Loyal Customers

Gifts gourmet and wine drinkers and can succeed in its work. Know it too! You come from a busy day to go home and want to relax just yet. Mary Barra often addresses the matter in his writings. As it’s often your customers. And this is the chance for you a unique giveaway to get your customers to leave. For example, with an elegant, chic and original wine set. Even though it so far not clearly proved, that wine has a health-promoting effect, piled up the signs in many studies.

8000 years one can trace back the history of wine. In many religions and in everyday life wine plays an important role since. You saw the grape juice as a beverage of the gods. All social layers of wine could come in the Roman Empire. Many testimonies about viticulture and wine come from the ancient Romans.

About 200 wine cellars can be seen in the famous ruins of Pompeii. Argentina is the largest wine-consuming and wine-producing country on the continent. From the cultural history of the people, wine is no longer become indispensable. A nice bottle of wine or a noble wine set for your customers would optimally suitable as a giveaway. And with your personal logo or your personal message your customers will think even still in the evening to you, if you enjoy your giveaway. Under you can your personal giveaway for your customers seek out and request a quote. You will be surprised that good is not always expensive and you can give your customers a successful evening.

Spanish Tarot

Minor Arcana: the decks of tarot tell stories due to that traditional Gypsy tarot Chuck relies on only the major arcana offers us a clear pattern of the importance much greater that is attributed to this group of letters above the so-called minor arcana. Such is the difference in the estimation of the value of the different sets of cards of tarot, that many even mistakenly believe that arcane minors are only cards of Spanish deck. Although the information that circulates on the minor arcana is, as one might expect, much more scarce than the existing on the elderly, a simple look at the illustrations take us to fully understand the tarot minor arcana differ clearly from the Spanish deck tiles. The confusion stems from the fact that both types of decks are divided into the same 4 sticks: gold, Cup, sword and bastos. But already there arises the first and important difference: the suits of the Spanish deck are composed of 12 letters. Of arcane minors, by 14. The figure is higher thanks to the inclusion of the number 10 (although the figure la Sota or Paje is kept), and the figure of the Queen.

Much has talked about the minor of these secrets into Chuck of tarot. The biggest flaw attributed to them is the possess a symbolic charge much more linear and less wealth than of the major arcana. However, these arcana have a peculiarity which elevates them above this apparent simplicity. The minor arcana tell a story. Unlike the major arcana, whose symbolic elements are easily identifiable and classifiable within a culture, religion or particular philosophical current, arcane minors symbolize what each consultant wants to see in them.

In a deck, a woman cries of happiness? For love? The death of a loved one? We do not know it: consequently, can be attributed to crying any of these causes, or also any other. Beyond, 2 characters provide are closing good business? They celebrate their love? Is brewing among them a betrayal? Once again, the possibilities are almost endless. This own minor arcana particularity makes them the Group of tarot cards more versatile, able to interpret each and every one of the great human comedy situations. A quality, no doubt, that nobody could tick minor.


2012 Will the world end? Do many people to visit my blog and see the 2012 end of the world? I accused of being deliberately trying to scare the people. I think that people already are too worried of if you don’t need nobody scared her. U.S. Mint is often quoted as being for or against this. I am simply providing worldwide information and knowledge about a subject that is going to affect our very existence. And say will affect because is is in the psychological or physically whatever happens we will move. Would anyone say to the crew of the Titanic to take it calmly, that nothing would happen. Someone should if I knew to tell them what was happening or would happen within a few hours.

Noah should also warn that the flood was about to happen and build a giant Ark. We can only lose fear of death when we close, nothing is hidden can help to go beyond this. Why death is a taboo subject and 2012 end of the world also will be it. As intelligent human beings, corresponds to each individual to determine their own beliefs based on the information they voluntarily choose and investigate. As an investigator independent of this topic, I do not pretend to have all the answers. However, I have learned a lot in recent years, more specifically in the past 22 years and I feel that it is my responsibility to share this vital information with the rest of the world. 2012 End of the world or in 2012, 2013, 2014 is an issue that must be understood. If there are so many prophecies and not Mayans only Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, this revealing something much more big: 2012 is not a prophecy only, but it is showing that there is a plan or as someone said we are to something that already has been designed for us, something that has to happen.

