The Lack Of Innovation In The Universities Public Of Mexico

Consider the advancement of Mexico in contemporary times is virtually nil consideration, the technological boom of the country is laughable compared to so-called first-world Nations, cannot be considered the technological and educational level of Mexico with regard to countries such as Germany, Japan, the United States, among others. The standard of living in these countries is also very different from that which occurs in the Republic in which we live. And we will ask are how in a country of more than 100 million inhabitants cannot be this development?, answers there are thousands, the Government, poverty, poor education, etc. But today we will consider innovation as one of these many evils. The only way to generate technologies is through innovation, the creation of own processes, the creation of standards and other artifices are nullified without in the universities in our country is not focused this medium. As we intend to have entrepreneurs or successful businessmen whether in universities of? does this nation only teach be a worker or technician efficient? Public universities in Mexico in their great majority do not create innovative single technological automata, there are no programs for entrepreneurs in our country and laughter seems to a technological exhibition where the students intended to seem innovative or entrepreneurs creating new products, which only notes the use of foreign technologies in these applications, where they intend to sell mirrors, not stones, things without use in any field, with little impact and without any real application.

An example, in the year 2003 visit these Stans in a technology in the city of puebla fair, where you expected to see cream and cream of the innovations of the party Centre of the country, great disappointment mine, 80% of these elements had no use whatsoever and were ideas so be searched a group of young people intended to sell recycled wateranother group believe a company for packaging of chapulines and wanted them to sell as snacks, do you consider that something innovative?, perhaps the young believed that insects would be a boom, contrary, know that in that part of the country they are consumed, however the product lacked presentation, imagine in the covers or posters these insects drawn as is as they are do to case not seem unpleasant in sight?, now imagine them in your dish, good things like those of many other young men had innovated in homes built with recyclable materialsdoes isn’t that already exist?, in the end the amount of ideas wrong realistic or counselled was drastic. Innovation is not always create new or very sophisticated things, is to take something simple and make it into something useful. Maybe these young people did not have full responsibility, you have to revise their curricula and the conditions of their teachers to see which of them could at least rescue a project. Educational programs at schools public and technological type is devoid of this basis subject to any professional in the field that to perform, even for those who take our country technology for trying to use. It is little comparable with private where since the first education diagram materials instruct young people undertake and innovate. Mexican industry lacks this practically always, they must make decisions from the programs of study up to the training of teachers to be able to produce entrepreneurs out of the technological doldrums to the industry of our country. This will generate and promote development both industrial and financial, creating new industries and generating wealth than it is asking.