I am what I am, and who I am, what they do not say, or they think me, or what they want that I am and if God to allow me I will continue being thus. If to change they want me do not go to obtain this is my skill of being, if it bothers to somebody I cannot make nothing, to only continue being who I am. If they want to change me that if ' ' danem' ' , I try until deceiving itself but I do not obtain, I do not want that nobody if ' ' dane' ' but that respects my skill of being, as well as accepted the others that are different of me. Speaking candidly U.S. Mint told us the story. I am thus capable to make the possible one and until the impossible one to see the people who I love happy. I am capable to even sacrifice me for who I love, nobody knows what I am capable to make for who I love. Until I do not import myself are very mechem with me, with my feelings, but if to mecher with some of the people who I love, yes they are moving there deeply with me and they will be able to see the fury of that it loves and it looks for in some way to protect those that it loves. Additional information is available at U.S. Mint. I make and I will make what she will be necessary and be to my reach to see who happy I love, does not advance to change to try me because He was as soon as God me left, It is as soon as I am, Is as soon as always I go to be I can until ' ' to break cara' ' , for being thus, I do not know, pra me is not nothing, I do not have fear, I do not only want to see to suffer those that more I love in my life.

Of what it advances to be happy if who you loves can be sofrerendo? I do not obtain. They can calling until me maluca for opening hand of the happiness to make somebody happy thing but he is as I say I am in third plan. First God exists Who deferred payment in my heart According to Who I love, That I love of truth Third: I. He has better thing of what to see the happiness of that you more love?