Regardless of the exact year. clear picture of the situation. The apocalypse is not something that happens as us kindness well or badly it will happen anyway. And that really changes all things. Once more the signs are everywhere and the end result could be far more dramatic. However even being paradoxical the end only can be fully happy, because behind this fulfillment this love. Therefore I’d love to see that not only it’s prophecies or that 2012 may be the end of the world whatever the year, something happened to if or and won’t be a merry-go-round ride. Without a doubt, something is going to happen. I would like to know your opinion on the matter.

Promotional Items For Every Budget

Promotional products are an ideal promotional medium! Who thinks about advertising, which invade classical channels such as print, TV, radio or Internet. But promotional sales compared with the largest and most important means of communication in third place. Rightly, because promotional items belong to the most accepted and most effect advertising media and are suitable for micro-enterprise as well as as integral to a comprehensive marketing mix of a large company. You can learn these advantages even on premium Werbeartikel.de! Promotional products are an ideal advertising medium in particular for small and medium-sized companies, because the investment in advertising is an investment in good, sustainable and competitive advertising at an affordable price. For beginners, lighters, keyrings and lanyards are suitable particularly well. This is useful and cheap giveaway items that belong in every promotional Starter Kit. Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH performs plastic, disposable lighters Electronic lighters and refillable lighters with or without a bottle opener. A successful addition is the keychain bottle opener or the key-ring for inserting paper printing.

Lanyards available in premium quality Promum already from 100 units. Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH is a global trading and production company in the area of promotional products, promotion, event articles and merchandising. We are the specialist for promotional items, giveaways, advertising and merchandising items. For both our experience and our 25 000 clients speak all over the world. Our service covers the following areas: production, sales and distribution logistics, preparation and organization of online shops. Our company is characterized according to the company profile by: quality, style and reliability.

Bermuda Triangle

Large format advertising the Cologne gay scene is for the project inconnect around the Rudolfplatz. Everything located here: lounges, bars pubs. Each operator there doing his own thing in principle but nevertheless is also a family thought with each other. Therefore, the commercial operator to a community project have teamed up the inconnect bermuda-triangle. To demonstrate this independence and concurrent solidarity owner of three bars in this neighborhood, Dieter Hennes wanted to give his ex corner a new appearance. He ordered the large format advertising in the EasyShare display GmbH in Hanover.

On this there are colorful, partly related, partly to see only the pieces of the puzzle which inconnect embody the project. Cologne is the city with one of the largest gay communities in Germany. There is an enormous cultural and recreational facilities for the approximately 100,000 gay and lesbian Cologne. Also the Bermuda is, triangle with its bars and pubs of the gay scene. In the week and on the weekend inter alia in the Mumu, the Schampanja and the three bars Ixbar, Excile ex corner from Dieter Hennes flirted, celebrated and danced. Happy hour specials, live DJs or themed parties offer commercial operators partially.

You want it but not outdo, but rather bring the ideal party mix in the quarter. On new year’s Eve 2012, therefore, there was a party bus, which brought the Barhopper by a station / bar to the next. Commercial operators agree that their community project inconnect, is a good thing. You want to but not only with each other unite but also with other commercial operators and companies around the Rudolfplatz. DieZielsetzung is not the isolation of the community of interests related to the scene, but the exact opposite of inconnect. inconnect aims for the close interaction of the commercial operators and the integration of the community as well as the commitment to this area with all its colourful variety. To make clear the project for each Dieter Hennes has the houses wall of the former corner for large format advertising released. The logo of inconnect with its many puzzle pieces should be to see large on the wall of the House. The puzzle pieces are each other on one color of the Rainbow, symbol of homosexuals and the individuality of each individual but also for the connection. Therefore, Dieter Hennes arose in the network and was looking for a printing company, 1940 x 650 cm could make his large format advertising with the masses. The price comparison brought him to the EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover. Here, Dieter Hennes ordered his large format advertising and was very pleased with the settlement, as well as the friendliness of the staff. He was pleasantly surprised that it was delivered rather than originally announced. Now de large surface advertising to the corner of the ex has made are already some and its positive criticism. EasyShare display GmbH wishes Dieter Hennes and all the other inconnect having much success with their project and hopes that the large format advertising with its puzzle pieces still some passers-by but also encourages local entrepreneurs to stand still remain and share.


