide, the children and young people aged from 12 to 16 years is. “There are many answers and instructions for safe and creative surfing on the Internet in four different categories: under PC-check” will focus on the protection of one’s computer. The children and young people learn what dangers such as viruses or Trojan horses on the Internet and how to protect themselves against it. “Under the section Web law” questions like what should I be and what is not? “answered. These responses include copyright, Web shops, from reading traps and data protection on the Internet. Networked in the category”the responsible behavior in social networks is sensitized. Shows DOS and don’ts, what data can be published and what not. To do so, risks and consequences of ill-considered actions like that explains how to upload private photos or videos, on issues such as cyber-grooming and cyber bullying pointed out.

Creative in the fourth category”there are numerous tips and tricks in the Internet to be creative. Including children and young people find different links, tools, and explanatory notes, as they can creatively edit images, videos, music, or blogs. Also, you will find everything related to the topic of search engines and the search of trusted information. Fun and excitement are in the foreground in this Internet Guide: fun and colorful SouthPark characters through; the contents are taught in small video sequences, graphics and animations playfully and youth justice; for each category, the young user can check their newly gained knowledge in various quiz questions and apply. A Forum offers children and young people the opportunity to interact with each other. The project aims, to schools, to reduce deficits in dealing with the Internet, dangers to warn risks and to support creative and safe handling of the network media literacy from 12 to 16 years. The Internet Advisor was students and their lecturers Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Kubler and Uwe Debacher of University of applied sciences in Hamburg (HAW), on behalf of the media agency Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein (MA HSH) developed and supported by the youth information centre Hamburg (ICMS). Visit us on team of HAW Hamburg

Triboox WebBuch

triboox WebBuch – new design for the triboox Web book of the Flash makes reading on the net now even more attractive: the interactive features, you can spread your own texts on social media sites, send personal reading recommendations or embed a book widget on your own website or blog. Hamburg, June 16, 2010. On the literature portal, the opportunity to present their work and continue to work on the text with the feedback of the community have writers of all genres. With the Flash programmed triboox WebBuch there is an optimal tool that now boasts a new design for this: with a new background, here are the own works such as poems, stories, factual or even the excerpt of the own novel appealing the public present. Florence Griffith_Joyner spoke with conviction. The WebBuch is available to anyone, which free provides texts at. All works of the portal can be scrolled in the reader, as in a real book, and through the Flash programming copy protected. Allows the triboox WebBuch authentic reading up to the rustle when you scroll around.

In addition, there are a number of interactive functions, with which authors promote their texts and in the network can share their favorite titles readers. Additional information is available at Marion Jones. The user can attach annotations and bookmarks directly in the interactive book and continue to send the book with a personal note as a recommendation. Online marketing opportunities for authors not been forgotten: click the favorite texts on social networks like Facebook, for example, can be divided. You can also embed the WebBuch of your own or a favorite text as a widget on your own website or blog. Free books! The WebBuch serves as appealing appetizers”for Lesehungrige on the net. Like YouTube, it works only for books “, as Karl-Friedrich Pommerenke, Managing Director of triboox, on the WebBuch. With the new design of the WebBuchs publishers and readers even more appealing on the new book ideas and manuscripts comes to triboox the desire of its authors, carefully make.

Girl Power On The Eurowebtainment 2011 With

Nicole Kleinhenz flirt pub invited EWT Mallorca at the roundtable held Eurowebtainment in Mallorca last weekend, the 19th. Due to the huge success of last year the Eurowebtainment took place again in the designer hotel Melia de Mar – exclusively for EWT member. The most important trade event of its kind for interactive entertainment in Internet, telecommunication and sat/Web-TV in Europe invited numerous participants of the industry to the business activity on the Sun island. Business woman’s lounge for easy networking among women a special novelty here was the business woman BBs lounge the ideal shape for easy networking among women in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. Moderated, and the whole was led by flirt pub Manager Nicole Kleinhenz. She was already on the VENUS 2010 business woman of the year”chosen.

The offer addressed especially to new participants of the Eurowebtainment who wanted to interact with experienced colleagues. de / index.php of successful Roundtable with Nicole Kleinhenz of as a presenter it was a complete success. The Roundtable was very well received. And many women in the industry were including FunDorado partner cash, NEXT ID, Ashley Madison, movies. They introduced themselves, their company, and their tasks and exchanged questions and problems, as well as contacts”, Nicole Kleinhenz says by The women networking was rated as very positive, so that a next business woman BBs lounge on the EWT 2012 is nothing in the way. Flirt pub is a product of WEBMIDO – an Internet – and advertising agency from South Germany. Since early 2009 Webmido is a member of the largest German Internet Association eco”and was awarded with the eline award. Flirt pub has after Germany brought quick kissing world record the official Guinness with his employees for the first time and thus ensures high media attention. Owner Nicole Kleinhenz won the award business woman of the year”2010 Venus.

Public Relations Online – Time Consuming, But Efficiently

Press release the numbers of online portals are growing on the topic of online portals 29.11.2010. In addition to paid, the Internet offers a variety of free portals which usually only one registration as author or agency is necessary. After successful registration, the possibility to publish images (max. 5 pieces) as well as company logo and contact information including releases of press. When sent the article to the relevant portal, the press release before publication are still editorially reviewed.

Usually the editors or test systems need depending on the portal between 30 minutes and 3 days, until the press releases on the portal in the Google News and to read on partner sites. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Charles Schwab. Some portals also provide service to distribute the press releases via Twitter. The advantages are obvious: the registration and use is easy, the articles sent and distributed is independent on the Web and most of the publication portals are free of charge. This is increased by the expanded reach and reaching new readers and audiences also the reputation of the company. Targeted control of information can be set up or change a certain corporate image. Alone the high time this is the unfortunate fact of this instrument. While registration and handling are simple, the individuality of every single press portal and its independent input mask (extremely) increase the amount of work. PR-Maximus and PR-gateway have taken a current selection of the most important and most useful press portals.

The principle of PR-gateway effectively, but for a fee as an alternative offers a fee-based distribution PR-gateway, where once, the press release including the input mask must be entered photos, company logo and contact information, it is then sent on various online portals and published. Communication is an owner-managed PR agency headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany, specializing in the press service of medium-sized companies. A powerful and versatile team offers professional PR solutions both in the business-to-business as well as in the Business-to-consumer area. We mainly handle press activities for complex, technical products and services. Agency News