Free Ticket To Independence

“With a”ticket to independence”,”Bo”Boom Boom A free ride hosts parties with the project” has Germany’s largest independent mobile service provider mobilcom-debitel, the first 6-month scholarship for artistic freedom and independence”at the Hamburg musician Bo” award. Over a period of 6 months (April to September 2010), this will be the musician Bo”given the opportunity, regardless of labels, A & R managers and sound studio time to work on his new album. Specially large loft was billed for apartment with its own recording studio and Clubbreich stage in the Hamburg Karolinenviertel available a 400 m, where he can live during this period, celebrate, and work. BOOM BOOM – A free ride”titled das Bo” even these freebies and already has many creative ideas for the period. In addition to the development of his new album, the focus of the project is organized the Bo”regular exclusive events with his friends from the German art and music scene. About the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and an own Internet page are news, pictures, videos and personal party invitations from the Bo”on the community communicates. There, fans and friends of actions can participate and also occasionally get one of the coveted guest list for the events at the Loft. Now largest BOOM BOOM is A free ride”on party of all time – the first time outside of the actual location.

Is celebrated on the 09.07.2010 at the DOCKS. It’s already the 11th party and now the talk of town in Hamburg, because admission to the BOOM BOOM parties by personal invitation only so far and about the guest list was possible. At the exclusive parties in the currently hottest club in the city, stars such as Sasha, Deichkind, Gunslinger, Jan Delay celebrated OleSoul and Star Chef Tim Maltsters to the sounds already, blessed, including Redman, Moonbootica, Adana twins, Miss Leema and DJ Haitian star aka torch. So is the demand for the BOOM BOOM party “” great, that we partake this time all this will leave “So the Bo”. The Bo will lead through the evening in the DOCKS and welcome many musician friends. Line up for the DOCKS live be bands, as well as DJ expected sets of the Hamburg scene. LIVE: The BO feat. “The HNGERGNG NATE 57 CHRIS NIX BALKANOID I-FIRE of DJs: MISS LEEMA FLO MOTION DJ placebo DJ HAITIAN STAR via a raffle on the Facebook fan page be 700 people free admission, around 200 guests of which receive as a Free Rider”-enjoy absolute independence (including free drinks, snacks, and fan-facilities) – in the VIP area of the DOCKS. Joeb Moore & Partners addresses the importance of the matter here.

Media partners have the possibility to draw 2 x 2 Free Rider courses. Prior to the event in the DOCKS (10: 00 start) we would like to invite the media partners and editors to a get-together from 19:30 at the BOOM BOOM loft in the Karolinen str. 45. “You can then with DAS Bo” interviews on lead and then as a Free Rider “expected in the DOCKS. Commitments and requests, please contact: more info at: press contact: SILVA IMKEN PROMOTION A division of AD IN marketing consulting GmbH Bluthgenstrasse 1 D-10709 Berlin phone: + 49 (30) 80495145 mobile: + 49 (173) 2943472 fax: + 49 (30) 80495143 e-mail:

Heike Franseckys

Serves as a hanger of here analysed silver disc a seemingly wonderful reinterpretation us all one guaranteed well-known ballad classic of legendary US entertainer Barry Manilow. For Mandy”music was already sent on 18 June d.J. Gain insight and clarity with Charles Schwab. advance as trade-Maxi at DA in the race and ravaged recently even the Internet charts by Smago.NET. A by Andreas gangsta far more rock-based, earthy, as the original is the case, arrangement crafted from, meets radically sentimental, in love, at the same time nightly metropolitan, unquestionably a little surreal rhymes from the pen of Heike Franseckys, which transfer the recipient plenty of space to the own interpretation and with full force to encourage, especially between the lines to read / listen to. Of course the other songs, mostly brand new compositions, as well as two remixes are available for a long time known and “” popular title, plus two class Gerds contributions ultimately just as stunning to indication 2009-Opus the own face “, the ingenious, native perspective of Barry Manilows pretty Mandy” in nothing after. Yearning, dreamy, thus, thematically similar to oriented songs of Udo Jurgens, Hildegard Knef, or gemahnend, we hear about the so cozy, I knew a clown like tingling chanson”, the both elements of the French, as the Russian folklore in.

Lyrical philosophical, contemplative held, and sound as to precisely set country members fortified German pop ertonend, the so sizzling shows how opulent staged pop/rock-stalker life”. “” Somewhere between the Urberliner singer-songwriter Klaus Hoffmann and in turn the Knef “, considers himself the monumental noble chanson faces in the crowd” on. “As the closest to the traditional pop-leaning post on still youthful”, proves to be the summer comes from all alone “, the as regards melody to Henry Valentino’s iconic 70s trash, a la In the car in front of me”reminds. An unquestionably smart, fleet number to the German drinking songs, but not necessarily the qualitative highlight of the qualitative highlights! “” On the CD, I will be there “(2003), the first disc, Gerd Christian, had drawn up together with his congenial producer team Heike /”Goldi”, an explosive pop pop piano ballad called nothing in the world was”.

Subject One

Today, everywhere I hear that here and there, the musicians almost confiscated notebooks with information, with backing tracks for copyright infringement. Let's go back a little back in time and remember how it was before. I do not know as in other cities, but I think it was about the same everywhere, in our town in the 80 years it has been oma (the union of musical ensembles), the guys the musicians were placed exactly there, no matter which restaurant you are 'sitting'. Every Friday all the leaders (often called 'kirovodyately) bands from all restaurants and cafes were collected in oma for planning meetings, where they clearly explain what you can sing what can not. 'Black' list is constantly changing, supplemented, but there were songs that were always on the list. All will remember 'The Cranes',' Murka ',' Yoo-stop ", etc., songs, without which no one in the evening 'pub' is not treated. Where to go on 'Parnassus' singing without any problems, though if at this moment came someone from the OMA-check (which was quite often) – that the problem arose at the next planning meeting.

Now that I have digressed a bit on a different theme (although still remember how we forbade singing 'Moscow naughty playboy "on the verses C. Esenina – 'shovels' stupidity). But wanted to say a little about one another. Each month, the head of each musical group of all the restaurants and cafes filled raportichku which spells out the entire repertoire with all authors of music and words. Well and, accordingly, oma each city deducted 'copyrights, "the nearest voap (All-Russian Society of copyright). Everything is clear and logical. And what about Now – all in the course.

Musician comes to the host institution agrees (mostly verbally) about working conditions and remuneration for all. (About what are known as art directors at various schools in general do not want to say – it a separate issue). Usually work under the 'minus one or two. Few of the owners of establishments can afford (or unwilling) to pay "living" group (this is at least 4 people, and that four work ). And than to blame a musician who works under the 'minus' that no one, nowhere and no one pays the copyright? And who in the end they should pay? Somehow, 'tax' believe that this musician should be doing, but let's not master institution. Where is the logic? Or it is the same as a 'naughty reckless Moscow loner "? Why do musicians have to take the rap for the fact that our government can not organize this activity, at least as a 'soviet' time, why not? After all, we are all over the country a huge amount. Quite clear that the 'soviet' system had a lot of 'cons', but that had its' advantages. " This is not so simple, it is clear that the musician is more convenient to come and work out and immediately get their money without going through all sorts of taxes, but that the question of how something needs to be addressed? I think that many or themselves faced with this topic, or heard about it (for example, I know that in this season of the 'south' were taken from the guys laptops). Write your considerations on this topic. Good luck and "Parnassus." Alex.