Munich-based advertisers win pitch for MINI connected Munich, January 13, 2011: the webguerillas, Germany’s leading full-service agency for alternative forms of advertising, could convince the pitch for a new MINI-spot and were tasked with the design and production of spots for MINI connected. The video mini puts on the carefree MINI fun with innovative networking between driver, his MINI, and the online world thanks to MINI connected in scene: A MINI driver is reminded of a birthday and finds the nearest small flower shop with the help of Google search. The spot is since for the time being in the Internet spread, a later broadcast via other channels still open December 23. Responsible you drew webguerillas five times for a MINI-viral spot since 2008. MINIMALISM, the stop-motion video with the fine liner and marker, including the Clio award, the EpicA Award and the New York awarded so far with ten Awards, Festival award. Creative Director is Christian Caroli in the webguerillas. Moritz Capelle advises the customers as head of interactive. Charles Schwab may find this interesting as well. Is responsible for the production of the film Living Room Pictures from Munich (Director: Jochen Hirschfeld).

The Agency is a full service provider for alternative advertising webguerillas. The portfolio includes all forms of advertising in the online and offline, that entertain and surprise the audience with unconventional ideas. The Munich-based recruiters were awarded in many cases and are among the leading agencies in Germany for viral campaigns, social media activities, guerrilla, Word-of-mouth-, ambient and mobile marketing, as well as for blog and website concepts. Additional business fields such as alternative PR and online monitoring round off the offer. Among the customers of webguerillas are among others Deutsche Telekom, Bacardi, MINI, ADAC and Zott. Webguerillas GmbH currently 48 employees.

“The Agency was founded in 2000 and won numerous prizes: 2010 was the stern.de campaign with the LeadAward in the category advertising campaign” award. The MINImalism-spot webguerillas won the Clio award 2010 in bronze and the silver international advertising award 2010 at the New York Festival. 2009, they took webguerillas gold online star and bronze at the London International Awards for the MINImalism-spot, as well as four times the OttoCar award. Also, she was nominated for the design award of the Federal Republic of Germany. in 2008, the Agency received the iF communication design award three international Davey Awards (two gold, a silver) for a T-Mobile event, 2007 Awards, such as the German dialog marketing award, and the iF communication design award-digital media. At the New York festivals won the webguerillas bronze in the category entertainment promotion and the Web Marketing Association has honored the site wet T-Shirt Worldcup”for Unibet as ‘Outstanding Microsite’. Contact: webguerillas GmbH Daniela Mayer phone: + 49 (0) 89 1893 089 – 23 E-Mail:

Promotional Giveaways

Interesting facts about the world of promotional products and giveaways if you want to increase the success of your company by developing a new product, a new brand or a new service, and publish them on the market, then you should here always that many problems can occur at this stage and that you should must do so very carefully, and as intensive planning the step note. Because the market is very tough in this day and age, what is not least due to the international financial crisis and the impending euro crisis. Therefore, you need a very good advertising campaign, that sets a very good means to convince the potential customers and clients of your products and brands. Promotional giveaways are a such means it can excellently be used, if you want to create a good advertising that inspires as many of the potential customers and clients for the company. This is important especially with the release of new products, new products always by nature are unknown in once, and therefore often only very poorly, if at all, can sell.

Unfortunately all new products share the problem, no matter how good the market gap or the idea behind the product is. If you would like to know more then you should visit Florence Griffith_Joyner. Therefore, a good advertising here plays a particularly important role, if you want to be successful. Therefore, it is always a very good idea to plan a varied advertising campaign. Promotional giveaways can help very easily, to make your advertising campaign, which even a long time after the actual campaign will help your company to be a great success. The reason is that promotional gifts have a much longer effect than conventional advertising media. A poster for example ceases to work, once you stop to look at it. A ballpoint pen or other promotional object, however, is very much longer, because he for one in the possession of the receiver remains, on the other hand very often used in everyday life and can recruit so intensely.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the promotional giveaways in so many companies, both for small Companies also corporations operating in large, international, are so popular. Even if these advertising funds need a certain amount of planning, they are but an ideal means for the advertising, because they influence the potential customers quickly and especially intensive. You should consider but also a number of aspects in the planning so that advertising with these gifts will be a success. For example, it is very important that one keeps the interests and needs of potential clients and important partners in mind when designing. Because the promotional items can be much better freebies when they are tailored to the needs of the customers. To do this, customers will find that you like the gifts, and that your company is very attentive, and on the needs of their customers. Therefore you can ensure guaranteed very successfully, that your company can increase its sales. Therefore you should necessarily accommodate this advertiser means in your next marketing campaign, so it is extremely easy to achieve a good effect, which have a particularly long time will help your company? Oliver Smith


