With $onars Order Drinks: Disco Accepts MySonar Currency As Means Of Payment

mySonar.de is Germany’s first location-based mobile community with its own mySonar.de is Germany’s first location-based mobile community with its own currency and is operated by the mySonar GbR. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Charles Schwab. The company rewards active members with Majid $. There’s free SMS to buy. Now, a disco for the first time accepted the mySonar currency as payment. Now, members of the mobile community can pay their drinks with $onars.

Nettetal, October 27, 2008 what’s happening nearby? Most young people answer this question with their friends via mobile phone. It’s now even easier via the mobile Internet. Please visit Beth Israel Lung Transplant if you seek more information. Who gives up his site, mySonar.de, shows at a glance which friends, flirts, parties and places nearby. The free mobile service takes more than 61,000 locations nationwide in 25 categories. Members of the mobile community discover so many restaurants, cinemas, bistros, clubs and pubs as well as gyms, Wi-Fi hotspots and hostels in the area. mySonar rewards active participation of the service lives of our Members’ says Markus Heussen, founder and Managing Director of location based mobile networking platform. We reward them if they report to us their favourite places”so Heussen next.

All members have their own account at mySonar. Always when they register parties and locations or invite friends, they get credits in Fanari $ on your account. It can send free SMS to friends. “New guests and customer loyalty with $onars as the first discotheque in Germany accepted the station Cafe BCa” in Nettetal in the new currency. Well, we found the idea right off the bat”reported Silke Langner, owner of the discotheque. Because we assume $onars, members of mySonar even more benefits have and we draw your attention on us as a result. Also we can make even better known advertising spaces at mySonar book and so our parties for the captured Majid $”Langner continues. The mySonar GbR has an advertising platform for regional companies and provides real location based advertising, so local advertising on the Mobile. The principle is simple: companies accept $onars, win new clients as a result and can advertise free of charge about mySonar.

Tim Hill Marketing Director

In Russia, many decided to do only when roasted cock bite somewhere. Including – and assess the value of the brand. Apparently, so everyone knows how to do it, but almost nobody does in practice … not only in Russia extremely low priced brands – brands do little. Learn more on the subject from CMO Hyundai. "The concept of the brand in Russia is still in its infancy, constrained and tightly controlled social and political sanctions, according to Tim Hill Marketing Director at FutureBrand (London). – The weaker are the restrictions, the more the world begins to recognize that Russia has to offer in the field of high-quality products and services.

I think this trend will continue, and in the next 5-10 years, Russian brands in our markets will be more. " The most famous Russian brands, in his view – "Russian Standard" Gazprom, "Kalashnikov", Aeroflot, the Kremlin and the KGB for some reason. Under the brand expert means "the set of values and beliefs inherent in the hearts and minds of consumers." Brand development, as abroad, we have very little, agrees Churilov Denis, CEO of consulting firm DA Partners (Moscow). – Of course, England are brands that operate in the market for at least 100 years. But we have our own history – we all started in the 90s, through ignorance, so it turns out that when we realized the need for change, everyone started frantically "to change the sign" – Valentine says Pertsiya, CEO BrandAid (Kiev-Moscow). He believes that the mistakes of Russian companies are perfectly natural – they are the result of lack of experience in building brands.

Marketing Practices

Every day we learn new opinions about marketing practices, called "word of mouth." His point of view on this issue I describe on the basis of experience in small company as director of marketing and advertising. My experience has convinced me that a well tuned "word of mouth" is so important to the success of the company, especially a small company, it should be the foundation of your business. Let me explain why. Analyst firm "Forrester Research" cites in his study of the following statement by the consumer: "On the Internet I can find confirmation of everything I hear, read, or learn about anything on TV and radio, in magazines and newspapers." Today The Internet has a clear impact on consumer choice of sources of objective information, how to find and purchase a wide range of goods and services, as well as real exchange experiences with other users before and after purchase. Unfortunately, consumer confidence is easy to lose. He is skeptical of traditional advertising practices, and traditional marketing. Remember how many low-grade information, we can see in the news – and you understand the reason for suspicion at our potential customers. And then it comes to the aid of "word of mouth." As consumers, we can not believe your commercials or other forms of advertising that you are practicing, but we believe what they say about your products and services by others. According to a recent global online survey of consumer Nielsen, 90% of those surveyed 25,000 Internet users believe the recommendations of their friends, and not less than 70% say they trust the reviews of anonymous users on the Web.

Marketing Communications

Marketing and advertising is effective communication, which makes a profit. In our opinion, work must be subordinated to strategy. And it is the only result that has implications for business – this figure. While others focus on emotions, we tend to transfer. We use an integrated approach and solve all the problems of the client – from the creation of a strategy to implement and advertising. This means that we fully responsible for the results and know how to get it, using the most effective tools. ABOUT HOLDING Our holding group of companies, each of whom is an expert in your field.

