Vasya Pomidoroff

How to organize a party. Benefit Yes, Moscow today is no surprise. Geishas, Gays and DJ's all so hackneyed, and at the same time, nobody wants. How do Tusov party? About this and will be discussed in this article. Another five years Azad could to declare a party for the progressive youth and indicate that for the first time in the club its superset vinyl perform trendy dj Vasya Pomidoroff, and you have to danspole apple will have nowhere to fall. And what now? ! Even the guest DJs from London or New York does not collect on a sufficient number of people. Angela Zepeda has much to offer in this field. Not to mention our home-grown wizards needle slipmatov. By the same author: Everest Capital.

His crowd of faithful fans have one, and then for their favorite friends ride is not at all clubs. and if it still works because of you and are pushing, and you're ready to take responsibility for the conduct of the event – then, forward! First you need to come up with the name of the party. How do you call a party, so it will float. But it is not necessary particularly bother and come up with something like: House, shmaus, Mickey Mouse and other little animals. The name should tell people that it would be worth and go to a party or not. For example, the calling party or Anesthesia wait to visit girls in fluorescent T-shirts and Grinders with desyatisantimetrovoy platform out of fashion even in the 97-year – do not forget, by the way, in this case to hire a scene.


At that time, such as mobile phones are firmly embedded in our lives, people began to realize that there is no more convenient way to congratulate someone, you send a witty and original sms Card. But what if you are not from birth be given to Pushkin or Yesenin? A post something mediocre like 'Congratulations " is not enough neither the desire nor conscience. Personally for me in this situation, this finding was a small Java applets, called templates, sms. The best representative of this type of program is a SMS-BOX – free download full version of which you should promptly. Installation is carried out exactly as any other software for mobile phones, and namely – to Bluethooth, via memory card or data cable. It should be mentioned that the sms box has a lot of modifications. In this case we are interested sms box greetings. Available at the program is designed for phones, with the screen resolution equal to 240×320 pixels, which is virtually all current models.

If you are the proud owner of an old phone, you can still try to install the application, but it will not be properly display its interface. Install the program, you have every right to ask – 'So what's next? ". In fact, it is extremely easy to use. Once launched, you will see the splash screen and then a list of reasons for congratulations, among which there are birthdays, New Year, May 9, and many others. After selecting a holiday you will only choose a greeting text and the recipient. Another important function of sms box, is built reminder that will not allow you to blow birthday of one of your many friends. It's much more convenient than having several programs, one of which will follow the dates of birthdays and the other will help to send sms.