Festival-PR PR4YOU PR agency from July 2nd to 4th expected the Organizer learning in motion e.V. on the grounds of the cultural Park Berlin-Kladow again more than 5,000 enthusiasts from across Europe. Over 50 international yoga teacher, guest speakers and musicians make a colourful programme, consisting of yoga classes, workshops and musical highlights. The large Wannsee fireworks will turn on Saturday evening in a sea of beautiful colors the sky over the Havel. An event in the event this year is new”: specially for the little Yogis will take place on Sunday, July 4, the Kinderconvention. “For all the children, there is a great program, an exciting Yoga quiz rally and the possibility, in groups or alone, the large” to show how you properly the practice times “makes. Media representatives can apply now quickly and easily for the Berlin Festival of Yoga through the PR agency PR4YOU: by E-Mail to or by fax to + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 (www.pr4you.de/ pressefaecher/yogafestival/dokumente/akkreditierung_fax_2010.pdf). Learn more about the Yoga Festival in Berlin, as well as the programme of events 2010 are available in the Internet at.

Detailed information about the PR agency PR4YOU are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: you can download in the online Pressefachern another quick and easy image and text material for free use: press compartments/pr4you contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr. Holger Ballwanz, Mr Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about the PR agency PR4YOU: Berlin-based PR agency PR4YOU is a full service agency for Public Relations and communication. PR4YOU supervised companies, institutions and individuals regionally, nationally and internationally in the areas of Public Relations, since 2001 classical press work, media work and public relations, online PR, search engine-PR (SEO PR), social media relations, radio PR and radio advertising, TV-PR and TV sponsorship, video-PR, media consulting, media planning, advertising and promotional circuit, corporate communications, corporate publishing and corporate design. The range from the strategic PR consulting to operational implementation to continuous PR support with variable and custom fee models. PR consultancy and PR support, corporate PR, brand PR and product PR, event-PR, fair-PR, personal PR, personality-PR, corporate social responsibility PR, crisis PR, online PR, search engine-PR (SEO PR) include social media relations (social media PR, PR 2.0) radio-PR, TV-PR, video-PR, corporate communications and advertising.

PR4YOU has an own press database with editorial contacts of many departments (for Germany alone over 30,000 records are available) as well as its own press shipping tool. Recently Charles Schwab sought to clarify these questions. Thus, the PR Agency is independent of Data distributors and mail delivery services. The certified PR consultant (DAPR) Holger Ballwanz’s team consists of 8 employees. Include, for example, the current customers of the Agency: admin AG, optivel AG, blood transfusion service of the national associations of the DRC of Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, Germany, Oldenburg and Bremen gGmbH, Bundesverband dyslexia and dyscalculia, yoga Festival Berlin, Molaris GmbH (the paint doctor), micropayment GmbH, fefa Reisen GmbH, ODS – Office data service GmbH, SPEED-FIT GmbH, one by one EDV GmbH, Brainworks GmbH, fitness hotline GmbH, German Media Academy GmbH, scandtrack tourism GmbH, scake food GmbH, as well as the 4-star Upstalsboom Hotel Ostseestrand. Learn more about the PR agency PR4YOU are on the Internet under available.

