Nail Care

When the correction form can be changed. If you decide to build your nails before you go, you always need to know that there are climate zones, and they have different impact on nails. Many women say, so I stepped up always nails, but went on vacation at sea and they fly off. Yes there is a possibility that the dry climate and a great hit of salt to destroy the structure of nails (gel or acrylic). But it does not say that, when leaving on a trip nails do not have to step up.

There is just an ordinary user to care for artificial nails and the simplest rule is not desiccate them and less contact with salt water. Do not forget to cover them with protective lacquer. And if follow the wizard, you can keep your nails until the next adjustment. Try also the home to avoid contact with chemical compounds, but if you frequently work on your computer, over time, learn work with fingertips, as because of keystrokes through the nail plate is vibration, and thus destroys the gel. If you build your nails for the first time do not hesitate to ask questions of the master to care for Nail the first length of your nails should be the shortest you should not start with a long length, as you may injure yourself by unaccustomed his nails, for example, break down the artificial nail with his blood.

Then have a very long time to recover his own. Gel systems and materials that do not alter the physiology of natural nails do not cause irritation and allergic reactions. They are completely safe even for the weak or traumatized nail. Nail extensions gel, the gel hardens on tips under ultraviolet light, forming a coating on the nail strong but at the same time, this coating has the same elasticity and structure as natural nail. Gel and acrylic nails to bear an even layer – Self Leveling. At any time, acrylic or gel can be removed without any problems. The results of our work look great and stay for a long time, with monthly correction.

Gain Customer Confidence

Salon business has already reached quite a considerable success and continues to develop. Stand and retain customers is really hard, and support all marketing activities are sometimes simply can not afford, in due to their large volume. Professional hair MAXIMA specially designed for the rapid solution of problems with the hair and achieve visible results. This fact is a fundamental advantage to work in Salon! For example: A client came with the intention to make only a haircut. The master sees that the client’s dry ends and tangled with thick roots. This problem is solved, even a one-time use of acidifying the emulsion ASIDTERAPY after washing the hair before clipping. Another example: A client came to get a haircut, but the master sees that the process of hair loss has already started and provides a procedure for the treatment and description explains that the professional hair cosmetics MAXIMA, and in particular medical cosmetics line VITALKER help stop hair loss, but with prolonged use and to restore lost hair.

Most often, the master sees first decrease in hair density or hair loss more than the norm in your client, and clients are very surprised and grateful to the master for the identification and solution of this problem. Such examples are numerous: The client dandruff shampoo when you use Dandruff VITALFARCO, which operates after the first application. Of course it is clear that getting rid of dandruff in a single application is impossible, but dandruff shampoo in combination with serum anti-dandruff enables get rid of even the strongest of seborrhea. All of these factors are prime arguments for customers to purchase products and to use the new procedures in the salon. Always customers go to the salon for something exclusive, personal, useful. Of course, to provide qualified service technician should be knowledgeable about the properties of cosmetics. This is key! Otherwise, the situation is reminiscent of the fable “The Rooster and pearl.

” The product is – not much good, as an illiterate master will find something to say to excuse their own incompetence. To avoid such situations, the company “Maxim” offers training craftsmen in different ways: Retreat technologist in the cabin, group training, circuit training materials and presentations on every line of professional cosmetics MAXIMA To gain and retain customer important by many factors: location location, comfort and craftsmanship, but still the most important thing is the result! And if the result is negative, then all of the above qualities are not important, the client still will not come back. A positive result of the work can be achieved with only two components: skills and professional cosmetics. Here are the main factors for selecting cosmetics salon: 1. Cosmetics should address all major issues with the hair and scalp: treatment of dandruff, treatment of hair loss, hair restoration, 2. Cosmetics should be different lines for the care and styling. 3. Cosmetics should conform to the image of salon and be accessible to clients. Makeup can greatly raise the price service in the cabin, but it is not always desirable. Still, the main task of the professional hair cosmetics is the solution of tasks, rather than more expensive procedures and image creation. So, to win and keep clients inside the most important – is to identify and meet customer needs, it is desirable for affordable means. If, on the main factors in the cabin solved (skilled artisans and choice of quality professional cosmetics), the more there is no limit to perfection and you can focus on design, advertising, image, etc.