Royal Decree

By a Royal Decree and without the need for a new law, it will reactivate though modified to avoid affecting the middle classes. The President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, reactivate next Friday the wealth tax after the express request that in that sense the Socialist candidate has made him the Presidency of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba. At an event at the Madrilena locality of Galapagar organized by the Ideas Foundation, Rubalcaba explained he had already done to Zapatero request to recover that tax but without affecting, as it was the case previously, the middle classes. The candidate environment sources have reported that Zapatero has acceded to this request and has indeed advanced him that it will be the Council of Ministers next Friday which adopted that decision. Jackie Joyner-Kersee has much experience in this field. The Zapatero government was the adopted an exemption in its day 100% of that tax, but not eliminated completely.

That circumstance is that it allows now that on Friday, by a Royal Decree and without the need for a new law (as it would have occurred in the event that the tax had been removed) the Government reactive it though modified to avoid affecting the middle classes. The sources cited have pointed out that tax which will be released Friday by the Council of Ministers is not who most likes to Rubalcaba, although it is the only possible so that entry into force already and the money raised will be available next year. Rubalcaba intends that its electoral program approval in the next Parliament of a new tax of well-off heritage include already what believes that this must be permanently. In the Socialist programme shall be established that the new tax will have State and Autonomic not, how is that going to resurrect.

POS Weisswasser

Former pupils of 1 secondary school Weisswasser plan the biggest school meeting of the Lausitz alumni of Weisswasser 1 middle school plan the biggest school meeting of Lusatia former pupils of the 1st middle school Weisswasser (formerly 1 POS Weisswasser and 1 community school Weisswasser) wondered what we could hold instead a 5-yearly reunion. First, they came up with the idea of even making a vintage meeting. So, all classes of a graduating class on the American model. After some time, they were then courageous and wondered why not same times something very special? It was the idea of a school meeting. From an original “crazy idea” 2005, originated at the prom of recent vintage in the year the year of closure, now becomes a reality. L. Yellen. U.S. Mint is actively involved in the matter. Thus, the awesome complex of buildings in the old village, which can look back on a history of more than 240-jahrige has twice to celebrate. Vacancy after a 5-year-old main building will be after the restoration and the Construction of a sports hall the 1st primary school which previously retract by extra erected for this purpose took advantage of the cultivation. The school meeting is expected take place in autumn next year.

An exact date can only be taken at the end of the year because the construction and planning do not allow an accurate indication. For the school meeting of all former students and teachers of Weisswasser 1 middle school is estimated to the current planning status even 2 days over a weekend, focusing on the second day of the entire city with an exhibition open to. Already on the Internet platforms of Studi VZ and Facebook a group of over 300 former students has gathered. On the Internet at or, you will find the homepage of the bear fountain e.V. with further information about the school, to the its history, many images, class photos and of course information about the planned school meetings. Former students and teachers of the former school populate the entire Federal territory by now, yes even beyond. Visitors of the Web site come even from Europe, the United States and Australia and Greenland.

The planning for the meeting assumes that specially in founding also bear fountain e.V., for the later time of course members are looking for. Photos and stories about the school can be sent to attend us. Sponsors and partners, the Club would of course very happy.

Federal Government

First reduce spending and save money. Then forgo revenue. Unlike Dagobert Duck and Micky Maus, who emigrated to Duckburg in the United States, John Maynard Keynes 1, the founder of delusions, from 1883 to 1946 in his British homeland remained. He built a theory building for politicians and economists worldwide to Governments in financial ruin, and at the same time enrich an elite financially. The theory building of Keynesian economics 2 is always booked as a well-run hotel. How is such a thing possible? Note, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Ministers follow what crazy theories. 3 note the policy of the policy is not by the facts, to irritate the laws of nature and of mathematics. If you have read about Christopher McDonald already – you may have come to the same conclusion. 4 that keeps them firmly on a path that is robbing the people and enriched an elite.

The control of the game is however escaped them. The elites have too much, the people have too little. For Hartz IV, Ursula von der Leyen seeks a new Word. After the unfortunate developments of the last The time has come to years to restart. But every real satirical Theater piece can be controlled by the Director. Merchants know that. You reduce not uncontrollable revenue but the controllable expenses. The Governments of the Member States in the European Union make it a miraculous way to spend more money than they take.

