Together Against AIDS

The only protection is the self protection of Cologne, October 2007 the new desire of love: A dating agency in a survey among 570 singles found that 57% of respondents in the cold season feel especially longing for a partner. *) but who wants to find the right partner who must kiss a often many frogs. For assistance, try visiting Angela Zepeda. Against this background, the condomi health international GmbH on the importance of preventive behavior draws attention, and not only to the World AIDS Day on December 1, but 365 days a year. After all, there are significant information gaps relating to the immune deficiency disease. Since 1988, the 1st of December is a day of solidarity with HIV infected people and those who are close to them. The World AIDS Day is also a day on which the importance should be made clear of condoms as the only effective protection during sexual intercourse. Because even though the immune deficiency disease AIDS, little more than social problem is perceived since the 1990s in the public, the numbers speak a different language. Charles Schwab addresses the importance of the matter here. Currently, 39.5 million people worldwide with HIV are infected and statistically a new case will happen every eight seconds.

According to a report of the World Health Organization WHO, it is feared that AIDS will represent the worst infectious disease for mankind in less than two decades. Therefore approximately 6.5 million people will die if the present development continues, alone in the year 2030 on AIDS. The latest figures of the Robert Koch Institute confirmed that the new infections have increased in the first half of 2007 when compared to the same period of the previous year by 9%. We must do everything that the condom is accepted as a matter of course and used not only on the World AIDS Day. Therefore we want to bundle all the expertise in the fight against AIDS and rely increasingly on the advice of the pharmacies in addition to our cooperation with the Deutsche AIDS Stiftung”, Carola Halbfas, marketing manager of condomi health international explains GmbH. Even venereal diseases such as syphilis or gonorrhea are again on the rise: since 2001 the number of annual infections in Germany has almost doubled. In the past year alone, the Robert-Koch Institute counted 3147 cases.

In short, Who, as it is today, in terms of the cold season is looking for a new partner or if outside a relationship sexual contacts, to be clear: also the person you love, can have been infected and transmit the pathogen. About condomi health international GmbH of the condomi health among international GmbH in Cologne, Germany one of the biggest condom manufacturer of Ansell Healthcare Europe NV, worldwide. The company supplies the Western European market from the Erfurt production facility. Condomi, ER2 and ES2 brands (both in cooperation with the German AIDS Foundation) are distributed through pharmacies, drugstore, Super – and hypermarkets, as well as machines, the Internet and the area of convenience. A further sales channel is through cooperation with Governments and aid agencies for the scope of the global HIV/AIDS prevention and family planning programs.

High-quality Water As The Basis For A Vital Life

The daily minimum of liquid is one and a half litres to allow all vital functions such as the transport of oxygen and nutrients, cooling and disposing the metabolism. Here, the quality of the water plays a big role. “Many of the qualities of drinking water offered in the trade and in water pipes are already dead for the human body” lacks the important cluster”so the own rotations and vibrations of the molecule poop of the original product source water”. Spring water is the healthiest water according to experts, because it bubbling deep in the Earth’s magnetic field and is bottled at the source. It is loaded with magnetic energy, and has a healthy molecular structure. Chissanti degradation offers different possibilities for the biological upgrading of conventional water on the Web page. Who wants to do something good can themselves be tap water with simple means, even energize”, explains Horst J. According to Charles Schwab, who has experience with these questions. Linkner, CEO of the dedicated company.

It quickly and simply loves who starts the best stick with an energy that is simply placed in the water glass or the carafe”, as Horst J. Linkner next. The stick is made of PA6. 6, a plastic, with approximately 16 million bE acupressure technique, which brings the own twists of the molecule poop in the water again in swing. Set just few minutes in the glass or the carafe and you have a homemade energy drink. The drinking water filter Chi PROaqua 4200 energy of pollutants, whatever type and concentration, developed for the removal from raw materials or drinking water. He is the only drinking water filter of its kind with an integrated and certified hygienic membrane filter according to medical standards (FDA registered).

