What is oxygen therapy at home? Oxygen therapy is a therapeutic method to induce the oxygen uptake in diseases in which is decreased in the patient’s own home. Continue to learn more with: Mary Barra. It is performed by the centres or services specialists who have been authorised by health services what are the sanitary documentation and information services? They are related services: information to the patient on the rights of the welfare services and their use. The facilitation of the discharge and the report of external consultation report. Communication or delivery, at the request of the user, a copy of your medical history or certain data from them. Issuance of reports or certificates on the State of health resulting from health benefits. What could he do before a possible medical malpractice? The most usual procedure to claim a medical neglect of public health is through the procedure of Patrimonial claim administration, common administrative procedure to claim any damage causing the normal or abnormal functioning of public services to the administered. It must be presented within a period of one year since manifests the damage from healing or the determination of the scope of the aftermath. Is presented to the competent sanitary Agency of the Ministry of health through a letter in which the narration of the events, injuries sustained, the relationship between these lesions and abnormal activities of the health service must be expressed and, if possible, the economic valuation of the aftermath. You can join or request all the evidence and information deemed necessary. If within six months from its filing did not receive express response means that the resolution is contrary to compensate, then opening period for the claim before the courts through a contentious-administrative appeal.

Health Insurance Exchange

Additional contributions are a reason for termination some statutory health insurance companies have announced to raise a higher additional contribution at the turn of the year. For insured persons, this means a financial overhead by up to one percent of gross income. Whoever changes the health insurance now, can avoid this additional contribution not only, but also capitalize on attractive product awards. Stefan Ebers, who as editor of the website of dealt extensively with the topic, advises to change if the own insurance wants to raise an additional contribution. He elaborates: “the range of services is similar to any statutory health insurance fund. Because the rate of contribution is politically uniformly laid down to 15.5 percent, the additional contribution makes a significant difference. These may collect the funds if necessary.

The insured person can save lots of money when he switches to a health insurance company, which makes no such additional fee. He gets even in many cases an Exchange premium in the form of a contribution in kind such as a Digital camera, a Cookware Set or a phone.” Occasionally, the health insurance companies pay back even a portion of the contributions. A change of health insurance is worthwhile in many cases. A cashier change is always possible, if the insured person for 18 months was a member. A health insurance company announces an additional contribution, the insured person has an extraordinary right of termination at the date of its collection. A deviation can apply to insured at some funds that have been added to their fare with additional services. To change the health insurance, is very easy, especially on the Internet. Stefan Ebers explains the process: “the insured person selects the new insurance company, receives a formulated in letter of resignation, which signed on the old health insurance will be sent from this.

Afterwards, the confirmation of the cancellation and the application to the new health insurance company are sent. Finally the membership in the new must be assigned to the old health insurance through a confirmation.” Fear of a change must have nobody, emphasizes Ebers. The Changing the health insurance fund is completely risk-free and closed after a few days. If the insured is a member of the new health insurance, he saves the additional contribution and in addition benefits from attractive premiums, which a few days later will be sent with the post in the House. The same applies if he was not recruited by other members. Because at the turn of the year, some health insurance companies want to raise an additional contribution, right now is the time, go to an appropriate health insurance. Description of the company informed about the advantages and possibilities, the statutory health insurance to switch health insurance Web project. This lists details about the topics of notice periods and additional posts, change premiums, differences in the range of services. Company contact: health insurance Stefan Ebers Davenstedter str.