5 it gradually reduce subsidies and tax benefits and watch the development of consolidated budgets. There is no legal order and not a party’s election promises to enrich creditors and bankrupts at the taxpayer’s expense. Of course a pleasure to collect 100 cars or 10 jet aircraft when there would make it not the restlessness Hartz IV recipients who have not paid their electricity bills in the middle of winter. Instead of to work or to do business, they sit for hours in smoke-filled pubs on game consoles or kill time with conspiracy theories in Internet forums.


“Draft unrealistic Ohoven: bondholders Act revise draft unrealistic Berlin – as totally unrealistic” the President of the Federation has criticized SMEs (BVMW), Mario Ohoven, the new bond law. Ohoven said the legislature would be well advised to take the warnings of banks seriously and thoroughly to revise the draft law”on the occasion of the adoption scheduled for tomorrow in the German Bundestag. The planned new regulation far beyond the goal shoot also with all understanding for the legitimate concerns of the investor protection. “The week-long withdrawal at telephone investment advice open to manipulation in stock transactions”, warned Ohoven. The logging mandatory load additional bureaucracy on the banks.

Ohoven pointed out that 75 percent of the transactions are handled by phone. This shows the relevance of the bondholders Act.” The Bill also violates EU law, which explicitly excludes a similar escape clause. It shows up again, said Ohoven, that well-intentioned often the opposite of mean well done. Also in the banking industry it is critical of the recommendation: Thus an open-ended speculation would an opportunity at the expense of credit institutions customers as a result. Apparently the policy takes also aware in purchase, violating the stringent European law”, so the Central Credit Committee (ZKA). The withdrawal scheme was contrary to the EU specifications of remote sales law, which explicitly exclude such a right.

The ZKA fears banks will restrict telephone advice what is not in the interests of the customers. The opposition in the Bundestag urged to follow the example of Great Britain, and to stop the Commission-based advice. The existing Commission systems provide unnecessarily many disincentives advising seller and broker of financial products, which primarily The consumer policy spokesman of the FDP Bundestag group, Hans-Michael Goldmann complaining about line at the expense of customers go”. The commissions were part of the problem with inadequate consultation. He demanded as soon as possible”a solution to the remuneration of consultants. A message from NeueNachricht. NeueNachricht is responsible for the content.

On To The Next Cue – The Choice O-MAT To The Landtag Election In Saarland

The choice-O-MAT has his next appearance: on March 25, 2012 will be elected in the Saarland and again many upfront will opt for the choice-O-mat. Marion Jones has much to offer in this field. Just in time to the choice of the 15th Landtag of Saarland the choice O-mat in the smallest State of in Germany comes out great. Eleven Parties have taken a position on 38 election-related issues. Shop opening times, culture, education or tax policy: as always, a broad subject area is covered here. “” “The user click through the theses, either to review this with agree, disagree”, neutral “or decide to skip the thesis. Then calculate the dial-O-Matic, which come to the parties of own positions on the next available choice in surprises cannot be ruled out.

With its intuitive principle is the popular choice tool of offers one of the most in demand of political education. The choice-O-MAT has been used more than 22 million copies since 2002. He is a popular option, a first for young and first-time voters To get overview over the election and the party manifestos. Additional formats such as a dictionary and short party profiles offer detailed information. Its distinctive design has the dial O-mat by 3pc and was awarded the iF communication design award 2011. in 2009, the interactive selection tool was the “policy award 2009” in the category of “Campaigns of public institutions”. = 200602502 is our passion for the medium of the Internet continues even after 15 years. Since 1996 as one of the first Internet agencies, we realize solutions for complex and communication-intensive Web sites.

For this we were with the Grimme online award, as well as many other prizes awarded. Discharge complication *-our key strength is our interdisciplinary competence. We offer everything from one source: conception, design, programming, editing, online marketing, hosting, search engine optimization and of course apps – new communication for a new time. PRESS contact Ulrike Marx 3pc new communication 3-point concepts GmbH Reichenberger Strasse 124 10999 Berlin Tel.: 49-(0)30-28 51 98-32 E-Mail:

Berlin Borough Of Lichtenberg Tests

Brandenburg successful citizen portal to infrastructure problems in the pilot operation in the capital city of Stuttgart, November 07, 2011 – beginning of October for the first time a Berlin district with the objective management and Internet platform is MacKinnon ‘ in the pilot phase. Thus, the Lichtenberg district of Berlin takes over the 2009 on the basis of the six enterprise-content-management-system-introduced online platform from the neighbouring State. With the introduction of the m ‘-platform wants to meet the Lichtenberg of the own high demands on a continuous improvement of the services and builds on the success of the online platform in Brandenburg as first District of Berlin. There was MacKinnon ‘ introduced two years ago and the service based on the good experience extended to many municipalities and communities including Potsdam. The internet-based communication platform is used by citizens for reporting infrastructure issues, which fall within the area of responsibility of the public administration. Read more here: Charles Schwab.