But, of course, not only so we gathered in a single command. The reason lies elsewhere. We believe that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Strategy, creative, production and advertising, if they merge, creating a vivid communication, capable of attract people’s attention, to push them to get acquainted with the brand and build long term relationships with them. This effect is not achieved only strategy, or just creative. That intergatsiya all directions in a single product for maximum efficiency. Raffinade has the resources to implement the 360 communication, from analysis and strategic planning to creative, production of all promotional materials and their placement. What EFFICIENCY the secret of an effective strategy? We believe that this first experience, which allows you to avoid mistakes and find a professional solution to the problem.

And, of course, the speed – the ability to react to events before they occurred. Through careful analysis of market and competitive environment, we offer solutions that allow you to always be one step ahead of the competition. In addition, we closely monitor market trends and our decision not only meet the challenges of today, but also give the vector of the brand in the long run. We design for each client’s individual set of solutions that allows you to not only achieve leadership, but also have their own well-recognizable face. INTEGRATED APPROACH A comprehensive approach – is first and foremost responsibility. When all the problems of the client in the same hands, but we are responsible for the achievement of our goals. To do this, we share the project into its component parts, and pass each segment in the profile of the holding. You can be sure that every problem is solved by a professional who knows all the nuances of their work. Our success – a success of our clients. The confidence of our customers in absolute returns by holding, in its focus on results and is the main reason why they trust it to us. We invest our knowledge, his mind, his inspiration in every task, and we strive to ensure that it was solved in the present perfect. Because only high-quality communication, created by professionals, brings customers a quantitative result.

Marketing Tips

Good marketing managers in the labor market have little or even virtually absent. Rather, they are, but just good 'sold out', as an icy beer in the heat. According to renowned designer Artem Lebedev, "most of managers Marketing from birth afraid to think. " This is true not only here but also in the West. The reasons for this phenomenon has long been laid outside the scope of this review. Nevertheless, good books on marketing in Russian for many.

More just glad that some of them are not translated, and written by native authors practitioners. Because of the 'competition' among the books was not easy to choose among them most useful to include in the article. The proposed selection kniga.biz.ua books on marketing will enable the marketer to quickly advance in their careers. All readers are also guaranteed a lot of fresh business ideas. The Book 'Marketing 100%. How to become a good manager of marketing 'is the most important book on how to become a good marketing manager. How to implement a proper marketing of the company, and make it 100%.

To praise this book can not – so it is useful. For beginners and even experienced marketers, it will open your eyes out 'how to become a good manager of marketing', a business owner will explain what kind of people need to look at this post. When 'the people' have left more than 40 thousand copies of the book, the author of "Marketing 100% 'Igor Mann got the deserved high status among his colleagues – marketing managers.

Keyword Effectiveness Index

SKTool: What is and how use it repeatedly have discussed the importance of the proper selection of keywords and its result on our efforts to achieve better positioning in search engines. One of the online more interesting tools to achieve maximum efficiency in the choice of keywords is Google, which proposes to its product Adwords, SKTool (#). Let’s review the functions of the new version of this tool and see how same Google is responsible for giving all the forced elements for positioning in the first places. It is only a question of understanding them. In the first place is convenient login to enter the SKTool. To not so, the spam traps will make us lose valuable time. It is possible to login with a Google account. Once on the home page we are going to the tab of tools and reports.

There you will find two fields to complete. The first is the key word or phrase and the second is the web site. For those who just give their first steps with this tool should be start with a single word or phrase key for the time to appreciate the quality of the result offered by Google. We then complete with the information relevant to our own page. We see that we have the option to click on show only ideas directly related to search terms. Choosing this option Google will return us the results available to all possible keyword variations, which will give us a much broader result. You can also select the desired location (e.g.

only Spain or Spain and Latin America) as well as the language. Then click on search and obtain all the necessary information instantly to the most effective selection of key words. We then find the desired result ordained in tabular form. The first column is the key words that Google will not suggest from which we entered. The second column is the competition, which tells us the degree of relationship that has that term with the content from our web site. How much taller the competition more difficult will be to get a TOP10 position for our page. The third column brings us the global monthly searches. This column along with the next, reflecting local monthly searches, is of utmost importance because it will give us the degree of effectiveness of each of the words or phrases (KEI or Keyword Effectiveness Index). For example, it is not the same first rankear for a term that only has 480 global monthly searches for another term that has more than 300,000. No doubt the words that we will generate more traffic are those with greatest number of monthly searches, either global or local. However these words are also the most difficult position, since the competition is greater. The last column returns us local search trends or developments on the amount of searches that each term is taking over a certain period of time. This can tell us, by example, that there are terms that are becoming more sought after, while others are falling into oblivion. Finally we can export this table in various formats, to be able to analyze it with greater precision, for example from an Excel worksheet. Understand rightly what provides us the SKTool, is a very efficient way to manage our positioning in Google. If you liked this post and want to place it on your site, can do so smoothly, provided you cite as a source to source press release sent by VPA.

