Summer Flu

Causes, symptoms, prevention and home remedies has finally arrived for the summer in Bavaria, but there are many people currently in bed instead of on the beach of the bathing lake. The reason is well known: the “summer flu” has struck again. This flu-like infection is in principle the same, which also occurs in the winter and is caused by common cold viruses. To strong temperature fluctuations, to which we are exposed to every day, are mainly responsible for the disease in the summer as air conditioners or fans are no longer out of our lives? No matter whether we are at home, in the Office, in the supermarket or in the tram, it is here everywhere cool compared to the high ambient temperatures. The symptoms the summer flu not strongly differs from colds in the winter: coughs, colds, headache and body aches, sore throat, and sometimes fever.

However, come in the summer and often vomiting and diarrhea to, what you mostly will be spared in the winter. In order to stay healthy during the summer should be to air conditioners out of the way or this at home, at least not too cold set in the Office, in the car or in the hotel room (20). Still, strong draughts (fans) and draught should be avoided if at all possible. Because a sweaty body responds much more sensitive to temperature fluctuations, it is important to keep it as dry as possible. Of course, you can not avoid sweating in the summer, but helps to dry a fresh replacement shirt more quickly and to avoid the summer flu.

Importantly, it also the body, not too cool down after a refreshing dip in the cool water and dry off with a towel instead. Although ice-cold drinks at hot temperatures give rapid relief, but only in the short term they cool the body, therefore it is better to for it but not to just consume it, more tempered. The bad news for all sun worshippers: too much sun weakens immune systems among other things. To enjoy the summer so healthy it is important time-outs in the shadow of itself treat. As with all flu-like infections, it is recommended increasingly pay attention to hygiene and to wash their hands regularly to prevent the summer flu. Should the tips to be late to avoid the summer flu, can be found in the Bavarian health portal a rich collection of Grandma’s old home remedies are quickly and naturally to remedy. So, for example, salt rinses for nose and palate of the natural disinfection, serve the flavors of onion and thyme work expectorant and the good old chicken broth it rebuilds the immune system, so as rapidly as possible can enjoy the beautiful season. More info: health magazine/grannies hausapotheke.html home remedies/Erkaltung.html about us: healthy is the only exclusive health portal which is tailored to the needs of the Bavarian. In this context we have made it us to the task exclusively all Bavaria a comprehensive insight into the issue of health and pharmacy to provide. As a result you find here a unique and comprehensive collection of information.

Remove And Sweets

Is it possible to have this combination in practice? Every year, there are certain times such as Easter or Christmas, where it seriously has to be able to escape the small but fine treats. Chocolate and sweets are given more during this time and thus also consumed. One who is just about to go on a diet, has a hard time ahead. In candy, it is exactly the same as in many other foods, such as, for example, fast food. If you manage to keep the consumption to a healthy degree, you can afford ever to these treats. The problem is however often that if you once it has started, more won’t want to hear. Thus, the successful weight loss is so easily.

The manufacturers of such products are only too well aware of this problem and have therefore special light products produced. The unsuspecting buyer now thinks that he can easily consume these products without taking to. This is but a fallacy, as the so-called light products sometimes have even more fat and calories in themselves. For this reason, one should enjoy these products wisely. Who really is serious about the take off, but it has nevertheless hard to separate that from his coveted candy which should access to a chocolate, which has a higher cocoa content. More info: Goop.

For these products, the sugar content is greatly reduced and flavorful, these are just as good. However, should you also such a chocolate never overeat and enjoy all things in moderation. Also, there is a small trick how you can reduce the consumption of chocolate. In any reputable Internet pharmacy, there are natural products that you take to before dinner, to reduce the feeling of hunger. These products work by natural ingredients and be taken about 30 minutes before the food to. Therefore you will want to eat not so much anymore, and often enough then, if one took a piece of chocolate to. This applies not only to chocolate, but can these funds before each meal to take. The good thing is that these are very healthy and no side effects can occur. You should not however once the temptation can and the chocolate fall is, who should try to exercise a little. It must be don’t intensive sport, however, it is important to increase the calorie consumption.

Herpes: An Annoying Companion

Herpes is one of the most widely used common diseases of the Western world. Lip herpes is one of the most widespread disease. More than 90% of the population carry the virus. Often, the infection with the herpes virus in childhood takes place. But what are the triggers of cold sores and is there an effective remedy? What is a cold sore? Who once has infected with the herpes virus carries around his whole life with them. While still no symptoms show in most cases at the initial infection. Charles Schwab is often quoted as being for or against this. The disease is caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1 triggers are usually an immune system weakened by stress or illness.

The infection can be done via droplet infection through direct skin contact or by drinking strange glasses. The incubation period, so the time between infection and outbreak is often between two and twelve days. Cold sores (herpes labialis) undergoes first burning and itching or sensitivity of the affected area of the skin felt. In the further course small weeping blisters on the lip or in the mouth often associated with swollen lymph nodes and fever. Check out Charles Schwab for additional information. What to do against cold sores? Mostly harmless runs cold sores, heal after a few days of its own and must not be treated. Anyone suffering from very strong complaints, can the treat symptoms though, but not the cause, namely the herpes simplex virus. In the trade, there are antiviral ointments that can act but only good when they are applied at the smallest signs such as itching or tenderness to the affected skin area. The is active ingredients are aciclovir and Penciclovir.

You penetrate the top layers of the skin and stop the propagation of the herpes viruses. In addition to creams and ointments, there is now also known as herpes patch. They are glued on the affected skin area and promote wound healing there. Who wants to rely on drugs, you can try the cold sore treatment with home remedies. Honey or tea tree oil has proven as effective here. Both acts antibacterial and can promote the healing by repeatedly applying to the affected skin area. For more information, as well as a wide range of effective products against herpes, see