Global Network Navigator

In our time, banner ads are so pervasive that it may seem – it has existed since time immemorial. We already can not imagine almost any site without banner ads. Meanwhile, this kind of Internet advertising has appeared not so long ago. His appearance must banner of the American company AT & T, which provides phone services. It is this company has posted on Internet site first in the history of the banner. Of course, he was quite simple. With dimensions of 648 by 60 pixel banner, without further ado, click on it called. The inscription on it reads: Have you ever clicked your mouse right here? You will .

And this historic event took place in 1994, October 25 – considering the age of many other inventions that are popular these days, most recently, is not it? After the first banner ads appeared a kind of interesting and effective website owners, businesses and others in need representation of large numbers of users via the Internet. Technology for creating banners since improved, and arrive at being finalized, and now we have different opportunities to work with this kind of Internet advertising. Despite the fact that the birthday banner is officially October 25, 1994 (on that day by AT & T was the first banner posted on the Internet), there are also some other data. Thus, it is considered that the first ad graphics engine on the Internet, which allowed the transfer of the information contained on the advertiser clique, had been sold before – in 1993. This event took place on the website Global Network Navigator, which prinalezhal O'Reilly – computer publisher in the U.S.. In Russia, the banner ads appeared much later – by around 1997.

By this time it was formed about reasonable rates for this type of advertising on the Internet. In our time banner advertising is widely popular throughout the world. Used different types of banners: graphics, text and animated. The latter use particularly popular, as are most attractive for users. By the same author: Mustafa Suleyman. Since its introduction banner highly evolved. In our time, banners are used not only as an advertisement, but also for other purposes. For example, a square-shaped banners are often used as a branding logos.

Yandex Resource

In today's world resources are not just for recreation or to find information of interest to you, but are a way to make a profit. For the best quality of your site, we recommend you contact our company, professionally engaged in website promotion. According to statistics, users when accessing Yandex browsing the first few pages of the list shown. When working with our firm, you get a promotion site inexpensively with a swift and sustainable results. The new resource has no chance to be among the first links displayed at the prompt.

The best rating site provides a search engine for certain features of staff resources to promote familiar with these options and make well-site for them. This is done so that your site will be in the top search engines that will give you new customers. It should be noted that the promotion – it's not a single action, because qualities of promotion will bring your score over a long period of time. It should be noted that the promotion – is not a single action, as performed qualitatively promotion will give your result in a long time. If your resource receives a high rating, then the owners of other sites will take some time to get to the top too. During this period the position of your website will only be strengthened, we need only to continuously carried out this type of promotion of sites as the outer optimization. It is to maintain the rating of the resource, it depends on how many links to your site is the World Wide Web. A here is an internal optimization, once made, will be stable to help you. Under the internal optimization is the creation of the correct code and content of the resource that meets the requirements of the search engine. In this way, when searching for the portal will appear among the first to grow the number of its visitors, and therefore increase not only your finances, but also the ranking of your page on the Internet – it is important for search engines high attendance Site Total cost of website promotion is formed depending on the position in which the resource is located, the time to work with it with him, as well as the number of key phrases.

History Of Social Networking

Today, the social network Vkontakte is the most popular in runet and attracts millions of users who use them to find new and old friends, share photos from life. However, an interesting fact, the very maker, which is considered a "winner contests in linguistics, computer science and design," Paul Durov is not the owner. In a question-answer forum Mary Barra was the first to reply. Drew attention to this blog, who has learned that in fact the founders and owners at the beginning is Vyacheslav Mirilashvili, son of billionaire Mirilashvili, who since 2003 serving his 8-year sentence on charges of creating an organized professional group and Lev Leviev, a businessman, whose fortune, according to the magazine Forbes, in 2009 was estimated at $ 3.1 billion today the principal owner is the fund Digital Sky Technology. The company representatives refused to disclose details of its shareholders Thus, dispelled another myth about a very successful startups, allegedly created by talented and enthusiastic with your own money. Just take a look for yourself – at the site has more than 60 million users, it is excellent, the quality hosting service. No time for the last six months site has not been attacked DDos'om with subsequent results, never hung. Go to Angela Zepeda for more information.

Rather, the attacks are, but they were successfully repulsed. This suggests that facebook is a very powerful dedicated server with a huge Internet channel. How much does support such a service in a month's hard to imagine. Moreover, still need to pay administrators for their work and surveillance over the safety of the entire system.