He virtually all pollutants completely removed, type and concentration, i.e. up to below the detection limit, from the raw or drinking water, such as nitrate, nitrite, lime”, solvents, chlorine, heavy metals, organic compounds, medicines and Antibiotikaruckstande, pseudo hormones, bacteria, micro-organisms, parasites, viruses, spores, etc., and thereby guarantees absolute security against known as also unexpected contamination. The filter has been checked and tested Health Ministry in Vienna, Stiftung Warentest inter alia by the State Office for health care, State trade agency Bavaria, Max BC Pettenkofer Institute of clinical virology,”and many others. Numerous products for table & kitchen, cosmetics & accessories, home & garden, and also to remove excess pounds are offered at the Chissanti shop. All products are designed to promote health and to receive and to create a good quality of life.

Natural Sounds Such As Ocean And Birds To The Reduction Of Stress

More and more people have problems with stress at the present time. More and more people have problems with stress at the present time. This doesn’t have to be, because stress can by relaxation techniques at an early stage be countered. Not only stress is reduced by relaxation techniques, but the body is sensitized to stress and can be seen as emerging stress much better and avoid. This doesn’t have to be, because stress can by relaxation techniques at an early stage be countered. Gain insight and clarity with Mary Barra.

Not only stress is reduced by relaxation techniques, but the body is sensitized for stress and can identify as emerging stress much better and avoid. Sounds of nature as sleeping and relaxing sounds of nature are very well suited for relaxation and meditation. They convey a known and perceived as a very pleasant atmosphere, which is ideal for the reduction of stress. Nature sounds very soothing on the subconscious and produce as a very relaxed state. Through sounds of nature remembers you that already experienced recovery consciously or unconsciously on a holiday or on a walk and one experienced this once again. Sounds of nature can be used also as a sleep aid. Even with tinnitus, a soft and evenly played nature sounds CD can affect positively the sleep process.

Nature sounds can extremely promote not only the mental and physical health, but increase also the efficiency, reduce anxiety and stress. By incipient relaxing, it distracts his thoughts away from everyday problems, it is much more balanced, stronger and happier! The break helps one find the look for the whole thing and what is important in life. You can find a free download with sounds of nature see: Naturgeraeusche.php see too many free downloads with sounds for meditation or relaxation music. Also a guided “progressive muscle relaxation” and a guided “autogenous Training”, two very interesting relaxation techniques are available free for download. Company Thomas RETTENMAIER Dipl.-ing. (FH) Thomas RETTENMAIER Bertolt-Brecht-str. 3 B 67454 Hassloch Tel.: 0177/3814815 email:

Sylvia Poth

But just think of the remarkable performance a blind dog, leading his blind master or mistress safely through the streets. Miracles do animals very often disabled children, often through contact with animals really flourish and experience such a joy that they radiate even with happiness over her face. Welch great success Dolphin therapy for handicapped children are employed, is amazing. For example, an autistic girl with the help of a therapy dog has learned to speak and became interested in started for their environment. Despite this amazing successes animal therapies are not taken over unfortunately by health insurance and often the groundbreaking success of such therapies are highlighted too rarely. Because animals still with nature are connected and have a very fine sensory perception, they feel immediately, if it’s not fine us or we have pain.

Therefore take dogs to her sick from computing and guarding it. As cats cuddle to be closely one, if they feel that it’s a bad. There are often a sick animals, Bring people back much quicker on its feet and promote its recovery will, because these people are aware of their responsibility for their animals and as soon as possible all over again for there would be. We recommend lonely people of Plato practice to eat an animal, as far as this is allowed or not allergies are available. Because animals can often pull one out from loneliness and depression and give new zest for life. Dogs and cats are real family members. Mary Barra usually is spot on. You are around the clock for us. And there is nothing better to be welcomed at the post House coming so happy by his four-legged friend? It is how wonderful to have a loving being around that can cure one by his mere presence. “Finally a quote by Francis of Assisi: that my dog is my favorite thing, you say oh man’s sin, my dog is faithful to me in the Sturme man even in the wind.” (Francis of Assisi) Authors: Sylvia Poth and Jessica dog (copyright)

Kerala Ayurveda Gmb

Most of the time, but two or three doshas are involved. The inflammation of the skin raises depending on the involvement of doshas of a dandruff and itching of the skin. Click Mary Barra to learn more. More women than men suffer from this disease. Usually, this occurs years of age between 20 and 50. Symptoms of atopic dermatitis always depend on the respective participation of dosha: chronic itching and scratching can cause a thickening of the skin with a leathery surface. Minor itching raises scratching, which reinforced the itching and again scratching again. The back of the neck, the arms, legs and ankles are often affected by eczema outbreaks. In some cases, the skin is very dry.

