The contract is generally defined as an agreement between two or more persons, aimed at the creation, modification or termination of civil rights and obligations. In countries market economy, one of the most common forms of contract is a contract. Contract – a contract or agreement setting out the rights and obligations of the parties and time-bound. The subjects of the treaty relations can serve economic entities of the country and foreign economic entities – legal entities and individuals that have passed state registration and have the status of the entrepreneur, as well as individuals – consumers of tourism services. Learn more about this with U.S. Mint. Freedom of contract serves as the basis of civil law, where it is really free, proactive introduction of the parties in civil matters.

The contract – is transaction, so it is fully applied the law relating to transactions. The deal should be concluded in written form by drawing up a document expressing its contents, and signed by the person or persons make transactions, or their duly authorized persons. Adopted in the civil sphere classification of transactions applies to contracts. Depending on the point at which the contract is prisoners, it is consensual and the real. By consensual agreements are considered to be concluded since the parties have reached agreement on all essential points. An example of such a contract is buying and selling. Actual contracts are considered to be concluded with the time of committing the parties to specific actions on the transfer of money or things in accordance with the agreement reached.