Promotion Sites

Comprehensive technical support for Internet projects, it’s a matter of fact, the promotion and website promotion – two classic components to ensure the success of any online resource, regardless of thematic focus. To achieve the best possible result for the promotion of a site for a minimum of time, a special scheme of the progressive optimization of sites developed by the Laboratory Promo Venta. Company PromoVenta – this is one of the most known and dynamically developing in RuNet professional studio, which specializes in online advertising, optimization, promotion, technical and information support sites. The high degree of competence in the field of advanced information technology, creative thinking and skills of employees, provided the company ‘PromoVenta’ deserved reputation as among the professional community and among the many clients. Regular partners PromoVenta specially allocate attentive to the needs of employees and the customers’ needs, making it possible to solve any problems posed to the company. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Charles Schwab.

Interesting feature of the campaign is the fact that in addition to comprehensive support site, the client as a bonus has the ability to choose and order one of the additional services at a special discounted price, a discount of 30% to 70%. In the final Finally, the client gets the best results in various formats promoting your site, having virtually full service at half its real value. Moreover, because most Internet users, including owners and network business, there is no practical knowledge of technological features of site promotion specialists PromoVenta a consultation, thus ensuring a better choice for the customer. Reduction the cost of the services the company is part of the ongoing campaign “Time to grow business.” Originally marketed action, as purely as an advertising campaign organized to raise potential customers who want to start or develop a promising business in the network. However, in the process of studying the demand for website promotion and research capacity in this segment, it was decided to combine advertising campaign and widespread decline in prices during the period from September 1, 2010 to March 1, 2011. It should be noted that the timing of the campaign were not chosen by chance. Experts believe it was during this period will be stabilization of the economic situation in the country. This means that all who take part in the action will optimize your site during the revival in consumer interest in your business.

Bestselling Desktop Wallpapers

Each strives to be unique, whether it's the wardrobe, hair, music genres, and books, as well as wallpaper for your desktop. That is understandable. Because wallpaper is the same as the attribute expressions handbag phone or accessories, they recreate the inner world view of personality, its content, feel and taste. At the dawn of mass computerization, a choice of wallpaper on the desktop, as such, did not exist – had to make a choice of dozens of other standard-clip-art 'Windows', not the novelty of differing ideas. And, it is clear that, to express 'I' through them was almost impossible – they were not too original, their range is not wide only a few dozen.

Today's users are lucky in this regard – to select the wallpaper stunningly varied by type, by color. There are some sites where you are shown only for the best wallpapers desktop, is whether it's your personal computer, laptop or phone. Their collections are distinguished by novelty, species diversity, high-quality image. It should say a few words that download free wallpaper Wallpapers – absolutely free, and even tedious registration is not required. When choosing a free wallpaper of any person governed by their own tastes and inclinations, passions. Someone like photos and graphics to someone, or collages, or art – any kind of wallpaper you will discover on the site, which shows the desktop wallpaper and free on your computer, as well as a laptop or phone. And now in more detail about each type of wallpaper on your desktop.

Picture wallpaper most popular and desirable among other types of wallpaper – it's wallpaper. Photos of models, stars, cars and the largest cities in the world on your desktop charged positive and adjust to the corresponding wave. Made by photo artists work you can see the wallpaper on websites, in the same place – download desktop wallpaper. 3D wallpapers. It is not easy to create 3D wallpaper. Developers create 3D wallpaper – the real aces of three-dimensional graphics, but even they are forced to spend a few hours before the monitor to create something unique. You also have to download these wallpapers for your computer – a matter of minutes. Current users came to the liking of this kind of wallpaper because of their bright and colorful images, crisp lines and volume. Copyright wallpaper for your desktop. Our site gives you a chance to see the whole collections talented photographers, artists and creative people. Special features of copyright Wallpaper – their uniqueness and originality. No matter what segment of the author did not work – wallpaper, wallpaper in the form of pictures, collages, art, 3D – style the author is always individual and unique. All the variety of works of authors who create wallpapers, presented at the specialized sites from which your favorite wallpaper you can download to your desktop your computer, phone. Wallpaper with the logo of operating systems. When choosing wallpaper for your desktop office computer, usually guided by the principle of brevity and restraint. It is these properties, as well as creativity and characterized by unique wallpaper with the logo of 'Windows' and 'Linux'. They will add diversity to the proper way. Unusual and attractive – these signs are quite applicable to free wallpaper for your desktop on the subject 'Windows' or 'Linux'.

The Place

Than trade. And then the professional may be able to improve the appeal of your product at the expense of small advertising tricks. But if you sovrete him, if you just glossed basis, it will be inaccurate or when applying product, or be forced to do extra work, cleaning you out of lies. Do not tell lies or your site, or your designer who will you this site do. Learn how to deceive the buyer in two steps: first, honestly describing your product, and then to paint his dignity, as if trading in the bazaar.