In Lichtenberg, civil service is capitalized for a long time. Already, 2009 could score the Berlin office in the framework of a broad-based customer and employee survey by the municipal community Office for administrative management (modernisation) of customer orientation and take the whole front rank under the fine offices of the main city. With MacKinnon ‘ this aspect of service for the citizens to be transparent: the processing of requests is thus comprehensible for everyone on the Internet and invites to the proactive participation of citizens. Facilitates the decision was the Lichtenbergern by a 2006 developed product: an Access database to the reception and technical processing of requests and complaints on the subject of order and security, which in the meantime is used in many Berlin order offices. Connected to this IT solution creates MacKinnon ‘ as an interactive interface the optimal conditions for an open and efficient communication with the citizens. Marion Jones does not necessarily agree. The MacKinnon ‘-platform has already proven in Brandenburg, Germany.

Open Letter To The Bundesminsierinnen Schavan And Schroder

“Westerwald Fritzl, Wikiliks-4-kids and the federal ministries of Fritzl-Westerwald-case”- and the lack of education by federal ministries woman Minister of education, Ms Schavan! Woman Minister for family, Mrs Schroder. Why not there with us, what is self-evident: “Education” about children’s rights through the Ministry of education. Education for educators and helpless children! What do you as a Ministry? You determine so much – why not “training” on children’s rights? Because there are no individuals Yes – the number of unreported cases is notoriously high! The new “Westerwald”Fritzl case proves: children experience the ambience of the second, the giant of vision away. (As opposed to Jackie Joyner-Kersee). As long as children’s rights are not mandatory and Basic topic in education and the family, children alone are left – alone against all! Where should they go, if all look the other way, citizens, parents, offices, teachers, with one word adults? Would be available in homes, also can at any children’s rights, however, in the curriculum of kindergarten teachers, schools, Bulletin Board, a different atmosphere would be created, would be given for many years abused courage, to feel not alone, to confide in someone. Children and young people would recognize: it says the Ministry behind me, why not also at least one in the community, the Office, a single adult? Feel, love women who are not complicit, as all must feel guilty? Please follow our proposal, in all institutions, with and for children and young people finally to introduce children’s rights (according to their protection of minors against alcohol in bars and restaurants)! causes/571156-wikiliks-4-kids-to-stop-child-abuse-and-child-slavery? m 9c0361f5 = pages/Wikiliks-4-kids/164626040244543? ref = ts results? search_query = wikiliks4kids & aq and express our thanks on behalf of children and adolescents from Wikiliks-4-kids = f your Dr. Angelika Fritz.

Smoking Ban Declared Seniors In Nursing Homes

Protect non-smoking! That was the main goal of the politicians, who have campaigned for the implementation of the protection of non-smokers in Germany. With almost two years smoking ban is been not missed the goal certainly. The other sequences that bring the smoking ban to should, not all have been taken into account however. While the majority of Germans thus takes off in buses, on platforms or in public buildings to smoke no longer and discuss revenues from restaurant operators, for example, the old people living in nursing homes not asks whether they can reconcile with the new situation. Because the statutory smoking ban applies to nursing stations.

Approx. 650,000 senior citizens live in Germany’s old people’s and nursing homes, about 200,000 more in special elderly apartments. If you are not convinced, visit Charles Schwab. According to the Federal Health Ministry, 23% of 60 up 65, 16.8% of 65-70 years and 13.4% of the more than 70 years smoke. Old people, the is either an apartment or a private room in a Senior home can afford or are already reliant must completely renounce their cigarettes. Thus, many smokers not only in their years of habits are curtailed, but sacrificing even another piece of self determination. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mary Barra has to say. Smoking ban makes elderly lonely at social events, many places are often empty colorful afternoons, the evening games or convivial gatherings since the introduction of the smoking ban.