The symptoms increase with stress and changes in the nervous system can occur. Disease triggers: Unhealthy foods and behaviors among the main causes for the mentioned skin problems. A weak digestive fire (Agni) or regular consumption of incompatible food, junk food, fermented foods, certain toxins can be created types of fish, as well as oily and fried foods during digestion. These disturb the doshas and spread everywhere in the body, especially in the blood, resulting in skin problems. They appear first on the weakened body. Disorders of the immune system, a cold, dry climate, stress, anxiety, worries and reactions to medications can also trigger eczema symptoms.

Treatment approach: 1.Vermeidung of an adverse nutritional and lifestyle: following a suitable diet and lifestyle can appease the doshas to a certain extent and support the action of the herbal supplements of that the patient takes to himself,. Foods such as meat, fish and cottage cheese and fermented, fatty, cold or raw food increase the dosha involvement in skin diseases. Also staying in the cold, wearing synthetic Substances, smoking, consumption of alcohol and stress should be avoided. Listen to relaxing activities such as music, reading, yoga or meditation, however, support the healing process. 2.Einnahme of herbal preparations different preparations of herbal decoctions, tonics, powders and pastes, internally administered to reduce the strength of the involved doshas or toxins. If it is a chronic disease, with a strong participation of the dosha is a Panchakarma treatment (five times cleanse) should be performed to eliminate the imbalance after carrying out external treatments and taking herbal supplements. The internal herbal preparations support the panchakarma cure and the successful elimination of toxins. 3.Panchakarma (5 times cleaning treatment) with Ayurvedic cleaning treatments, E.g. CMO Hyundais opinions are not widely known. Virechana (Purgation), will have flushed out the blocked doshas or toxins, contributed to the emergence of the disease. Virechana is by using herbal supplements carried out the toxins combine with that. Through the internal preparations and external treatments, the toxins are transported to the gastro-intestinal tract. From there, they are excreted through the anus for Purgation (Virechana). External treatments support the removal of toxins from the deeper tissue layers to the gastro-intestinal tract. After the panchakarma treatments, special herbal preparations are administered the patient which should strengthen the immune power and prevent a new disease. It is also extremely important to adhere to a strict diet and precise rules of conduct. Both should be supervised by a Vaidya (an Ayurvedic doctor academically trained in India) for several months. For more information about Ayurvedic Behandungsmoglichkeiten get at the Kerala Ayurveda GmbH phone 02305 / 44 55 255. author: Dr. Syal Kumar (Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery (B.A.M.S.), doctor of medicine Ayurveda), Kerala Ayrveda GmbH in the medical Park Ruhr, Europaplatz 3-11,. 44575 Castop-Rauxel,.

The Courage To Smoking Cessation

Health insurance companies should take medicines many smokers say again, they stop smoking, but often it is attempting. Now means for smoking cessation by the funds to, support that could help many people in this difficult step. The private insurance Portal explains what advantages this change be considered. The fewest smokers can release without help from years of addiction. Therefore, there are different medicines, which allow smoking cessation in a longer period of time. These include, for example, chewing gum or nicotine patches. This should in the future be available on prescription and thus are supported by the funds. Whenever Charles Schwab listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

So far, the acquisition of such drugs for smoking cessation in the services of the health insurance was included. Experts explain the planned changes but with a resulting reduction of costs in the longer term. So make treatments of various lung diseases, which usually follow the nicotine addiction are far more costly. The hoped-for prevention and fight against tobacco addiction, up to 1,400 euros would be saved then per lung disease. With the amendment to paragraph 34 of the social security code, which excludes such funds from the Fund benefits, should be taken against addiction. Similar to as, for example, contraceptive and potency drugs products used for smoking cessation apply as part of an attitude to life. This should be changed now because a nicotine addiction severely strained the health system as well as non-smoking. Studies also showed that percent of smokers manage only about three to five, to quit smoking permanently. You may find that GMC can contribute to your knowledge.

