Cataract Problems

The people in your life have a lot of elements that allow the realization of the thousands of tasks that should be performed in the journal live and in the absence of such elements presented major problems for the adequate development of many functions. A clear example of this is when there are Visual problems for certain aspects that gradually deteriorate people’s visual ability, which undoubtedly represent a major problem for several functions. One of the clearer examples of problems that can impair the function of the eyes are cataracts, which are a problem that affects the lens of the eye, which is located between the iris and the pupil, which will have the effect difficulties regarding factors related to light and therefore certain places lightingIn addition to this it also generates a poor visual activity in the approach of different objects attending nearby or distant location where what you want to see. Thus gradually cataracts will worsen view to an extent which is

It reached a reversible blindness, also can be an easy glare before different lights such as lamps or up to the light of the Sun and the passing of some time alone will be shadows or stains. As you can understand cataracts can have serious repercussions for something as important as it is the view of such form must seek means that help these problems do not arise or to stop. The perfect way to treat cataracts and avoid the consequences that occur with the advance of this problem, is the realization of a cataract operation with what will be a quick, simple but effective solution to a problem of such serious consequences. The realization of the cataract operation consists of a procedure in which part of the eye that has been affected, which in the case of cataracts is the crystalline sick, through an intracapsular or extracapsular, operation of which is highly recommended the second option, since it is must be removed more quickly and presents fewer complications, to remove the part of the cataract that This opaque and generates problems Visual and in the posterior portion of the capsule is located an intraocular lens; While with the other option should be removed the Crystal along with the capsule that it wraps it, which requires a greater amount of procedures and possible complications. In cataract operations, plays a very important role the intraocular lens that is a small artificial lens that is placed as replacement on a permanent basis within the eye while cataract operation. Therefore this permanent lens acts as a medium that allows different Visual tasks, so your visual capacity must be determined prior to an examination to establish the optical power that will give the person who need to undergo a cataract operation.