You can think of it as a joke. But the foundation for your site decide: do you want to sell one-off shipment or to have loyal customers who choose you to all potential competitors, because they would consider themselves your friends? If you have the first case, the site will develop one way. If the second – then another. And it should not be confused. Respectively, will be performed differently and your second wish, that you do not write in pencil, and bold and distinct, because it will be the original installation the entire site: 1.

I want to earn money by taking them from other people for my goods. 2. I want to sell my goods as quickly as possible, and more. 2. I want to sell my goods for a long time and no complaints, so that my customers became my friends and respected me as a partner. It's your choice. Without it, no developer site will not know how should run your site. And it means that its content will not be targeted. The site will not be accurate. It is this choice should be headed Production task, you give the developer site. That's the task he has for you to decide really. Do not make your website a newspaper or fair, does not make it the most beautiful or clever, or even make your Site your own advertising, as love . Well, if you chose your path, then everything becomes much easier. You simply declare their developer their wishes about the tools that should be on your site. The chapter then describes how in practice do tseleustroenie site. That is, how to determine which of the necessary parts (sections) must be at the site, what tasks will be addressed by each section that this is really necessary, but it would be superfluous. In the following chapters of the book you can read about how to choose the artist to create a site about the possibility to create a site yourself, how to choose the site name and hosting (the place placing the site in the network), how to make a promotion (display site on the market).

Effective Promotion

Remember, you’re doing a site for User-a person, not a robot, a search engine! And be sure to include the key phrase in the title of each page – the tag title. Meta-tag keywords, the importance of which spoke a lot and speak in RuNet can safely forget – he was not urgent and could not affect your popularity in search engines. If you forget it is not easy – enter into it that dozens of keywords, which stopped – it will not hurt. Now optimized site can be easily uploaded to the server and move on to further action. In general – the site is. Now I need to register in search engines.

Sign up by hand in several of the most popular search engines – Yandex, Rambler, Google and others will be quite some time and crawlers of these systems will attack your defenseless and index the it well! 🙂 And appreciate your optimization keywords and little tricks with tags. In the meantime, do not relax and register your site in several of the most well-known rankings: Rambler Top, Top List, etc. While on such a large influx of powerful tops will only be when your life is closer to the top of the stamp. And while visitors a bit more effective may be a small ratings, which involved not so many sites. Put a meter – the same Rambler, Spylog, One.Ru. For a steady number of visitors will be given banner exchange system.

But you need to make your banner show up at least 400-500 times a day because effectiveness of banner exchange is usually not more than 1% – ie click on it 4-5. Again depends on the banner – a draw! Now let’s talk about exchanging links. This factor is the second importance after the contents of most pages. The fact that few search engines determine the relevance of the content of your site in relation to the search phrase. Give him all that was on your page as much as possible links with External sites! Because it shows that you are popular on your link, you are. And the more such external links, the higher the site rises in search results ceteris paribus. Therefore, any price you want to get more inbound links and preferably non-reciprocal, ie on your link, and you in response to the site – no. Such links are valued higher. Reciprocal link exchange can give you a number of additional visitors. Try to vary from sites with similar subjects (but not the one to one) and, preferably, with a high traffic One variety of exchange links: If you are programming, register for their programs from server software (and their attendance on-ho-ho!) and leave there can credit your page. If applets interesting – traffic will be hoo! The same example – my . 🙂 You can leave the links in the guest, forums, message boards, in letters at last Can be very effective e-mail – newsletter, which will periodically return the visitor to your website. But this requires that the content of it is periodically updated and people do not lose interest in the site. In search engine optimization (SEO) is still a huge mass of subtleties! To learn at least some of them, I advise you to pay attention to a terrific video course Yusuf Gubaidulina ‘Strategies for Effective Promotion ‘. More than 7 hours of live video, especially the practical orientation help you learn the basics of seo.


You are very risk losing not only to exchange money, but also passwords for your purse. 4. Remote work of sorting pictures. You offer to work remotely, promise to send by mail a few discs with pictures of various subjects, your task is to sort these pictures by topic (for example: 'Sports', 'people', 'Animals', 'nature' etc), but the very essence of fraud is that you must first pay the postage for sending disks, and only after that they will be sent. Usually after the payment, disk latency becomes an eternity. This is the most commonly used fraud schemes on the Internet.