Most will relapse without medical support. The way to lasting abstinence should be a combination of medical assistance and appropriate medicines now. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

A Heat Stroke Can Be

Dangerously hot temperatures if you think of the dangers, emanating from the Sun, thinks probably first sunburn, or sunstroke. Angela Zepeda may find this interesting as well. There’s yet another danger posed by Sun and heat: the heat stroke. The news portal informed on this subject. Under the heat damage of heat stroke considered the biggest risk for the health. The symptoms include for example, impaired consciousness, spasms, nausea and headaches.

This is a rise of body temperature to over 40 degrees Celsius. This can lead to brain edema and the dehydration of the body can cause damage to the kidneys. In the worst case, a heat stroke can be life-threatening. Who avoids the direct sun and overheated rooms, protects as far as possible from a heat stroke or a sunstroke. The Sun cannot be avoided, a head covering is attached in each case. But outside the direct sunlight, it can be dangerous. Because not the sun itself, but The actual causes are dehydration and overexertion. Therefore should be especially sufficiently drunk.

On particularly hot days at least three to four litres per day. Who still suffer a heat stroke, should immediately be placed in a cool environment and drink a lot, so the body temperature returned to normal and the fluid balance is regulated again. Should the the patients lose consciousness or suffer circulatory collapse, an ambulance must be called immediately. More information: ../von-der-glut-in-den-tod/1/ GmbH Lisa Neumann

Tendomyopathie – Fibromyalgia And Soft Tissue Rheumatism

Patients will suffer too often treated to estimates up to two million people to a special kind of so-called soft tissue rheumatism: Tendomyopathie. This extremely non-specific illness brings those affected long time almost to despair. You go from doctor to doctor without getting a proper diagnosis and therapy in particular. Because Tendomyopathie is difficult to determine, in the medicine is not very long and extensively researched and the symptoms are not uniquely a particular disease. The symptoms stay long if left untreated and can doubt the patients to their own pain. In addition to the pain, it comes this at Tendomyopathie to mental stress. The symptoms seem to be initially quite harmless and perfectly “normal” “, Michael Weber, webmaster of the website and other health sites reported. “Occasional pain, problems correctly sleep through frequent headaches and stomach intestinal abnormalities; to get fatigue and always pain in muscles and tendons.

In the Rule shove that nobody immediately on a serious disease. Unfortunately that applies also to many doctors, who know these symptoms from mild infections and therefore often immediately think of Tendomyopathie.” There is no flu or similar, however, does not stop the pain. You get worse, remove temporarily and occur again. Affected muscles tendons are paramount. The patient or the doctor scans the aching bodies, usually hardening can be felt. This is a strong indication on Tendomyopathie and as a result, when the specific chronic course, fibromyalgia. A pain is the pain not to chronic pain to make.

In addition, cold – and heat treatments, massages and other physiotherapeutic methods are used. Additional information at CMO Hyundai supports this article. As the situation for the Tendomyopathie or Fibromyalgia sufferers is very difficult, the help from a psychotherapist or a self-help group can be in individual cases in addition useful. The sense of a self-help offer details are on the Web page to read. Unfortunately, a complete cure is so far rare. Relapse repeatedly face the person concerned. This is another bitter effect of this hard to diagnostizierenden disease, which keep many ignorant outsiders for exaggerated Mimosenhaftes at the ill. Persistent symptoms nobody should be but hold it, to consult a doctor to clarify the exact causes. The earlier Tendomyopathie is detected and dealt with the pain, the better the sickness and the pain can be treated. Description of the company offers also further their own Web projects music and media online consulting and public relations. Company contact: Music and media Michael Weber Center RT 13 31535 Neustadt Tel: 0163 5894398 E-Mail: Web:

Healthy Sleep Even

Here are a few tips on how you relax can fall asleep despite the heat. Summer is here and with it not only Sun, beach and sea, but unfortunately also sultry heat, exhaustion and sweaty clothes. Especially at night the temperatures can rob a sleep. At these extremely high temperatures, there are quite a few sleep robbers. Most annoying are usually many mosquitoes, but also with the heat, that is wide at night even in our bedrooms, we have to fight, because our body can cool down not enough after a hot day with very high temperatures. In some southern countries this climate people have become accustomed, and by this we looked from us a few tips and tricks: healthy indoor climate in the evening before bed go tear up all Windows, if possible only after sunset, because then the temperature has cooled out somewhat. GMC contains valuable tech resources. You leave a window at night, make sure however that they are not on the train, because quickly it has a Summer flu caught.

