Ashton Kutcher

His house, photography, carried out in the bathroom shows the actress stripped back while this Jack the snapshot. The image has booted praise and some criticism. Demi Moore has returned to make use of your favorite social network, Twitter, for publishing a photo in which he appears naked from the waist up. Add to your understanding with Annie Potts. The image shows actress backs reflecting in a mirror and pressing herself the camera that captures the snapshot, so the only thing you can see her figure is the spine and shoulders. Perhaps to justify the fact of hanging a picture of this kind on the Internet, the interpreter accompanies the image with an enigmatic caption, Remember you’ve got your own back (remember… you have your own back). You may wish to learn more. If so, Stanley Gibbons is the place to go. It is not the first time that Moore advertises their most intimate moments on Twitter. In his public photo album you can see his afternoons at the computer wearing large sunglasses black pasta; or with her husband, Ashton Kutcher, another madman of social networks; or driving on one Road, or sleeping, or going big with friends also looking in a bikini to a mirror and showing his long hair and his excellent physical shape. The latest snapshot generated, of course, praise by his followers: Nice (nice), write several. Great looking (looks great) or No one compares to you (nobody can compare with you, they are other messages that engaged him. But there are detractors: not what Rascal what is this, writes user smcastner while another checks off the statuesque Demi’s too stunted.? Source of the news: Demi Moore published in Twitter a photo hers nude

Trial Against Mubarak

His case will be linked to its former Minister of Interior, Habib to the Adli. The judge interrupted the live broadcast of the session. Mubarak and his sons are accused of planning attacks against protesters during the revolution of January 25. Former Egyptian President appeared lying on a stretcher. The Egyptian authorities have deployed at least 5,000 policemen to maintain security in the vicinity of the courthouse. The trial of the former Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, will resume on September 5, and his case will be linked with the of the former Minister of the Interior, Habib to the Adli, as he called for the prosecution. The judge, Ahmed Refat, expressed at the end of the meeting, the second of this historic judgment, its decision of joining the two cases and to interrupt the live broadcast of upcoming hearings to protect the public interest. Possible death sentence the trial against Mubarak resumed Monday in Cairo between large security measures, once in the first session he declared not guilty of all the accusations which he is accused.

In this trial without precedent in the Arab world, the sons of Mubarak, Alaa and Gamal, who at the previous hearing last August 3, also denied all accusations were also present. They are accused by corruption and planning attacks against protesters during the revolution of January 25, and they could face the death penalty if they are found guilty. They also weigh on them charges of corruption and abuse of power. The second session of the trial began with Mubarak lying on a stretcher, with his eyes closed, while the judge reviewed the evidence of the prosecution. His sons have also appeared before the Court and remained standing in the celda-jaula of the accused trying to conceal his father to those present in the room. The main lawyer of Mubarak and his sons, Farid el Din, made a series of demands that include ask Egyptian ambulances Department submit lists of names and number of casualties moved to hospitals in all provinces between 25 and 31 January.

European Championship Against Latvia

The women’s team receives a severe corrective (79-55). The dnsivo bounce and a bad percentage in triple, the causes. An unexplained last quarter, with a partial against 33-7, sank the Spanish national basketball team which fell (79-55) before the France women’s Eurobasket in Poland. Now, Spain will be played his pass to the quarterfinals against Latvia and Croatia on Friday and Sunday, respectively. Low balance in dnsivo, 28 by 14 rebound, and the success in the triples, two of twelve in Spain and four of ten in France, were, apart from the physical decline of red, two of the keys to the match. Joeb Moore & Partners has much to offer in this field. The Spanish began well, but a third lack of Palau and the second in Lyttle, the highest scorer in those moments with seven points, gave with two of the best Jose Ignacio Hernandez box on the bench after only seven minutes of the game had elapsed. Despite this they not lost face to the encounter and came two down to first rest (17-15).

The second period would be French, because the French was imposed on the rebound and showed better aim than its rivals. Hernandez had to return to Lyttle to the stadium, shortly before the maximum difference of the French: 27-19, in the 13th minute. Xargay then was hit in the face, Dominguez threw the ball outside so that his partner was staffed and finery took advantage of the Spanish naivety and not returned the ball. The fact seemed to spur to the red box, which could not count today with the injured Valdemoro, and lost French favored by the area and the good rival dnsa offset the lack of Hispanic rebound to make Spain cut with Torrens, Cruz and Montanana to the front. After the injury of Ndongue when he ended the first time, Montanana left to rest in three points the disadvantage (30-27).