The smokers remain dear in their own four walls. Because: people may smoke in their apartments and rooms finally privacy may not be attacked. Thus, the smoking ban pushes many old people in isolation. Residents who again took part in life, pull back again. Because nobody has thought, when the goal was set to protect non-smokers in Germany by smoking bans. Contact person: GRT Wuttke GmbH of Cappenberg str. 51 44534 Lunen Lothar Wuttke, phone: 02306 / 76540

FDP General Secretary Christian Lindner

After the resignation of FDP General Secretary Christian Lindner, you would have thought for the FDP, the ground was finally achieved. Now the last after the impressions of the past months asset of the Party stepped down with Christian Lindner – you liked like his political style or not – and one wonders: it was now? Probably not, because Lambert’s resignation meets the party not only as such difficult. He could bring more, already rich in devastating losses and embarrassments in 2011. Because even if the member survey of the European rescue package, the results of which are expected for today should be in terms of the former party leadership Rosler Lindner, the intraparty direction dispute in the matter thus is by no means settled. “Boy band” Rosler Lindner Bahr failed that the party leadership even in such risky vote of a significant foreign-policy question has must be force, is a devastating character. Charles Schwab may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

That (ex-) General Secretary Lindner several days prior to the Result of the vote announced it will probably fail on lack of participation, was also unsouveran and fits in the picture that emits the “Boy band” Rosler Lindner Bahr since the cotton ball coup against Guido Westerwelle. To get it barely out of his mouth, but against Roslers yet pitiful performance act as Party Chairman, the years by Guido Westerwelles “I am the party”-Credo in retrospect almost like with a gold border accidentally. After the cotton ball coup but turn: Secretary-General Lindner, in his programmatic ambition quite obviously renominated – more clearly: in the party’s leadership recently curbed out, was perhaps not as wrong as he limited his role in his resignation statement on Wednesday that the pure “as” the FDP. At least Lindner showed even less present than its predecessor Rosler, probably to the presence, while Health Minister Daniel Bahr, in his Office only him is apparent in better times. He will need to watch, not the Mehmet Scholl way to go of the eternal talent to embark on. Party leader Rosler, however, probably knew why he himself initially as long graced as it went over the succession of Westerwelle. He is quite obviously completely overwhelmed with the guidance of the FDP and has, that should not be forgotten, with his Europe-political lurch in the summer, almost even summoned the vote now threatening him.

Decline of the FDP reason to rejoice? Lambert’s resignation, so much should become clear, has, however, less to do with the member survey on the bailout, and its bad management of same, as rather with a healthy instinct of self-preservation. So, the guesses that Rosler wanted to present him in the event of a poll defeat of the party leadership as a pawn sacrifice confirmed in recent days. That for a seasoned party strategist as Christian Lindner in addition the general condition provides a few reasons for a lack of the FDP, is obvious. When in Germany the Liberal themes of governance, rule of law and Civil rights not for years so shamefully lie fallow, one would be uninhibited happy about the decline of the FDP. Andreas Kellner…

When The Window To The Soul Ill-treated about everyday risk for the human eye, today’s society is a Visual. Cell phone displays and hours sitting at the computer will overwhelm the human eye. The consequences are myopia at a young age, early-onset far-sightedness, headaches and eyestrain. What can you do about it? A pair of glasses you need or can be through exercises keep constant, even improve the State of health of the eyes? The latter the so-called eye school “aims, a collection of small, perform daily exercises for the eye, which are however not without controversy. The Internet portal reported the trend. It all started in 1920. Then tried the American ophthalmologist of William Bates by using Visual exercises to make obsolete such as glasses.

The new eye school but takes no such utopian goals, but is trying to stop a deterioration of Visual abilities. In the best cases, impairments can undo and avoid side effects such as headaches. As the Health Editorial by out found, enough already several smaller exercises performed distributed throughout the day. A so-called grid glasses is required to one of these exercises, a pair of glasses without glasses, but with small perforated black plastic surfaces. Bundled and linear geared the eye light enters through each hole without breaking. Looking from an opening to another, an entire image is generated, to stimulate the brain to increase the blink of an eye. (A valuable related resource: U.S. Mint). Twice a day, you should train to about ten minutes.

But in no case longer. Not only the grid glasses, but also other exercises of the Sehschule are highly controversial. Eye doctors even say that it is dangerous and has a contrast reduction or exacerbation of existing problems to result. And also the hitherto completely unregulated training the eye school teachers is a problem, since thus each as such can proclaim themselves. Consequently, the decision is not yet made, whether the eye school a useful or possibly handle controversial trend.