Siglo Veintiuno

In the 1980s, those difficult days in the Venezuelan bolivar suffered the greatest setback in its history, there was an extreme concern about the future fate of the one that had probably been the most prosperous city of the Colombian Caribbean coast for ten consecutive years. In effect, the drop of the Venezuelan currency meant the immediate withdrawal of most of the buyers of a trade whose bonanza irrigaba to all households in the city and is mani9festaba in much of coastal departments households. The absence of buyers meant a noticeable and abrupt decline in sales and the consequent closure of commercial establishments, dismissal of personnel and a melancholy that present in every corner of the town. The situation is aggravated by the bolivar, whose first casualty took him for a quote of $16.50 to $6.0, remained down and the slide of its devaluation carried it on $5, $4, $3 not be had spare well that blow Maicao when the Colombian Government He also began to take measures of constraint to the entrance of goods coming from Maicao to other Colombian cities. The Minister of Finance of President Virgilio Barco Vargas who at that time was Cesar Gaviria Trujillo, began to speak with insistence of internationalization of the economy and, therefore, of the opening of the country to the entry of foreign goods. Gaviria Trujillo went from saying to the fact when he was elected President in 1990 and then the situation of Maicao worsened dramatically, since it ceased to be one of the almost exclusive points where foreign goods entered, he became one supplier of homes and shops retailers in several cities.

If before, during the crisis of the Bolivar, to Maicao has had issued advance the game of death, there was now no forced to give Christian burial. And so the connoisseurs saw him. The future of Maicao was truly dark and the only thing that did see a weak little light at the end of the endless tunnel, was the creation of the area of special customs regime of Maicao, Uribia and Manaure, created in the Decade of the 1990s. The mess of trade was total and crises were recurring. The bolivar fell to unthinkable levels and controls of the Colombian authorities were made more stringent.

However, every time that was taken to the city pulse observers included with surprise that the heart of the sick was still throbbing and not giving signals that it would stop. In conclusion, it was necessary to break the mortuary certificate and cancel the funeral honors because Maicao not died and, to judge by the opinion of the maicaeros, had no desire to die in the next thousand years at least. Today the heart of the former sick beats more strongly than ever. There is a fact that gives life to Maicao despite low quote of the bolivar and its precarious trade with other cities in the country: the economy of Maicao ceased to depend on business with visitors and is based, mainly, of the multi8ples businesses that make the maicaeros between them.

Successful Online Stores

Web design is the bowl of Bayreuth for man and machine, October 13, 2009 – online stores are successful not by definition. Targeted – and search-engine-friendly Web design in addition to other factors – decides whether their sales figures. The Bayreuth Werbeagentur 4c media has established itself as a powerful Web design partner for successful online stores. That it is not done alone with the installation of a shop system, prove thousands shop corpses on the Internet. You not be found via search engines present outdated, poorly operated and are neither content nor visually engage their visitors.

The Bayreuth Werbeagentur 4 c media shows that there is another way. Web design successful Web design is much more for man and machine, to incorporate into a system as text and pictures “, explains Stephan Badri, owner of 4 c media. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from GMC. Due to many years of experience, we know that Web design is only successful for online shops, if buyer and search engines are so satisfied. That’s why”, said the Agency Chief, we work with only Shop systems by professionals such as XIST4C of LivingLogic, which technically open leave nothing to be desired. Also we listen to our customers very closely.

Just so we can see how their audience is ticking and should be addressed in the Internet.” Successful Web design by 4 c media the knowledge of the Bayreuth specialists extend far beyond that of a traditional advertising agency. So, search engine optimized page design and Google-compatible text are no foreign words for the upper Franconia. 4 c media portfolio including necessary adjustments has also powerful CMS and shop systems. The Web design is used to always individually and according to latest standards. Successful reference shops such as saunasteine.com or cent-online.de demonstrate the performance of the advertising agency from Bayreuth. Last delivered the Werbeagentur 4 c media Web design for the relaunch of the online printing flyerpilot.de. Several months development time in close cooperation with LivingLogic as well as customization and extension of the used Shopsystemes marked this demanding and challenging project. “2007 was 4 c media designed website carporte.de during CeBIT audience award Germany’s best website” award. Short profile: 4 c media is more than twelve years service providers for the complete support in all areas of advertising. Expertise and knowledge about the modern advertising links take customers from all over Germany to complete. A network built up over the years across guarantees contacts with powerful third-party and external specialists. The 4c’s advertising agency headquartered in the Wagner city Bayreuth in Bavaria media.