How not to fall for bait criminal? Next, I'll give some tips to help you avoid this. The first thing need to pay attention, this domain name, any self-respecting company, organization or entrepreneur has a second-level domain, eg: 'www.' or my site. Scammers typically use domains third level for example: '' or '' they do it because the third level domain can be obtained free of charge, but for the second-level domain will have to pay. Also, all the information about the owner of the site can be obtained by both called whois link to this service All info can be obtained by pressing a single button. Also, note how long the work site, it can be seen in the whois, as a rule, the fraudsters do not work more than 2 months, they tear down the money and disappear. If the site accepts money or any goods, the owner of this site should have a personal certificate of the payment system – a personal certificate WebMoney or RBKmoney. Procedure data acquisition certificates is quite complicated, you need a packet of documents certified by a notary, you must pay denyushku.

Rascal, the contact will not be, the more that all personal data (including passport) sent for review to this payment system. All self-respecting sellers put a link to check their passports, that is, they say: 'We are completely open in front of customers, all our data you can check out, we do not You're going to fool 'In addition, the site should be contact details of owners – e-mail, phone, icq. That is, it should be possible to contact the site owner to ask a question. By the way, a good way to test owner of the site – is to write him a letter with any questions if you get a response within 2-5 days, then most likely is a decent people, but if you do not get an answer – run away from this site. This is the most simple and affordable ways to check the site authors for their honesty. Be careful, as they say 'Booked – is forearmed! "

Electronic Money System Egold

Instructions for electronic money system E-gold. Description of the system E-Gold – the biggest and best in the world payment system. This system was launched in 1996, daily circulation E-Gold turns over $ 500,000 (impressive, is not it?). For each Western businessmen (especially for someone who works in the field of e-business or earning extra money on the Internet), the word E-Gold sounds the same dignity, as for example, VISA, Western Union etc. This payment system is already sufficiently many used. And wean probably will not. Swarmed by offers, Charles Schwab is currently assessing future choices.

So what is E-Gold? E-Gold – is an international payment system, money is transferred to the precious metals: gold, silver and palladium. This feature makes the E-Gold is especially familiar for international payments as bills poluchaeley not tied to any national currency. Its absolutely free of charge the recipient may be one person from any country in the world. Money in the accounts stored in the translation of a certain mass of the chosen precious metal. Chach all the gold.

However, you can do, if you want to sell it and buy gold, silver or palladium. We call attention to WebMoney. There the likeness of our Virtual money is any of the national currencies: dollar, euro or ruble. And as the world market rate of the euro falls, the cheaper and money on a Z-purse WebMoney. Mary Barra understands that this is vital information. Money E-Gold of the unfortunate features of deprived, since 100% supported by the relevant expensive metals. Fully gold reserves, which podderzhivayuet its currency, E-Gold holds a bank Nova Scotia (Toronto, USA). Even some of ochobennostyah system. In contrast, WebMoney and PayCash, in E-Gold is not the software software. Account management and money for their produce from the site of the system. On the one hand, this is a good idea: no need to download and install the software (which, incidentally, can still broken – for it, and software).

Internet Advertising

Web site promotion – a complex of measures aimed at raising the site in the issuance of certain queries, the so-called key words. Our century – a century of development of computer technologies, internet its major gun. Swarmed by offers, Mary Barra is currently assessing future choices. We can not imagine a world in which there is no email, no icq or search engines. Internet the most convenient tool with which you can find any product or service, or information about the contests. More info: glassdoor. Internet becomes indispensable any commercial organization. Meanwhile, far from all I can feel the effect of Internet advertising. Company site – it is her calling card for the mass consumer, but nobody comes to Your site without promotion and website.

Advertising in newspapers and magazines can recoup himself only to represent a premium product. Advertising on television and radio more suitable for consumer goods. In the first and the second case, we address only the market B2C. But what if you need clients in the segment b2b? In our opinion the answer is obvious, the most successful at a given time, will be online advertising! Yes the promotion and site promotion. Among the obvious advantages include: the investment of resources in the advertising pays off every day, reach your site targeted partners, for which we need is your service or goods. Promotion and website promotion is also a pr for your company, you glimpsed on the Internet, you will learn about different people, start some kind of cooperation, and then everything moves like word of mouth.

The benefit of Internet advertising gives wide prospects for maintaining and developing the business. Seemingly once a very productive show lose site promotion on all parameters. Let's compare the costs and estimate the result: the cost of creation of a site varies between 20 000 – 40 000 rub., the cost of the new booth, far from these numbers. The cost of website promotion is from 15 000 to 50 000 rub. per month cost of placing the stand on one or two day exhibition will be 50 000 – 100 000 rub. Competition for promotion of your site is about 10 firms – the first page of search engine results in the issuance, display typical figure is 10-30 times higher. Effectiveness for promotion – every day for the exhibition – 1 or 2 weeks after its closure. List of benefits goes on and on.