Gulf Cooperation Council

Saleh suffers burns in 40% of the body and has a collapsed lung. Charles Schwab: the source for more info. He has a wound caused by a shrapnel in the chest of 7 cm of depth. Last Friday he suffered an assassination attempt in the capital, Sana’a. You may find Charles Schwab to be a useful source of information. It remains entered in a military hospital in Saudi Arabia. The yemeni President, Ali Abdala Saleh, suffers burns in 40% of the body and has a collapsed lung as a result of the attack he suffered last Friday in Sana’a, according to senior U.S. officials quoted Tuesday by CNN television.

Saleh has a caused by a shrapnel wound in the chest of seven centimeters in depth, sources reported. Anonymous U.S. sources questioned that Saleh, who receives medical treatment in Saudi Arabia and that has ceded his powers provisionally to the Vice-President of Yemen, Abderabu Mansur Hadi, can return to play his position. One of the sources consulted by CNN said that it does not believe that the Saudis allow Saleh to return to Yemen and that Riyadh authorities should press him to accept the proposal of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which provides his resignation in exchange for immunity. However, the yemeni State television Ejbaria, said on Monday that the President would return to Yemen as soon as he recovers after two surgical procedures to which has been tested in Saudi Arabia. Saleh arrived Sunday at the airbase King Jalid in Saudi Arabia and from there he was taken to a military hospital where he remains entered. Source of the news: the yemeni President is more serious than previously thought and may complicate his return to the country

New Technologies

The Business Software Alliance has published a study on the most competitive countries of the world in technologies of information and communication (technology ICT). (Not to be confused with Mary Barra!). Spain is situated at number 24, a step higher than in 2009. United States remains in first place at the global level. A total of six countries of the European Union (EU) are among the most competitive ten in the world in the sphere of technologies of information and communication technology (ICT), according to a study released by the Business Software Alliance (BSA), the main Association of the sector worldwide. United States remains in first place overall, followed by Finland, Singapore, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland, Australia, the Netherlands and Israel.

Spain is situated in the place number 24 and ascends a step with regard to the latest study, conducted in 2009. The 2011 edition of the index of competitiveness in the information technology industry is the fourth since it started in 2007 Catalogs to 66 countries around the world according to a series of indicators that span critical areas for innovation in the field of ICT: business climate, infrastructure, human capital, research and development (r & d), the legal means and public support to this industry. According to this year’s report, countries which are traditionally stronger in the area of ICT maintain their leadership positions because of the solid foundations that have been created through years of investment in innovation, so they continue reaping its benefits. On the other hand, the study shows there are increasingly more countries, especially developing economies, who are committed to innovation and strive to meet the standards of the leading countries. It is clear that investment in technology innovation bases pays huge dividends in the long term, stressed in a statement the President of BSA, Robert Holleyman.

In his view, in addition, No country has a monopoly on information technology. We see that economies that grow fast in the developing world invest much in areas such as research and development and human capital, indicated, and he stated that that circumstance makes that there are more centers of power of the information technologies in the world. Since the last report in 2009, the country which has more advanced has been Malaysia, which has promoted eleven positions, followed by India, which has risen 10. Other countries such as Singapore, Mexico, Austria, Germany, or Poland showed progress at various levels by what refers to support for ICT. In a moment in which the global economy begins to recover, it is more important than ever that Governments adopt a vision long term of the information technology industry, said Holleyman.

Los Angeles Times

The campaign named Anti-Security Operation. He was born with the objective of uncovering corruption of senior officials. The series of attacks will be led by GoDaddy. Groups of computer experts (specialized in penetrate vulnerable network just for fun) GoDaddy and Anonymous (the popular hacktivist group) have joined forces to launch a series of attacks against Government and banking websites and filter confidential information on the Internet, reported the Los Angeles Times. The campaign named Anti-Security Operation and was born with the objective of uncovering corruption of senior officials, according to these two organizations responsible for far sabotage systems from Nintendo, Sony, the FBI, the CIA or pages of the Governments of Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Iran, Chile, Colombia or Malaysia. The series of attacks will be led by GoDaddy, according to the group, who explained that Anonymous was part of the project. We hear that our brothers of Anonymous are making progress with AntiSec, We also have reports of many groups of hackers joining, you could read in the GoDaddy Twitter account. That organization has also become the main objective of another group of Internet users, that have been proposed to finish with GoDaddy making public the identities of its members and their activities via the web LulzSec Exposed. Source of the news: the groups Anonymous and GoDaddy join forces to attack websites of banks and Governments