ITU Internet

The best advice on voip asterisk is essential to select and implement an advanced and complete ACD call center implement both the Asterisk technology pbx, underlying CTI and put switch attention to IP telephony. On the Internet today, you can download a huge amount of different data: documents of text, programs, images, videos, etc. For even more opinions, read materials from CMO Hyundai. Not long ago, the great masses of Internet users have learned that the human voice can also be encoded and become one of the types of data that can be transmitted through the Internet anywhere, even on the other end of the world. To convert the digital voice data from the traditional telephone network to the Internet, it was necessary to create a device enabling the transition from analog voice switching to electronic packet switching circuits. Its use has allowed to obtain a telephone conversation on the Internet, to transmit over long distances and carry to anywhere in the world a normal telephone network. This technology known as IP telephony or, more precisely, voice over IP, or VoIP. This technology increasingly is more famous especially in developing countries.

A comparative analysis of the basic protocols used for transmission of data will help you with the selection of hardware and its most appropriate service provider. Summing up, VoIP is short for voice over IP, i.e. the transmission of voice through the Internet. A VoIP or IP telephone service consists of a computer that can make phone calls to anywhere in the world. It may be from PC to PC or PC to landline or mobile phone. Voice signals are converted into packets of data that travel over the Internet using a VoIP platform and are then converted back into the receiver. The use of VoIP requires specific modules in the router or switch that have digital processors (DSP).

In this case, the router or switch are also called voice gateways. The VoIP (voice over IP) of Cisco, one of the technology companies most famous in the world, allows to the gateway (router or switch) carry traffic of voice (e.g., telephone calls and faxes) over an IP network. In IP telephony, (DSP) digital signal processor segmented frames voice signal and stores them in voice packets. These voice packets are transported by the IP network, based on specific protocols such as ITU-T H.323 (International Union of Telecomunicaciones-Telecomunicaciones); It is also used for the transmission of video over the IP network.


Unification (or partnership) of resellers may be organized on the basis of exclusive rights (privileges) on selling some unique product (patent) services. Cooperatives retailers often are consumers living in a certain area, they provide a good supply of goods quality and proper service levels. Association of Retailers are organized to solve their common problems: hardware retail spaces (say, in the subway station, railway station, etc.), cleaning debris from the territory, where are traded, the protection of goods, etc. Location: The retailers may be in the shopping centers of the district, district, and in the designated trade places (in urban markets, stations, at subway stations, etc.). Charles Schwab contributes greatly to this topic. Forms of service: retailers can carry out trade peddling, trading on the orders (usually at a discount), with an order by mail or by phone (fax), trade with machines, etc.

The differences in pricing policy: you can select stores, warehouses, discount stores, showrooms, shops that sell through catalogs, and other stores, warehouses – these are big companies that are intended for sale a large number of goods, usually at low prices. Lower prices are achieved by reducing trading costs: These stores – warehouses with just a modest interior and without any services. Goods may be right here in containers or unassembled (ie, furniture). Trade in most cases produced by the models. Stores typically offer lower prices standard consumer goods at prices lower than retail stores. Discount stores differ from the locations of sales of goods and trade with seasonal discounts the fact that prices are low all the time.


Method Gabriel Hello You are one of those people whom everything has tried almost to become thin, like plans in gymnasiums, diets with dietetic food that cost a fortune, according to the statistics the fat people to the year they spend between 1500 and 2000 dollars in expenses to become thin, and apparently without results with which they feel satisfied, other studies say that a fat person that she has lowered fast and not takes care of returns to subirde weight, and that indicates this to us that the methods that we have used do not work Attention! To consider It is necessary to consider that whenever you want to lower the fast belly always you must put of your part and esforzarte, since no method or diets, gymnasium and any product that allows to lower you of weight it will do it of magical form. It is why if you really set out to do something in the life which you do is it and you strive for that reason. Experience with the methods to lower the fast belly I always wanted to be thin, to lower the fast belly, thus one no it thinks about the money that can spend with obtaining it and as often I do not work myself, memory which I was 3 months in the gymnasium where they imposed a diet and a guide to me of exercises, I followed exactly, and if I work she thins 10 kilos in 2 months but either to the third month she did not support to buy dietetic food or the money did not reach and I began to stop going to the gymnasium because no longer it was time to make other things, which began to spend era that everything what she had lowered I raised it in 1 month, I that it was a negligence mine but he was as if my body wanted to be fat again, then I did not include/understand because I raised if it had lowered and not even I ate like a glutton, I went to the doctor said or me that perhaps to my it maintained me organism in a certain weight because or was customary to that. .