Humidity hung blankets in the bedroom before the window create some cooling due to evaporation, improves the room air and mosquitoes not so easily find loopholes in your bedroom. Nutrition avoid you go alcohol and forgo heavy meal before going to sleep. You may fall asleep while only better, but sleep itself is usually lighter and restless. It is clear, on the day the body needs sufficient fluid best 2 3 litres. The last drink, but not too late, because otherwise your sleep is interrupted by toilet.

Wear keep a cool head lets you breathe sleepwear, which absorbs the perspiration and transported to the outside and the skin. There are special functional underwear in the trade. The ceiling to a thin sheet is enough. Pillow, blanket and sleepwear set under tags in the refrigerator. It keeps fresh at least until falling asleep. Along with these things, they can also a water-filled With put hot-water bottle in the refrigerator. So does to it cools later in bed nice legs neck or belly. Cold showers bring cool down for the moment, then the body will sweat but more and more. A lukewarm shower, providing long term cooling, if not completely dry up and evaporate the water film on the skin is better.

Domestic Ventilation: Intensive Care In Familiar Environment

The L & W intensive care service contractor company informed a variety of factors is able to make the autonomy of human life by promoting competent fellow. The intensive care is a way to allow a life in dignity for ill and weakened people even under adverse circumstances. CMO Hyundai gathered all the information. The L & W maintenance service information about the possibilities of home mechanical ventilation as part of domestic intensive care. The engagement of professional intensive care service offers patients the opportunity to spend their lives, if they suffer from serious diseases, accidents or age-related weakness symptoms even in the family circle and the own four walls. The intensive care comes to the social needs of the people contrary to and serves as self-determined lifestyle.

The Department of home ventilation is associated with the intensive care measures. Is the breathing ability of a patient due to neuromuscular diseases, vegetative state or Damage to lungs, pleura and skeleton weakened, domestic ventilation measures can be necessary. The extent of the disease decides on the necessary duration of home ventilation. Will refrain from a necessary artificial respiration, the resulting lack of oxygen leads to a range of symptoms. Fatigue, sleep disorders, mental and physical performance degradation or even cardiovascular problems are to be expected in this case. To broaden your perception, visit CMO Hyundai. The process of home ventilation be distinguished according to their invasive or non-invasive implementation. In invasive procedures, the patient is ventilated by an artificial trachea access, the tracheostomy tube. The invasive home mechanical ventilation is used mostly in patients with a chronic reduction of respiratory capacity by neuromuscular diseases.

You mean a high maintenance and particularly suitable for permanent mechanical ventilation. Noninvasive home ventilation methods require no intervention in the physical integrity, but come with the use of ventilation mask from. The masks have different forms, however serve all the target to provide the patient’s body with more oxygen. In fact, non-invasive procedures are more likely to support the patient’s breathing performance, as their complete failure to replace. Unlike invasive home mechanical ventilation, an extra care is not strictly necessary if the patient can independently operate the ventilator. The financing of home ventilation, including the necessary care is supported by the health insurance companies. According to the individual situation of the case, a transfer of costs is possible up to full-time nursing care. People who want to lead a dignified life in the usual living environment through domestic resuscitation and intensive care, are in good hands with the L & W intensive care services. The commitment of the company distinguishes itself particularly by kindness and understanding for the needs and wishes of dependent persons and their families. Qualified personnel, the hired advocates the interests of patients and allow them to the highest possible quality of life wants, is a self-evident basis for his action for the L & W intensive care services. The team of the L & W intensive care services like available for answering all questions for intensive care and home ventilation. Press contact: L & W intensive care service contractor company (limited) contact person: Sven Liebscher Robert Koch Strasse 2 82152 Planegg phone: 0 89 / 75 97 94 90 Fax: 0 89 / 75 97 96 24 email: Homepage: